Home again, home again

I am home and doing well! The surgery went very well, overall. I had a lot of pain immediately post-op, and my nursing care was sub-standard at best. I'm glad I don't work on that floor and hope to never be a patient there again! And I've already complained and will be complaining more. It was really ridiculous.
But other than that the stay was good, I had tons of visitors and got pretty flowers and stuff.
Anway, life is good. I'm sore but doing fine. Mr W won't let me do much of anything, except take walks as prescribed by the doctor. He's sweeping the floor as I type. I'm so glad he took this week off, I have loved having him home with me.
So my life now revolves around Full Liquids, that's all I can have for 2 weeks post-op. And the main focus is on Protein. So, I drink protein drinks, take my supplements, and sips broths, jello, etc. But I'm not hungry at all so I really don't mind, although some commericals make me drool just a little.
Thank you all for your kind words of support! I hope all is well out in bloggy-land.


Tomorrow is my day!

I have to be at the hospital at 6 am tomorrow for my surgery. I had to drink a bottle of magnesium citrate to flush my bowels. Try not to ever do this! It's a far cry from fun, lemme tell ya.
I still haven't freaked out. I've had a few passing thoughts like "am I seriously doing this?!" and a few worries, but overall I think I'm very mentally ready for this. Mr Wonderful is doing very well also, which is a pleasant surprise. He has major phobias about medical procedures, so his support in all of this means so much to me.
The girls are with my mom and all is quiet in this home front tonight. The kids bickered all weekend, so this quiet is oh-so-nice!
One of our foster dogs got adopted, and went to her forever home today. She is a sweet dog and I'll miss her, but I'm glad someone finally adopted her; she's beautiful and I don't know why it took so long for someone to recognize it and snatch her up!
So, I'm going to take my rumbly tummy to bed now since we have to be up very early. Thanks for all of your support, and I will update ASAP!
Not a diet


~Thankful Thursday~

I'm a little late, but I'm posting my Thankful Thursday any way, because I want to. I really like Thankful Thursday posts, and they way they make me think about what I'm thankful for even more than I normally would.
This Thursday, I am thankful for my job.
For a very long time, I've known that I wanted to work in the medical field. When I had children and started taking them to the pediatrician (all the freakin' time, it seemed like!), my interest really intensified. I was always floored when my friends told me their kids were sick but they couldn't remember the medications they were on or even the name of the diagnosis. I soaked in all of that like a sponge. After a while, when the kiddos got sick, I could diagnosis them and predict what meds they'd be given with amazing accuracy. If I had a prescription pad, I could've skipped the ped visits altogether! (I kid, I kid)
I myself have spent some time in the hospital; appendicitis when I was 9, major leg surgery when I was 11 after running into a glass door, and severe pneumonia when I was 13. Then, I had 3 c-sections. I've done my hospital and doctor time!
Then I had kids. My girls have always been pretty healthy, other than the normal kid stuff. But that son of mine! Tubes in his ears twice, tonsils & adenoids removed, and he banged himself up hard enough 3 times to warrant ER visits and staples or glue. And then, his Chiari decompression surgery.
Naturally, at this point, hospitals are like a second home to me.
So, at last, in October of 2006, I got a job at the biggest hospital in our town. It's a very well-known hospital and people travel from all over the place to come here. I love working here. I love saying I work here. I love almost everything about it.
I love working nights. I love the majority of my co-workers. I love what I do, and what I help others do.
And the benefits are great. The health insurance is enabling me to get my gastric bypass surgery. I can't say enough about how thankful I am to have that. Many policies exclude this surgery or make it VERY hard to get aproved. Not mine.
We get prescription discounts and they will payroll-deduct your meds. We get silly things like theme park discounts, and they payroll-deduct that, too. I love me some payroll deduction! I swear one day, I'll have no paycheck at all because I'll have already spent it. Woops!
Being here today for all of my pre-op stuff, I LOVED the feeling that I belong here. I'm 'one of them'. I'm not an outsider. And when I'm here post-op, I'll get a private room, and VIP treatment. Woot! Some of the fees and co-pays are waived, as well.
And one more thing.........they will send me to college and pay for everything, as long as it's a medical field. So hopefully, after I recover from surgery, I will be enrolling in school. I have some prerequisites to get out of the way, and then I'll start nursing school. During that time, I will work only 20 hours per week, but I will get paid for 40 hours a week. Just one more benefit of the job.
I love my job.


Hannah Mon-freaking-tana

Both of my girls love them some Hannah Montana.
I've never actually watched a full episode of the show, but I know the concept. I know that Miley Cyrus plays the part, and she's a regular kid with a secret identity as a rock star, and all that jazz. I've always thought she was cute, and a far better role model than slutBritney Spears or penisParis Hilton.
So, I get all that. I really do.
There was no way I was becoming a psycho crazy mother and fighting for tickets to one of her shows. But when I saw that they'd made a movie of a concert, I thought, great! The girls will love that.
Today was a holiday, perfect for a nice Mommy/daughter day at the movies.
Off we went! We paid a whopping $15 per person for this movie, which lasted approximately 80 minutes. Alright, the girls will really love this, so I'm ok with that.
My friends.....it was hell. Pure, torturous hell. This girl who I thought was cute, is utterly full of herself and completely ANNOYING. And better yet, I got to watch it all in 3D. Now, I love 3D effects so I thought at least that would be entertaining.
Yeah, no.
And the Jonas Brothers? Seriously, who dresses those kids? The main singer dude had on tight girl jeans, a purple button-down shirt, and a gold LAME jacket. That's lame with the accent over the E that I don't know how to do. Although it was just plain LAME as well.
I'm (gulp) glad we went. The girls enjoyed it, and that truly is what matters. But I'd rather have fiery hot pokers stabbed into my eyes and ears, than sit through that again.
I want major Mommy Brownie points for this!


Leaping Doggies!

My dogs like to hump a lot.
I have no idea why; they're all spayed or neutered. Some people say dogs do this for attention, but I generally ignore it, so I don't think that's what's going on here.
But the other day, the Princess noticed it....and said, "Tater! Stop trying to LEAP Maizy!"
So that's our new word for it now. Leaping! Sounds so much more G-rated than humping.
I like!


My Leap Of Faith.

So, I'm taking this leap of faith. I'm revealing something I didn't think I'd reveal on my blog, and I'm not sure that I won't delete this post.
I fall into the category of people that are still ridiculed, joked about, and put down, and it's still PC and perfectly acceptable.
Blountly, I am fat. And, I hate it. I'm not extremely overweight by most standards. But I am very overweight. The medical term is obese.
And after a lifetime of fighting it, developing health issues because of it, I have finally decided that I need major help with this problem; I can't do it alone.
On February 25th, I'm having Roux En Y Gastric Bypass surgery.
I'm very excited. But I've told very few people about it, online and in my daily life.
I am afraid to post it here because people look at overweight people in a very different way. As if we have less value, and aren't taken seriously. We are overlooked for promotions, jobs, positions, friendships, relationships.....and life.
And so many people look at surgery as the easy way out, which it is absolutely NOT. Or just think that someone who "lets themself" get to this point lacks control and/or is lazy. None of those things are necessarily true.....but that's the way many people think.
So, risking all that.........here I am. Taking a leap of faith.


Thankful Thursday

Today is Thankful Thursday. I am very thankful that I am my hubby's Valentine. I couldn't ask for a better hubby.
I'm also thankful that the person I had to work with tonight, is off tomorrow night. VERY.FREAKING.THANKFUL.

Tomorrow I'm going to take a Leap of Faith. And I'm terrified a little nervous.

Piper Is My Valentine

Piper of Love from Bliss in Bloom is my Valentine.
She told me that she requires candy and jewels. And I want my Valentine to be happy!
So, I present to Piper...
The jewelery I made myself.
Jewelry Icon
Butterfly CZDiamond Earrings
and then.........
valentine candy
Valentine's Candy
Piper, and everyone else, I hope you have a wonderful Valentine's Day!
Much Love,


Project Support Beauty in Nature - No Plastic Bags!

Lotus over at Sarcastic Mom has started something wonderful.
Photobucket Be sure to check it out!
I do a few green things but really need to work on doing a lot more.
A while back, at Publix, I read about how plastic shopping bags are killing turtles, and many other animals, marine and land.
Most stores (down here, anyway) sell VERY inexpensive cloth bags. (.99 cent, anyone?) This is a very simple yet effective thing we can do, to help the Earth and its creatures. I don't know about you, but I used to collect a LOT of plastic bags, and now thinking of all those animals, and poor turtles thinking they're eating jellyfish, really disturbs me.
I love using my earth-friendly bags! And at the same time, I'm teaching my kids a valuable lesson about conservation. Win/win!


Quirky Confessions

Happy Birthday to Amanda at Shamelessly Sassy!
In honor of her birthday, I am doing Quirky Confessions today.
I don't even know where to begin; I am nothing if not quirky.
I guess I'll start with my biggest pet peeve on earth.
1. I HATE feet. Maybe that's why I'm not big on shoes and shoe-shopping like most normal women. They're disgusting and they totally repulse me.
2. I can't stand for my stuff to be rearranged, like my candles and pictures. Makes.Me.Crazy.
3. I am not a flexible kind of person. I don't like change. I don't rearrange my furniture. I park in the same area every night at work. I don't like working on a different unit for the night; I want to be in my 'home' unit, my comfort zone. I like a set schedule. One of my supervisors told me there's medication for this. I told him it doesn't help!
4. But, at the same time, I am a laid-back and spontaneous person. It's just that I need structure in certain areas of my life. Others, not so much.
5. I am totally obsessed with the show Jon & Kate Plus 8. I can't even tell you why; I just LOVE it. My favorite is Aaden, the little boy with glasses. He is ADORABLE and I figure since they have 8 kids, they should send him to me.
6. When I'm not watching that, I watch Discovery Health. I love it. I love to watch childbirth, and almost every other show on that channel. My family gets very tired of this! Especially my kids.
7. I don't own an iPod or mp3 player of any kind, and I don't want one. I love music, but I'm not big on earphones/buds, and the thought of having music playing in my ears all the time just doesn't appeal to me at all.
8. I'm sure that's at least partly because I sometimes don't hear very well, but I'm too stubborn to admit that and see a doctor about it. It's just when there's a lot of noise, and someone is talking, I can't hear them. I think it was too much loud rock & roll in my younger days. (how old does THAT sound??!!)
9. Everything has to be symmetrical in my house. If I hang something on one side of a window, I have to hang something on the other side. Fortunately, Mr Wonderful understands and shares this quirk.
10. I like almost anything that is banana-flavored but I don't like bananas.
There! 10 quirks! Who's next?


Scrolling Saturdays - Family OFF!

This is for Scrolling Saturdays!!
This was originally posted right around Thanksgiving '07.

Do you see this? DO YOU? This may well be the best thing EVER invented. FAMILY REPELLANT! I was introduced to it this Thanksgiving and was just thrilled! You know how those big family gatherings go. Some of the family is great, others.......not so much. Just break out the FAMILY OFF! As soon as you see those family freaks, start spraying! No more avoiding holiday parties, as long as you bring the handy-dandy Family OFF! A couple of sprays ensure a peaceful, fun time with the family of your choice. Available at stores near you!


Thankful Thursday

Courtesy of Another Chance Ranch

I can honestly say that I am a very thankful person. I take little for granted. What we have materially, we have worked very hard for and I'm proud of it. My relationship with my husband is amazing and I rarely take it for granted for even a moment.
But I think sometimes, in my busy world, I forget to reflect on how thankful I am to have my children.
For one thing, so many couples struggle with infertility. That was not a problem at all for me, and I'm very thankful for that.
I wanted 3 children. We had 2 and thought we'd probably stop there.
Number three was the most wonderful surprise ever.
I truly can't imagine my life without my youngest child. She brings me such joy. She lights up a room. She's super smart and super funny. I am SO thankful that God sent my third child to me.
I am still amazed that I have a fifteen year old and a twelve year old. So are most people that I meet. I don't look my age. When I tell people that I have a fifteen year old, you should see the looks I get!
My son is very smart, and has his mother's sarcasm and sense of humor. I love just talking with him. He also loves Mustangs, my favorite car. I'm thankful that I have him, that he has so far grown up to be a great kid, and that he is healthy. When he was 8, he had Neurosurgery for Chiari Malformation. Some day, I'll tell that story, but that's another post for another time. But I can't even describe how thankful I am that he came through that, and right now is doing fine.
I am thankful for my Middle Child. She is my most caring child. She worries about everyone and wants everyone to be happy. She marvels over how much Mr W and I love each other. She writes "Funky loves Mr W" on our Dry-Erase boards on the fridge. She loves animals and babies. She makes friends easily and treats people with kindness.
I am thankful that later this month, I will be taking charge of my health and making some very positive changes in my life.
I am thankful for Thankful Thursday.
I am going to make another blogroll. I had a very small one, but I removed it. I'm going to put in all the blogs that I read. I know I won't be able to remember all of them at once, so it will be a work in progress. I am only doing this to be able to keep up with the blogs that I read, and so that any visitors I have can be directed to some fabulous blogs they may not have seen before. If you want to be added to my blogroll, please tell me so! Don't be shy!



Tater is our Baby Boy. See, hubby and I don't have any kids together. I have 3 kids, and he has one son. But no babies that are 'ours'. Which we are OK with.
Instead, we have dogs. And Tater is the youngest, and our only boy (except our old foster doggie, Tony).
Mr W LOVES Tater. I think maybe he loves him a little bit more than me.
He is really a darling, lovable dog, and much nicer than me, so I guess I can't really blame him, can I?
Tater is a lot like a cat. He's very snuggly. If I lay down, he lays right on my chest and snuggles up under my neck. He isn't hyper and he doesn't like to lick. So we're not constantly having to push him away from us because he's giving us an unneeded bath, like some other dogs who shall remain nameless. Sasha Isabella Maizy
He follows us around all the time, especially Mr W. He even follows us into the bathroom while we're showering, and stands up on the side of the tub, wanting to be let in.
We don't have our yard fenced yet in the new house, and when the kids are playing outside, he gets up on the top of the couch, looks out the window, and cries.
It's SO sad.
He is so tiny, furry, snuggly and cute. And a very, very good dog. The fact that someone, somewhere, let him get out and didn't even try to find him, is unfathomable. I don't know how long he was a stray. I don't even know how he survived, he's so little. But I'm so glad he did, and found his way to our rescue group, and found his way to us. We love our little Tater Tot.


Adventures in OCD

You down with OCD? Yeah you know me! -Random 80's Flashback

OK, I admit it, I have OCD. But I always thought that mine wasn't that bad. It doesn't affect my life or anything. My sister is MUCH worse. And last night, I watched a TV show about a man who was just totally over the top with his OCD. I hate to admit it, but I almost felt superior to him. I sort of judged him, and I am really not a judgemental person.
So, naturally, that bit me in the butt today.
One of my big things that I have issues with is bloody meat. Make my steak well done, thank you. And when I touch raw meat while cooking, I obsessively clean and wash my hands. My kids aren't allowed to touch the meat or the meat cooler while shopping.
Usually, when I buy meat, I pick up the package very carefully with my fingertips, put it in the plastic baggie, and move on. I'm not paranoid! Really.
But today....today was different.
Today at Sam's, I wanted boneless skinless chicken thighs. So I picked up the package, and felt liquid drip all over my hand.
Meat juice. a.k.a. blood. All over my hand.
I looked around for hand sanitizer....none.
I still needed to buy it, so I had Mr Wonderful open the plastic baggie and I dropped it in. (no sense contaminating him, too.) Of course, even more juice dripped on me.
I'm starting to panic.
I said to Mr W, "I have to go wash my hands NOW."
So we walked all the way across the store, back to the same bathrooms that I had visited just minutes earlier when we first walked in and I had to potty.
But I guess I was a little freaked out at this point, because I walked straight into the mens' room.
As I was walking in, I heard Mr W say "LOVE!!!" but I totally ignored him. Whatever he needed couldn't possibly be as important as washing my hands RIGHT THAT MINUTE.Then while washing, I noticed that the sinks had been moved to the other side of the bathroom since I was in there moments before. "How odd!" I thought.
Then I turned to leave and saw the urinals.
But my hands were clean, thank you very much.
I'm not crazy.


Friday Ramblings

The first order of business is to tell you to check out my new blog design. In case you didn't notice, it is now BEEEEAUUUTIFUL! And it's all thanks to The Mombabe. <~check it out, she also taught me how to do THAT. She ROCKS!
Second order of business is this. I'm putting on full-body armour before I post this. I fear retribution. But, this, folks, is my weather forecast for Saturday.
Sunny - High of 72* - Low of 52*
I know it's NASTY in a lot of places.....but we are going to have one GORGEOUS weekend here!
And to update from yesterday's post......the 29 year old patient has passed away. Her wonderful family donated her organs, and she saved FIVE lives tonight. The nurses were just weeping before they took her down.....it was so emotional and touching. Now we have a picture of her and her son hanging up in the unit, and every time I walk past it, I choke up. But on a brighter note, the 27 year old patient that came in last night, is doing VERY well. Modern medicine is a wonderful and amazing thing. We don't save them all, but we try hard. I love my job.