My Simple Life - Friday Fragments

I worked in the yard for hours yesterday.
It has rained so much lately that we couldn't mow or anything else, it was way too wet.  But finally it's dried up enough for us to get some work done.  And we did.  And now I am sore!  I moved rocks like a weightlifter, push-mowed, and weeded, and I am old.  And tired.  But - the lawn looks great!

This dragonfly flitted around us all day as we worked.
Finally I held my hand out, and he let me hold him for a while.

Things grow so nicely here.  My gardenia plant is already blooming, and gardenias can be difficult to grow.  I got some Mexican petunia from a friend a few weeks ago, but I didn't plant it right away and it was looking kind of sad by the time I planted it (she just pulled some of hers up for me).  But I planted it anyway and now it looks fantastic!  My jasmine is climbing up the tree it's planted by and is literally as tall as me.
I am also starting a rock garden.  I dug up rocks and found pieces of flint and shells.  I think it's a good start.

Once it got dark, I made a fire in my fire pit, turned on my fairy lights, and kicked back with a cold beverage or three.  I love my simple life.

I was talking to a friend of mine yesterday while driving down our dirt road.  Her husband is in the ICU, very ill.  While talking to her, I looked over my shoulder and saw this double rainbow.
It didn't rain here yesterday - at all.
I truly believe it was a sign and told my friend about it!  I had chills.  We decided it was a double rainbow so that there was one for each of us.  Good things are coming!

I took this on our dirt road the other day for an Instagram photo prompt.
It was so pretty I wanted to share it here.

At the hospital where I work, there is a large duckpond.
So it's not unusual to encounter ducks while walking in or out.
It is unusual, however, to encounter ducks trying to walk INTO the hospital!
What a couple of quacks!

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And have a wonderful weekend.

Unknown Mami


Tami said...

Completing yard work is always satisfying to me. I always seem to have good luck at growing things too. Your pictures are lovely. I especially like the one of the fence & field.
Have a good weekend!

Amy said...

It's too hot here right now for yard work. The most I've done is turn the sprinkler on. LOL

Call me lazy!

Love the pix

Unknown said...

Your story about the double rainbow is pretty cool. Hope it really brings the best for you and your friend! Have a great weekend.

Keetha Broyles said...

LOL - What a couple of quacks.

Kat said...

That picture on the dirt road it GORGEOUS! Complete with a bunny and everything! Beautiful!

I love dragonflies. LOVE.

Please send some rain this way. We are PARCHED!

Lori said...

Your simple life sounds wonderful! I love fairy lights in the yard. Sparkly lights add such nice atmosphere and to enjoy them in a nice, weeded and tended yard, is extra satisfying! Loved your pictures. The ducks were hilarious!

Doreen McGettigan said...

I got chills reading about the rainbow.
I love the dirt road, bunny picture. Beautiful!
Yardwork is certainly one of the hardest jobs there is.
I am SO glad my husband loves to do it all himself with the help of a few grandsons.
I hope you get a chance to rest your weary bones:)

Hilary said...

I believe in signs - i hope that the double rainbow is the sign for good things for your friends husband....

Unknown said...

Your day sounds splendid. I too hope the double rainbow was a sign of good to come for both your friend's husband and for you.

Sorta Southern Single Mom said...

We've finally had a spell with no rain, although it's pretty overcast this morning.

AiringMyLaundry said...

Cool dragonfly photo!

Linda @ Life and Linda said...

Hi Cyndy, so very nice to meet you. That dragonfly picture is so cute. Mother nature and it's creatures surprise us sometimes. The ducks are darling and would be quite funny to see them waddle into the hospital.
I hope your friend's husband is on the road to recovery. Take care from your newest follower, Lind