SIMC ~ Florida Sunshine

This weekend has been pretty great.  In a very, "I am a simple girl and it just does not take much to make me incredibly happy" kinda way.

I seriously cannot express how grateful I was for a BEAUTIFUL, sunny Saturday.  I can't remember when we've had one last.  Here in Florida.  THE SUNSHINE STATE.

It is true that in order to see the rainbow, you have to withstand the rain.  I thoroughly enjoyed this sunny day and soaked up the sun as much as I could.  (I'm addicted to Vitamin D, I admit it.)

These beautiful wildflowers grow alongside our dirt road.
Finding Native American artifacts on your own property
is kinda awesome.  We have found partial arrowheads
and tools like this one, and tons of flint.

Today I found this piece of bone.

 On Saturday, hubby and I went to the Flea Market and bought fresh produce.
Then we went to the lake that I grew up on.

This is a trail by the lake.
The greenery looked like a beautiful living carpet.

When we reached the water's edge,
I took a deep breath,
and it smelled like home.

Huge snail on the shoreline.
I wanted to bring it home.  Hubby said no.

Tim came over Thursday to take care of his chinchilla, Wiz.
I had to take a pic because he matched my sofa perfectly!
PS - I have no idea what he's doing in this pic.

So cute.
On Saturday, I got my hair cut.
I got 3 inches of split ends cut off.
I like.

I hope you're enjoying your weekend, too!
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Unknown Mami


Tara R. said...

I'm tired of all this rain too. A sunny day would be very welcome.

That is the biggest snail I've ever seen!

Tami said...

It's bad enough I saw the snail on Instagram, but on your blog too?? EWWWW! LOLOLOL

Aleta said...

Ok, I'm not into snails, but that one is pretty cool looking!

And your hair looks great!

Claudya Martinez said...

Okay, I'm going to go total mom on you. Please, be careful handling those giant snails there have been some issues with the giant African kind spreading some contagious diseases. Okay, mom mode over and done with.

Jeannie Marie said...

Saturday it cleared up for us. Perfect timing too as we went to Homosassa Springs with visitors. We were so grateful!

retired not tired said...

We have too much rain and no chance of rainbows either!

Jenny @ flutterbyechronicles said...

I am so glad we had sunshine this weekend. I was enjoying the rain for sleeping weather but after two weeks of on and off again rain I was over it.

Cool finds on the property. I remember we used to find all kinds of cool Native American stuff on my Granny's property.

StarTraci said...

Love all the details you caught and I am so glad you had such a happy day!
Your hair looks terrific. I just got a GC to a hair salon for my birthday and I am truly looking forward to using it!

Unknown said...

How cool is that to find artifacts on your property!

Amy said...

Love the pix! Glad you got some sunlight. We have a lot of it here in TX lately. Send some of that rain this way? ;)


Debby@Just Breathe said...

Glad you had a sunny Saturday! Enjoyed all the pictures and that snail looks huge. Your hair looks great too. Some pretty cool items you have found on your property.