Crazy Eights

I saw this meme over on one of my most-est favorite-est blogs, A Thorn Among Roses. She is a daily must-read for me. I admire her so much, she's funny, and she and her whole family are just adorable!!

OK, so here are MY Crazy 8's.

8 things i am looking forward to:

- summer break. I have this crazy idea that I'll get more sleep. I'll probably look back on that & laugh, come July.

- going camping over the summer.

- going to the springs over the summer.

- going to the beach over the summer.

- upcoming changes at work.

- upcoming changes at home.


- Father's Day.

8 things i did yesterday:

- went to the doctor.

- got diagnosed with a UTI & referred to a urologist.

- filled several perscriptions.

- went home and curled up in a ball and wished to die.

- woke up to pick up the kids.

- went back home, curled back up into a ball, and wished to die, while the children ran wild.

- slept all day.

- got up to come to work at 11pm.

8 things i wish i could do:

- sew.

- win the lottery.

- juggle school along with work & family.

- sing like Jennifer Nettles from Sugarland.

- sleep more.

- work less.

- go on vacation.

- write a book.

8 shows i watch:

- What Not to Wear

- Jon & Kate Plus 8

- Medical Incredible

- Mystery Diagnosis

- all the shows on Discovery Health & TLC, basically.

- so I'm kind of cheating on this one.

- deal with it.

8 fav fruits:

- pineapple

- golden delicious apples

- oranges

- granny smith apples

- grapes

- strawberries

- FRESH peaches

- tangerines

8 places i would like to travel:

- England

- Australia

- Cozumel

- Jamaica

- Florida Keys

- California

- Pennsylvania to meet some internet friends!

- BlogHer

8 places i've lived:

- home with my parents

- with my sister at her former home

- with my (now) ex-husband, several different places

- with a friend & our kids at her home

- by myself, with my kids at our home

- with John & the kids at our home

- all of these places were either in my hometown or small surrounding towns

- I have never lived anywhere else, so I cheated on this one too!

WAY too tired & lazy to tag anyone, so if you want it just grab it!

Have a great Thursday...the weekend's almost here!


Karen in Texas said...

Love your 8's Cyndy. Maybe I'll try this later.

Danyele Easterhaus said...

super cute...and i just wanted to confirm, you will be taking me to the beach with you later this year, right????

April said...

Wowza...that was so kind of list! Hope you day's a good one!

Keeper of the Skies Wife said...

Ouch...UTI...I feel for you!!

Kim said...

Oh..I hope you are feeling better today..

And I love the TLC line up..but Bravo is still my number one place to hang out.. :)

Kat said...

That was a fun one!
And now I'm hungry for fruit. ;)

Aubrey said...

Your 8s are GREATs! LOL

I just got tagged for this too! I'm working on it!