The Cat Came Back.....

~ Dusty Update: He is now out of ICU.  Chemo and radiation have started and he may get to go home next week (but will still have to do outpatient treatments).

~ I lost Hunter's cat today.  I absolutely could not find her ANYWHERE.  She is an inside-only cat.  He LOVES this cat.  I was beside myself.  I finally called him and told him I'd lost his cat.  When he got home we searched the house top to bottom, then searched outside.  No cat.  Altogether I had searched for at least two hours.
I apologized profusely.  He wasn't mad.  I think I would have been.  I was almost certain I hadn't left the door open, but I could see no other way for the cat to vanish!  Hunter said, "When she gets hungry, she'll come home."  I reluctantly agreed and we went inside to start dinner.  I opened a cabinet to pull out a pan and heard "Meow".
The freaking cat was in the kitchen cabinet the entire time.
I didn't know whether to hug her or choke her!
(I hugged her.)
(But not around the throat.)

~ My job is going VERY well.  I was so worried that I would regret leaving my old job and not feel rewarded and fulfilled at this job, but that's not the case at all.  Even when I am running my ass off, I truly love what I'm doing!  And my ass can use the running!

Hope you all have a great weekend!!

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Amy said...

So glad you found the cat! I'm of the same mindset as Hunter - they come home when they're hungry. You're lucky to have such a good man to not be upset with you over something like that!

Glad to hear Dusty is out of ICU! Hope your ex isn't still being a jerk about your daughter seeing him. Gotta love it when the other parent is so childish in trying to get you that they start alienating your kids. LOL It will all work in your favor in the long run. I mean - look what's going on with me now. Control freak parent- kid got legal and left within days. Parent bit off her nose to spite her face. Some people are just that stupid. :)


Keetha Broyles said...

We used to have two cats and they "disappeared" into strange places too - - - closed into closets, shut up in the garage, even shut outside a time or two and they were also indoor only cats.

Fortunately we always found them, but once when one got outside it was two or three days before we found him.

Barb said...

Lol -- that is such a cat thing to do! I'm glad she's safe :)

Kat said...

(I hugged her.)
(But not around the throat.)

HAHAHAHA!!!! That really cracked me up. Glad she came back (and that you didn't strangle her). :)

Continued prayers for Dusty.

So glad to hear that you like your job so much. It is scary to make a change liked where you were at before. Whew! What a relief, huh?

Tara R. said...

We have two cats, and invariably, will lose one of them at least once a month. They are experts at hiding. I'm glad you found Hunter's cat.

Furry Bottoms said...

Cats are so funny that way!! Once I thought I lost both my cats. The front door had been left open for, I guess 7 hours? by accident and I searched and searched and yelled and yelled their names. One of them finally came around the corner of the house as if to say "What the heck!" and I couldnt find the other one. I was so sad. I went back into the house and went up to change my clothes. There he was, all curled up in the middle of my bed. Thank good ness, but A:LJSKHD!!!

Debby@Just Breathe said...

Praying for Dusty. OMG I can't believe the cat was there the whole time. Skye did that one night recently. All four of us were looking for her and she was just sleeping on a loveseat in my husbands office. His office chair was blocking her. She loves being the center of attention and knew exactly what she was doing! Now it's our go to place when we can't find her. So happy to hear about how much you love your new job.

Aleta said...

Friends ask if we have "child proofed" the kitchen cabinets in preparation for our baby... I reply, 'That happened years ago, because of the cat. He can open the cabinet doors but he doesn't know how to get back out. So, we child proofed them :)"