Like, Totally 80's, Dude.

It's Monday and I work tonight,
 so I could totally justify being cozily snuggled in my bed snoozing, 
but instead I woke up and have been all productive and stuff.  
I think I'm coming down with something. 

My house is clean and smells amazing so now it's time to play.  
Monday Listicles!

I decided to choose the topic 10 Things Totally 80's because I am old as dirt and remember the 80's fondly!

I was born in 1973 so I was seven years old when I was blinded with all things fluorescent.

Here's what made it into my memory of the 80's.....

1. WHAM!  Oh, how I loved WHAM!  In the early 80's I got sick and was hospitalized and totally spoiled. I owned everything WHAM! sold, from posters to albums (maybe cassettes?), T-shirts, etc.

2. Leg Warmers.  I remember getting my first pair from my aunt for Christmas.  They were multi-colored and striped, and I know there were matching gloves, and I think maybe a scarf or hat too.  I was COOL.

3. Oversized shirts, tight jeans, and scrunchy socks.  They were THE wardrobe.

4. Top Gun.  I fell in love with Tom Cruise in 1986.  (sadly, I have since fallen OUT of love with him.)  That was also the first movie I ever owned on VHS tape.  I still quote it on a regular basis.  "Negative, Ghost Rider" and   "That son of a bitch cut me off!" are used in daily conversation.

I miss this Tom.  

5. The Simpsons.  They were naughty and irreverent and I just loved them.  "Cowabunga, dude!"

I had a Simpsons sticker on my first car......

6. My 1984 Mustang.  I got it in 1989.  It was beautiful, and I still miss that car.

this is not my car, I am too lazy to dig through boxes and scan pictures.
but it looked EXACTLY like this except mine did not have the fin on the back.  *tear* I loved that car SO much.

7. My first kiss/first love/ first heartbreak all happened in the late 80's.  
Now we're friends on Facebook.  LOL
Ain't it funny how that works?

8. Come to think of it, I also met Hunter in the 80's.  We went to middle school together.

9. In the 80's, there was a teen dance club in our town.  I frequently told my parents I was going there  went there.  Yes, went there, that's it.  Once.

10.  Bangs and hairspray.  I had BIG hair.  Several perms.  I will share this one pic....I didn't have a perm here but I was rockin' the bangs.  Oh, how I hate this picture! LOL

that's me on the left, probably 1989,
and my BFF Danielle on the right.
She totally won the BIG HAIR prize!

So there you have it.  I shared my Top 10 80's Memories AND completely humiliated myself!  You are WELCOME!!!
Maybe now I should go back to bed......


Christine said...

Great list! I can't believe I forgot to add Top Gun! I quote it all the time, usually, "Talk to me, Goose."
I am loving all of the embarrassing photos people are putting in their lists. Awesome.

ChiTown Girl said...

Ah...thanks for the little trip down memory lane. I'm a bit older than you, so I venture to guess I may have a few more memories of the 80s. ;)

I had my first kiss from my first love in the 80s (85) but he didn't break my heart until sometime in the 90s. hahaha! And now, as you know, we've come full circle and he's back! That's good, cuz I don't Facebook! :P

Rebecca said...

take me to bed or lose me forever....said to goose

Azara said...

I also fell in and then out of love with Tom Cruise (although mine was Far and Away). There's only so much real-life craziness I can handle.

Tara R. said...

I was in college during the 80s. Top Gun was the first movie the Mr and I went to together. I have fond memories of the era too.

Amy said...

Thanks for sharing...

Personally, I refuse to admit that I can remember the 80's. So either I'm too old and my memory has died - or I was too young to remember the 80's. I'll never admit which one. ;)

nancygrayce said...

I'm so glad you fell out of love with Tom ! I have a son 3 years older than you.....sigh. I'm so old! Happy New Year!

Jessica B said...

Ooh, you reminded me a few things that I forgot! Great list :)

Debby@Just Breathe said...

That was fun! I'm with Nancy, I could be your mother, my son was born in 1979.

Sisterhood of the Sensible Moms said...

Weren't you lucky having that Mustang! Woot!

And Wham! How did I forget them off of my list?? Ellen

Tami said...

Did you use Aqua Net? I should have invested stock in that company!! LOL

Stasha said...

Great bangs! I listened to top gun soundtrack until the tape ripped ;)