Post Holiday Frags

Between night shift and the holidays, I have my days all mixed up!
I totally forgot that today was Friday.

We stayed in our pajamas until 3pm today.  It was lovely.

I've managed to end up with a mini-Christmas-vacation - and I'm loving it.

I de-Christmasfied my house today.  Is so a word.  I am not a Scrooge at all - I love Christmas - but once it's over, I'm ready for it to be OUT.

Tomorrow's plans include 4-wheeler riding and a bonfire.  Good times.

2012 really sucked.  Like, worst year ever.  2013 BETTER be a great year.  That's a warning!
I have every intention of making SURE that it is.  =D

My New Year's plans are.......working.
I'm a party animal!

Hope you're enjoying your post-holiday days.  Happy New Year!

Mommy's Idea


Amy said...

I usually take my tree down the day after Christmas. With the baby here, I'm running a bit behind. I put 99% of the stuff up today. Just a few more things to go in the box and I'm totally done.

Hope you had a good visit with the kids :)

Unknown said...

I agree that 2012 had some really awful points... can't be all that bad though; you met Hunter, and I had another fantastic baby. ;)

Keetha Broyles said...

I just don't "get" you girls that haul all your Christmas stuff OUT so early! I like the ENTIRE SEASON to be decorated - - - I like to EXTEND the warm, yellow, glow, ambiance as long as I can.

Sometimes nearly to February.

Always AT LEAST through the BCS National Championship Football Bowl game, which is January 7.

Sorta Southern Single Mom said...

I leave mine up until Little Christmas on the 6th, so mine will come down next weekend. I intend to make 2013 a great year too, especially for a good friend that got uspsetting news last night!

nancygrayce said...

I admire you for getting your Christmas stuff down! The only place I've done that is on the blog! :). I want it down, but wish someone would do it for me! That's not happening, sadly. I'm sorry 2012 was a bad year and pray 2013 will be good for us all!

Happy New Year!

Kat said...

You are on the ball! Done taking down the decorations already? I'm impressed. I usually wait until after New Years. I need the kids back in school before I can really get at it. ;)

Debby@Just Breathe said...

I won't be taking down Christmas for a few weeks, I do enjoy it the most when the hectic stuff is over!
Praying that 2013 will be your best year ever. ((HUGS))

Aleta said...

I can't complain about 2012, but I'm really looking forward to 2013 :)

I'm like you, I take down the Christmas stuff early and I usually get a lot of eye-brow raises when I do. This year, I say, "We put out a lot of Christmas decorations and I don't want to have to worry about taking it all down and not being able to do it safely while pregnant." Sometimes pregnancy gives a good excuse and totally valid too :)

We're in the midst of putting up Mardi Gras decorations. Not nearly the volume of decorations in comparison to Christmas, but fun to do :)

Tami said...

We host a New Years Eve party (since I can remember) so our decorations stay up until then. Once the party is over (and if I don't have a hangover) the decorations are down and the tree is out the door.