Back to Work

I go back to work tonight after a very relaxing FIVE nights off. Now it's back to working with people like this..............

OK, OK, I'm kidding......I love my job and I work with some pretty cool people. But I would rather be independently wealthy. Or even dependently wealthy.......I'm ok with that, too.


Scaring the UPS Man

I have a Halloween door bell. It's a scarey pumpkin and when you push the button, a spider darts out and taps your finger, and it says "Did I get you? Dare you to try again! Muah ha haaaa!!" I never thought anyone would really get scared by it though, thought of it as more of a trick-or-treating novelty...........until the poor UPS man brought me a package yesterday. One of my many books I bought from Ebay arrived (it's an addiction), and when I opened the door the poor guy seemed a little distressed. Finally he said to me, "I don't scare easily........but your doorbell got me." Ba ha ha!!! Poor UPS man!!



Those who know me well know that I HATE feet. I have a foot aversion. They are nasty, icky, disgusting and CLAMMY.

Some people don't seem to understand this aversion, so I decided to provide some images that illustrate what is NASTY about feet. Observe. Note that there are SIX toes per foot on picture number one!
I call the last one "WTH????"
Now seriously, does anyone STILL not understand my problem with feet??
I am going to go vomit now.

Have a fabulous day!

Pumpkin Carving Day

We carved our Hallowe'en Pumpkin this past weekend. We decided to get creative instead of doing the typical Jack O' Lantern face. So we attempted a dog face. It's....interesting!


Mr. Scarecrow

When I left for work this evening, lo and behold, guess who was standing up straight and tall, terrifying crows and all small creatures? My scarecrow!

Hubby??? Are you reading my blog?
:DISCLAIMER: This is not really my scarecrow, I didn't have time to take a picture of mine, but this one's awfully close so I just had to make do.


Unfinished Business

Is my husband the only man in the world who never finishes anything? Yeah right.
Now seriously, I adore this man and am not a man basher AT ALL. But I recently told him that I was going to start buying food, taking it all out and putting it in a pan, and just leaving it. He asked me, why? I reminded him of my fall scarecrow that fell down and he promised me that he'd secure it back in the ground. Mr. Scarecrow is still leaning on the front porch. Just chillin'. He'll probably still be there for Christmas. I guess I'll just stick a bow on him!
Then there's the picture I got that he promised to hang on the wall. It says "Live-Laugh-Love", my life motto. It's propped up against the wall, but somehow that just doesn't have the same effect as if it were actually hanging ON the wall. I mean, I'm no interior designer, but....I'm just sayin'.
He brought home a shovel to dig up the old mulch and clean off the front patio. Guess where the shovel is? Leaning against the wall out on the patio...........
I think tomorrow I will hand him freshly washed soaking wet clothes to wear to work. =D