I just noticed there's a typo in the blog I posted last night. I don't know how to fix it and it's making me itch! So just FTR, it should say "than BUY fancy jewelery...." not BY. Anyhoo.....
That's something about me. I'm OCD about spelling, grammar, and punctuation. When there's an error it usually jumps out at me, like a flashing neon sign. It's not my fault! I can't help it! And it drives me CRAZY. If a business has a sign, truck, or whatever and there are errors, I will boycott that business if at all possible. It's just a HUGE pet peeve of mine. It's not my fault! I was born this way....or something....
My youngest child is 6 years old and she is my mini-me. She got her progress report today. First one in first grade. She got straight A's! And the comment was: "Princess is doing great! She needs to work on paying attention instead of talking during instruction time."
Woops. =D Yep, that's my kid!
Now my middle daughter.....she scares me. She is smart, but she's very scatter-brained and kind of.....ditzy. Tonight she was eating chips (bad mother dinner tonight) and asked Mr. Wonderful if there were any big ones because all she had were little broken chips. So he found a few big chips in the big and gave them to her. She picked one up and proceeded to crush it.
WHY? Tell me, why did she do this? I literally just sat there with my jaw dropped staring at her. I am fascinated by how her brain works.


The Beginning

I kind of think we represent the typical American family in 2007. We are what they call a blended family. I guess that's what it would look like if we were all stuck in the smoothie maker and someone pushed 'puree'? Hmmm....anyway, I got married 100 years ago and had three children. We later divorced and in 2004, I met my current husband. He had one son from a previous relationship. So we have four total. At this moment they are 14, 11, 8 and 6. We're always running a kid somewhere or picking up a kid or dropping off a kid. Not like, on their head or anything. Nooo, never.
We do the every other weekend visitation thing with the kids (2 girls live with us full time, 2 boys live with the 'other parents'). So this means, we have every other weekend kid-free.......just hubby and I. Let me tell you it is fabulous! If you don't ever go on dates, you need to start. NOW.
Then we try to think of fun stuff to do with the kids when they're with us for the weekend. We live in Florida so we hit the beach, springs, and pool a lot. This weekend we're going to Wild Adventures. With all four kids. It's SURE to be a wild adventure! =O
We're laid back parents in some ways. We like to relax and have fun. We yell a lot and we hug a lot. We laugh and we cry. We like to make good memories. I want the kids to experience all kinds of fun and interesting things, I'm not about sitting on the couch watching TV all your life. Our house is not perfectly neat and orderly, and we are ok with that. We'd rather be watching movies or playing games or out living life, than scrubbing the grout with toothbrushes. I'm not big on material things. We have everything we need plus more, and I'd rather give my extra money to pet rescue or St. Jude's than by fancy jewelery or a $500 handbag. I'd rather be happy in my mini-van than miserable in a Cadillac!
Another big thing in our life is dogs. We volunteer with rescue groups and foster Dachshunds. Right now we have four dogs in our home. Two are permanently ours, one is a very old dog who probably won't get adopted, and the other one will probably be adopted very soon. The dogs get tons of love and attention. We adore them. They are just a little spoiled. ;o)

My motto is COEXIST. I also try to live by, and teach my children, the Golden Rule.
So, that is the beginning. Stay tuned!