30 Days of Thanks

Along with many others, I decided to post something that I am thankful for each day in November.  Most people call it 30 Days of Thanks.  I decided to compile all of my posts in a list and then blog it here.  

Alright, I'm going to jump in on this 30 Days of Thanks Thang.....today I am thankful for Hunter....who has made my life SO much happier and I truly don't know what I'd do without him! ♥ you forever!

Day 2: Today I am thankful for a quick visit with my mama, my niece Heather, and Hayleigh Faith!!! Got to see her crawl, and she danced with Tim!! ♥ it!! — with Tim, Shelbie & Elayna

Thankful Day 3: I'm thankful for the little nap I got this afternoon! It felt GREAT! :o)

Thankful day 4: a family gathering with the whole crew for Heather's birthday! Hayleigh, my mom and dad & — with Heather, Hunter, Tim, Shelbie, Elayna, Heather, DJ, and Angie.

Thankful Day 5: That I live in a state where it does not SNOW! I am just not a fan of cold weather. Brrrr!!!!
Thankful Day 6: I'm thankful that I discovered the Kindle app on my new phone. LIFE CHANGING, my friends. No joke.

Day 7: Thankful for a very productive day off, and time spent with 2 of my favorite guys in the world. ♥ — with Hunter and Tim. 

Day 8: Thankful for a great job that is going great so far and is very accommodating with my schedule!

Day 9: Thankful for the hog in the freezer courtesy of my Hunter! Can't wait to cook it next week.

Thankful Day 10: I am thankful for my ability to pick myself up and keep going, even after going through unimaginably hard times. And even smile and love again. :o) ♥

Day 11: Thankful for time spent with my bestest friend Danielle and her wonderful family....such a great group of people!! Happy Birthday AshLee! — with Elayna, Shelbie and Hunter.

Day 12: Thankful for all of the veterans I know - too many to list. God Bless You All!

Thankful Day 13: Coming home to steaks being cooked on the grill after a LONG HARD day at work! ♥ - with Hunter

Day 14: thankful that I truly LOVE to cook. It makes me very happy to cook yummy meals and feed the ones that I love! Just wish I didn't also love to EAT so much! :P

Thankful Day 15: for laughter. It helps me through even the hardest times!

Day 16 ~ thankful for 4 day weekends!

Day 17 ~ thankful for Girl Time.

Day 18: Thankful for some of the best friends money can buy! JUST KIDDING ~~~ I MEAN the best friends a girl could ask for. I can't tag anyone here because I'm a scatterbrain and would inevitably leave someone out. Just know that I love, appreciate, and value ALL of you!! xoxo

Thankful Day 19: chocolate. no thankful list would be complete without it!

Thankful Day 20: short work days! Getting off at 3 is awesome - got SO much done!!

Day 21: Thankful that my Aunt Pat, who was critically ill, is improving, and my mom is getting to spend some time with her and other family.

Thankful day 22: Thanksgiving - my most thankful day of all. I'm thankful for the three amazing children that God has blessed me with. I love them more than anything in this world and would lay down my life for them!! — with Elayna, Shelbie, and Tim.

Thankful Day 23 : I am thankful for Facebook. It has enabled me to reconnect with so many old friends, many of whom I am now VERY close with. And allows me to stay in touch with people I may have never otherwise talked to again. Childhood friends, school friends, work friends, family, and of course my love Hunter.....these connections & reconnections are priceless.

Day 24: Thankful that the FLORIDA GATORS pulled out a win over the FSU Seminoles - our bitter rivals!! =D AND on the Seminoles' own field - ya gotta love it! GO GATORS!!!

Day 25: Thankful for a wonderful and supportive family who loves me unconditionally. My Mom, my Dad, my sister, my niece, my brother, my sister-in-law, my nephew, & the huuuuge extended family as well! ♥

Day 26: Thankful for the decision I made just over a year ago to leave a situation that was toxic and breaking my spirit down.

Day 27: Thankful for broken roads and leaps of faith.

Day 28: thankful that thus far, it hasn't killed me but only made me stronger....

Day 29: thankful for Thursdays. They are my favorite day by far for a few reasons. I live for Thursdays!!!

Day 30: The final day of posting my thanks on Facebook, but definitely NOT the final day of being thankful. I'm thankful that I have so much to be thankful for. I'm thankful that I could keep going with this for many more months. I'm thankful that I am able to find something to be thankful for even on my worst days.
I'm thankful that Hunter is in my life and is allowing me to make his hous

e my home. I am thankful that his wonderful parents have so openly welcomed me and my children and family into their lives with open arms.
I'm thankful for all of the friends and family who have pulled me through the worst year of my life. Particularly Danielle, Jennifer, Vicki and Marc who all went above and beyond ordinary friendship. I love you all! And so many more of you have been wonderful to me.
Again I am thankful for three beautiful and wonderful children who gave me a reason to keep on going. Tim, Shelbie & Elayna.
I am thankful that Dusty is getting excellent medical care and I have faith that God will heal him and soon this will all be a memory.
I'm thankful for the newest member of our family, Hayleigh, who brings us all so much joy.
And most of all I am thankful to God who has brought all of these blessings into my life!!

How about you?  Did you post your thanks on Facebook?


Kimberly said...

Naps, chocolate, and naps and laughter. You sure do have so much to be thankful for xo

April said...

Wow...that is one incredible list! It's amazing to see how much you really have to be thankful for when you take the time to notice.

Kat said...

I am thankful for thankful posts. They always make me so happy, and this is a fabulous list. :)

Debby@Just Breathe said...

What a wonderful post. You have so much to be thankful for. Your decision was a bold move and I'm thankful you were strong enough to move forward with you life.

AiringMyLaundry said...

What a nice post :)