Like, Totally 80's, Dude.

It's Monday and I work tonight,
 so I could totally justify being cozily snuggled in my bed snoozing, 
but instead I woke up and have been all productive and stuff.  
I think I'm coming down with something. 

My house is clean and smells amazing so now it's time to play.  
Monday Listicles!

I decided to choose the topic 10 Things Totally 80's because I am old as dirt and remember the 80's fondly!

I was born in 1973 so I was seven years old when I was blinded with all things fluorescent.

Here's what made it into my memory of the 80's.....

1. WHAM!  Oh, how I loved WHAM!  In the early 80's I got sick and was hospitalized and totally spoiled. I owned everything WHAM! sold, from posters to albums (maybe cassettes?), T-shirts, etc.

2. Leg Warmers.  I remember getting my first pair from my aunt for Christmas.  They were multi-colored and striped, and I know there were matching gloves, and I think maybe a scarf or hat too.  I was COOL.

3. Oversized shirts, tight jeans, and scrunchy socks.  They were THE wardrobe.

4. Top Gun.  I fell in love with Tom Cruise in 1986.  (sadly, I have since fallen OUT of love with him.)  That was also the first movie I ever owned on VHS tape.  I still quote it on a regular basis.  "Negative, Ghost Rider" and   "That son of a bitch cut me off!" are used in daily conversation.

I miss this Tom.  

5. The Simpsons.  They were naughty and irreverent and I just loved them.  "Cowabunga, dude!"

I had a Simpsons sticker on my first car......

6. My 1984 Mustang.  I got it in 1989.  It was beautiful, and I still miss that car.

this is not my car, I am too lazy to dig through boxes and scan pictures.
but it looked EXACTLY like this except mine did not have the fin on the back.  *tear* I loved that car SO much.

7. My first kiss/first love/ first heartbreak all happened in the late 80's.  
Now we're friends on Facebook.  LOL
Ain't it funny how that works?

8. Come to think of it, I also met Hunter in the 80's.  We went to middle school together.

9. In the 80's, there was a teen dance club in our town.  I frequently told my parents I was going there  went there.  Yes, went there, that's it.  Once.

10.  Bangs and hairspray.  I had BIG hair.  Several perms.  I will share this one pic....I didn't have a perm here but I was rockin' the bangs.  Oh, how I hate this picture! LOL

that's me on the left, probably 1989,
and my BFF Danielle on the right.
She totally won the BIG HAIR prize!

So there you have it.  I shared my Top 10 80's Memories AND completely humiliated myself!  You are WELCOME!!!
Maybe now I should go back to bed......


Sunset in my City

Last night at sunset, 
the girls and I went for a walk in the woods around our home.

We visited the creek that runs through our yard.

We goofed around........

{me & Elayna}

 .......and took pretty pictures.

We really love our Home.

{me & Shelbie}

Unknown Mami

Ni Hao Yall


Post Holiday Frags

Between night shift and the holidays, I have my days all mixed up!
I totally forgot that today was Friday.

We stayed in our pajamas until 3pm today.  It was lovely.

I've managed to end up with a mini-Christmas-vacation - and I'm loving it.

I de-Christmasfied my house today.  Is so a word.  I am not a Scrooge at all - I love Christmas - but once it's over, I'm ready for it to be OUT.

Tomorrow's plans include 4-wheeler riding and a bonfire.  Good times.

2012 really sucked.  Like, worst year ever.  2013 BETTER be a great year.  That's a warning!
I have every intention of making SURE that it is.  =D

My New Year's plans are.......working.
I'm a party animal!

Hope you're enjoying your post-holiday days.  Happy New Year!

Mommy's Idea


Christmas 2012

We had a lovely, lovely Christmas.

On Christmas Eve, Hunter and I went to his parents' house.  His brother cooked dinner and it was AMAZING. We also exchanged gifts with his family.  It was a great time!

I worked a 12 hour overnight shift on Christmas Eve, but it was a very calm night.  In some ways it can be fun to work on a holiday; it's a more relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere.

When I got home Tuesday morning, I did some prep for the dishes I was making for Christmas dinner, then took a nap for about 3 hours.  When I got up I finished the two dishes and then Hunter and I loaded up and went to my parents' house.

This is one of the dishes I made. Very simple, very good.

Potatoes baked in Chicken Broth, Garlic and Butter, SO GOOD!  They get crispy on the bottom but stay fluffy inside. Chocked full of flavor. - Click image to find more Food & Drink Pinterest pins

My sister, niece, niece's husband, and their daughter Hayleigh were there.  We had another delicious meal and then exchanged gifts with them.

This is the main gift we got Hayleigh for Christmas.
It lights up & plays music.
She LOVES it!

all those gifts and all this girl wanted was car keys!
it's like she's a teenager already!

Then it was time to pick up my kids from their dad.  We came home and they opened their gifts.  Tim's friend came over and hung out too.  The kids loved their gifts (except the ring I got Elayna is too small.  I was bummed.  I'll just exchange it though!).
I took zero pics.  Just didn't even think about it.  I was operating on very little sleep, in my defense.  I was OUT by 9pm!

I was off Christmas Night.  Then on the day after Christmas, we went to my parents' house so they could give the kids their Christmas gifts.  I was scheduled to work Wednesday night, but I ended up getting called off due to having a low patient count.  I am SO totally okay with that!  More time to relax at home with my loves!
Made this for dinner:

Very VERY yummy!!!!
It's been nice and warm, the kids were wearing shorts today.  I love Florida!  
Now I'm off to enjoy my unexpected night off by SLEEPING. 

I hope y'all had a wonderful Christmas 
and were able to relax and enjoy it!  


My Little Funny Face ~~~ Create a Personalized Gift with Printcopia ~~ Giveaway!!!

A little while ago I got an email from Printcopia
asking if I'd like a canvas print in exchanging for telling my friends about Printcopia's service.
Yes, please!

I knew immediately that I would get a picture of Hayleigh printed on canvas.  She's at the cutest age and I knew it would make a great gift for my niece and her husband.

She also LOVES to make this funny face and I felt that it needed to be captured!

she is SO silly!

    my dad totally photobombed us. rude.

I had the print framed myself, but received an 8 x 10 canvas from Printcopia.  I apparently cut her head off of the picture in the ordering process.  So, that's my fault.  =( 
But otherwise I am VERY happy with the finished product!  The colors and quality are great.

And Printcopia also has something for YOU, dear reader!
They are offering one of my lucky readers their CHOICE of one of the following four prizes: 

An 8"x10" print from Printcopia ~~ Canvas Prints
A $50 Gift Card for Magnets on the Cheap ~~ Car Magnets
A $40 Gift Card for Banners on the Cheap ~~ Vinyl Banners
A $30 Gift Card for Signs on the Cheap ~~ Cheap Signs

Winner Picks One!

To enter - leave a comment telling me which prize you would choose if you are the lucky winner.
For extra entries - Tweet about the giveaway, or share it on Facebook, then come back and leave me a comment saying you did.

(This is not a paid post - I was only given the free canvas print in exchange for telling my friends about it!)

Contest closes January 2nd, 2013 and I will announce a winner on January 3rd, 2013.
Good Luck!!

Note - Comment Moderation is enabled.  Your comment won't show up right away but I will post it ASAP!



All kinds of random for Sundays in my City.......
Most of these are Instagram photos.

I know how you feel, tree.

My Happy Place

My Lovely Girls

Mackenzie with her Blanket Buddy

There are a few new ornaments on my tree this year. 
Hunter's Mom bought all of these for us. 
So sweet!

this Christmas Cactus was a gift from Hunter's mother.

Linking up with Unknown Mami for 
Sundays in my City!

Unknown Mami


Oh, Friday......

.............I sure am glad to see you.

decorative christmas divider

I worked four nights this week (instead of my usual three) and three of the four KICKED.MY. ASS.
But the last night was great - and one of my patients is writing me up for our little reward system.  Hee hee - I'm such a dork that I LOVE that stuff!  I get a star on my name badge and a note in my file that I'm pretty much awesome.  It's the little things.....

decorative christmas divider

This week Shelbie turned seventeen.  That is still surreal to me.
We had her birthday dinner Thursday night at a seafood restaurant.  My family and Hunter's family attended.  There were about 15 people there total.
It was WONDERFUL.  You would think we've all been family for years.
My son bought Shelbie a card and gave her money for her birthday.  The card was PERFECT for the two of them.  I am SO proud of all of my children!!
I also met Hunter's (step) brother for the first time and I just love him!  He's a CCU nurse who lives in Vegas.  He's coming over for dinner Saturday night.

decorative christmas divider

I suppose I should give you an update on Dusty.
#1 He's STILL in the hospital.
#2 He and Shelbie are no longer dating.

His ex girlfriend decided to jump on the drama of him having cancer and try to win him back.
I do not have a good opinion of her - for MANY reasons.  Long story short - they are back together.
Health wise he is struggling.  And cancer doesn't give anyone the right to treat anyone the way he treated my daughter (basically getting back with the ex but stringing my daughter along).
Anyway.  I am still praying for his recovery and will probably visit him tomorrow because I still love him and his mother.  But as a Mama...I'm ticked.

decorative christmas divider

One reason I will probably visit him tomorrow is that my best friend Danielle - who I just posted about on Wednesday - is in the hospital.  She had a seizure on the way to her honeymoon and has since had a second seizure - she's never had seizures before.  We have no idea what's going on. Prayers? Please?

decorative christmas divider

We had a to call a refrigerator repair man out today; our refrigerator wasn't cooling properly (and Hunter and I LOVE our cold sodas!!).  He had to replace the fan.  I said to him, "I don't even know why we're bothering with this since the world's going to end tomorrow!"  I had him cracking up.

decorative christmas divider

I guess I will leave you with my last Facebook status today:
Feeling incredibly blessed tonight. Not because my life is perfect, but because I am SO very grateful for what I do have. ♥

Mommy's Idea


Hug Your Mama

I mentioned a few weeks ago that my best friend Danielle was getting married for the fourth time.

A little background - Danielle has been my best friend since I was about 15 years old.

November 2012

 For her whole life, she was passed around from relative to relative.  Her "mother" could never be bothered to take care of her.

She's the only child that Jeanette had (thank God) and apparently the woman possesses no maternal instinct. Danielle was raised by, at various times, both grandparents, an aunt, her father, and probably a few others.
Jeanette (I can't even call her "mother" except for explanation purposes) has always been in and out of Danielle's life.  I don't think she ever lived with her except as a baby.  At times Danielle has tried to walk away and cut her out of her life, but she can never bring herself to tell Jeanette no when she comes crawling back and begging Danielle to have a relationship with her.

The last falling-out was probably the worst.  Jeanette literally told Danielle that she hated her.  And I am not just being biased when I say that Danielle is truly one of the most wonderful people I know.  There are many others who would say the same thing, and I am proud to call her my best friend and someone who ALWAYS has my back.

But after a few months, maybe even a year, Jeanette came crawling back once again and Danielle gave her YET ANOTHER chance to be in her life.  They have spent time together and have been working on rebuilding their relationship.

For Danielle's wedding last Saturday, Jeanette was to light Danielle's side of the unity candle and bring devilled eggs for the reception.
The wedding was supposed to start at 3pm.  Danielle's hair and makeup took longer than expected so we were running behind.

Right around 3pm, someone came in and very gently informed Danielle that Jeanette was not there yet.  She was supposed to be there early for a quick run-through 'rehearsal'.  Not only did she not make it early, obviously, but she wasn't even there when the wedding was supposed to start.

Photo: Danielles #wedding #weddingprep
that's me in the corner

Between hair, makeup, and trying to keep Danielle from having a meltdown...the wedding didn't start until 4pm.
Jeanette still wasn't there.

She never showed up.  Turns out the night before, she'd went on a drinking and drug binge.  Her boyfriend didn't even know where she was.  Clearly that was more important to her than showing up for her one and only child's wedding.

It frustrates me that Danielle keeps letting Jeanette into her life, and giving her the power to hurt her.  BUT at the same time - I can't IMAGINE how much it hurts for your own Mother not to truly care about you.  My mom and I have had a few issues here and there, but I know that she loves me unconditionally and would NEVER be a no-show at any important event in my life.

Throughout the ceremony, as happy as I know Danielle was, I could see the pain in her eyes, and I just hurt for her.  I don't care if its a fourteenth wedding - it's her DAUGHTER.  If she says she's going to be there, she should be there - PERIOD.  If she didn't want to come for whatever reason, she should have told her that in advance - not ruined her wedding by causing her pain just before the ceremony began.

Danielle and her very lucky husband

So if you have a mom who would never do such a hurtful thing to you - be thankful.
Not everyone is so lucky.


Shopping in my Jammies? Yes Please!

I have recently discovered a new addiction obsession love.
Christmas shopping via the interwebs.
I've done plenty of online shopping before, of course.  I'm not a Flintstone, people.  (although that is one of my all-time favorite shows.....but I digress.)

But this year, I've done almost all of my Christmas shopping online.  There is something absolutely fabulous about sitting in my cozy warm home, wearing my pajamas, playing on the internet, and then having packages delivered directly to my door a few days later.  If I were the "squee"-ing type, I would totally "squee"!!
I'm not a fan of crowds and do not under any circumstances do Black Friday shopping.  Online shopping is absolutely perfect for me!

It's even better when you can get great deals - and who doesn't like GREAT deals during the holidays?
Not just on Christmas stuff - let's not forget we still need the necessities of life, even during the holiday crunch - you just have to fight the crazy crowds to get them.

And I am not exaggerating - these are some really awesome deals from the P&G eStore.

FREE shipping on all orders over $25??
FREE samples with EVERY order??
15% on a first time order from a new customer?? (promo code A9Z-MN5-KY3-ISA)


 The deals are on some great products too -
Crest 3D Whitestrips Professional Effect -- (y'all, I tried generic whitening strips one time. They literally made my gums bleed! EW! Learn from my Fail!

Crest 3D White Whitestrips Professional Effects - 20 pouches

 Olay Smooth Finish Facial Hair Removal Duo - I actually reviewed this product a while back. I love it, it's one of my favorite products I've ever reviewed!

Olay Smooth Finish Facial Hair Removal Duo Kit - Fine to Medium Hair

Downy Unstopables In Wash Fresh Scent Booster - I love love LOVE the smell of clean laundry!

Downy Unstopables In Wash Fresh Scent Booster 13.2 oz

Duracell AA batteries 28 count value pack - you KNOW you need these at Christmas Time!

Batteries Included (AA) Bundle

And many, many more! Check 'em out here - P & G eStore.  You can score any or all of them, without ever getting out of your jammies.  That's my kinda living, friends!

Now if only I could get an eStore that would wrap all of my gifts for me.


Holiday Fragments

Mommy's Idea

Had a very, very good week.

I worked Sunday Monday and Tuesday, 12 hour shifts, and feel more confident in my job every day.  The patients that other techs tell me will be my "problem child", I look at as a challenge and have them purring like kittens by mid-shift.  What can I say - I am accustomed to dealing with difficult men!

As of Wednesday morning I was off until Sunday evening.  I love the shifts that I work!

On Wednesday night, Hunter and I had both sets of parents over for dinner.  It was my mom's first time meeting Hunter's parents; my Dad met them at Thanksgiving but my Mom was visiting her sick sister (who is much better now!!!).  Anyway, the dinner went VERY well.  Our parents have so much in common and know so many of them same people.  I made lasagna and a green salad.  Hunter's mom brought texas toast and sweet tea.  My mom brought coconut cake (my request) and surprised me with her homemade fudge and a box of my favorite chocolate covered cherries!  I was feeling the love.  It was a very good night.

Thursday night was Elayna's first band concert.  She plays the flute and she did a GREAT job.  We really enjoyed it.  I wish I had pics to share, but we were far enough away that our pictures were just blurs.

Friday night we had another family dinner - at the last minute I invited my niece, her husband, and their daughter over for dinner.  Tim was here too and we all had a GREAT time!  I made chicken parmesan and spinach.  It was a big hit!  And we had a BLAST with Hayleigh.  Our home is pretty roomy and she crawled all over the place! She got a little bored and I couldn't resist giving her one of her Christmas presents early.  I shouldn't be allowed to shop until Christmas Eve- I'm so bad about not wanting to wait until Christmas!!  (I may or may not have also given Shelbie an early birthday present today. Sigh.)

she loved it! it plays music, lights up, etc. 

she loves her cousins and gave LOTS of kisses!

Tim ADORES Hayleigh and I love seeing him playing with her.  They had crawling races. She won every time!  She had a blast.

Right now Elayna is playing with my hair, trying out styles she's seen on YouTube.  I am tender headed and this is KILLING me.  The things you do for love!

We have a low-key but fun weekend planned.  Hope y'all have a good one too!
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