Final Fragments

Unknown Mami

Unless something changes in the near future, this will be my last Friday Fragments post at this location!
I've set up a blog on Wordpress; leave a comment if you'd like to come visit there.  I'm not trying to keep it private, I just don't want to link it here.  It's quite easy to find.

I am SO tired of miserable people trying to make everyone else as miserable as they are.  The saying "Misery loves company" is so true.  I wish they would just live their miserable lives and leave me alone!

I had a really great week at work, and the grand finale was an excellent evaluation.  It was my first eval at this job and it could not have been better!  It makes all my hard work worthwhile.

On Thursday night my son came over, along with two friends, to visit with us and Wiz the Chinchilla.  We had such a good time.  Tim took some really funny pics of the chinchilla, but he hasn't sent them to met yet, so I'll have to share them over at the new bloggy home.

My mother-in-law bought Elayna her very own flute!  Elayna was THRILLED.  She started playing in her middle school band last year and really enjoys it. 


My niece is due with Baby #2 on August 13th, but her doctor is expecting her to deliver literally any day.  We're beyond excited!!!  We all have plans to get together this Saturday for a chicken & dumpling dinner; maybe Baby Alexis will get so excited for the dumplings that she'll decide to make an appearance.  

Today is Dusty's 18th Birthday!  Feel free to order something from our Zazzle store - all proceeds go to Dusty!

I'll leave you with the funniest thing I saw on Facebook this week - enjoy!  
And have a wonderful weekend!


In Which Blogger Has Totally Pissed Me Off.

My blog is going to disappear in two days.

Why? Because it's time to renew my domain name, and when I sign on to my Admin settings to renew it, I get an error message.  It's a KNOWN bug, but Blogger isn't bothering to fix it.
(check out these forum posts about a 'newly identified bug' - and they are from MAY.)

I do not have the time, energy, or patience to fight with this.  And while stressing about it a couple of weeks ago, I suddenly thought to myself, "Do I really care?"

And the answer was, no, no I really don't.

I think it's time for a change.  My life has changed dramatically since I started this blog, and maybe it's time that my blog evolves with me.

I have already exported my blog to my computer so I won't lose it, and if I choose to, I can upload it to my new blog, wherever that might be.

But yeah.  I think it's time to retire this one.

I'm not going to drive myself crazy trying to get the new blog up, but I will keep you posted.  Most of you know how to find me (I'm on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter), and I'll still have the email address if you're interested.


This is not goodbye!  It's see ya soon in another location.  Oh and BLOGGER/Google Apps, you suck, you have lost a long standing loyal paying customer.  Peace out.


The Snugg

A few weeks ago, I was contacted by a company called The Snugg. They sell cases/covers for iPhones, iPads, and other products. They offered me a case to review for an iPhone 5 or iPad.

Since my iPhone is a 4, I decided to choose an iPad case for my mother-in-law.

Also - because she's awesome.

I asked her what color she would like and she said royal blue. The closest they had was electric blue, but it's a very pretty shade. It came in very quickly and I was excited to give it to my MIL.

And she loves it!  She likes the fit (she said her other one never seemed to fit quite right). She liked the way it protects all around the iPad; it feels more secure.  She also appreciates the way it folds to stand in a sort of  'upright' position.

The material is genuine leather and she likes that as well.

The Snugg iPad cover was a big hit and my mother-in-law and I highly recommend The Snugg products!