Medical Monday (on Wednesday) - What NOT to do.

(Because, Ooops.  That's why.)

New here?  I am a Nurse Tech on the Med/Surg floor of a hospital.

Today I have for you FIVE things that you should NOT do while either you, or your loved one, has been admitted as a patient in a hospital.

1. Do NOT bring your very young child to the hospital to stay with his or her dad.  Who is very ill.  FOR THE ENTIRE NIGHT.  While you go home to sleep.

2. Do NOT let your baby crawl on the hospital floor.  OMG. Please.  For the love of all that is clean and free of bacteria.  AND COOTIES.

3. Do NOT sneak into the bathroom of your hospital room and smoke cigarettes.

4. Do NOT sneak off of the floor, out of the hospital, and into the parking lot next door to smoke cigarettes. With your IV pole and various other medical equipment.

5. If you choose to do that, do NOT tell us, when you get back, that your pain level is a 10.

I have a feeling these "What NOT to do" posts may become a recurring theme.  Stay tuned!


Sorta Southern Single Mom said...

Oh LAWD! All the same family? Sounds like they go together well!

Christine said...

A mom actually left her child overnight with his dad??!?! My heavens...

Amy said...

I went thru that with my brainless son. In the hospital in the CARDIAC unit and while I ran to his house to grab a shower, one of his brainless friends thought it would be a good idea to bring him a CIGARETTE and take him Out of the cardiac critical care unit and outside to smoke.

Mama caught him. I'm sure he STILL wishes it had been the hospital that jumped him and not me. I may have embarrassed the crap out of his stupid friend too. ;)

Abigail Cashelle said...

WOW. I have no words.

Visiting from Medical Mondays,

Rebecca Jo said...

I gasped at all of these... I'm sure you see things every day that you just shake your head at.

THIS is why I cant work in the medical field. I'd be slapping people left & right.

ArtWithAnAttitude said...

Wow someone really brought a child to stay with their sick father so they could sleep???

Another do NOT should be do not sneak into the bathroom for sex... Yes I've seen it unfortunately

Anonymous said...

lordy. all of these are horrible but number one really slays me. wow.

but yes i hope this is a recurring post.

From A Doctors Wife said...

THanks for linking up with Medical Monday's on a Wednesday for for allowing me to comment on a Thursday! I love what not to do list. Proudly I have never imagined doing any of those:-)

misty said...

I've totally seen some of these happen when I was in nursing school!
people never cease to amaze me with all they THINK is ok.

Kat said...

Really?????? Someone left their young child at the hospital overnight with a sick parent? What the hell is the matter with some people? That is close to child abuse in my mind. How horrifying for that poor kid. CRIPES!