Weekend Wrap-Up 6.15.09


We had so much fun this weekend! And it was all free, or cheap, family fun.

It started out Friday night with a free concert. Every Friday night, the city we live near has a free concert on the lawn of the courthouse. It's a very easy-going, laid-back atmosphere. People from every walk of life attend these concerts. People throw a blanket on the grass or bring lawn chairs, and settle down for a great time. This past Friday's band was an R&B group. They were great! We all enjoyed ourselves.

This is Elayna blowing bubbles at the concert.

Saturday, we got up bright and early. My friend Heather brought her daughter Savanna over while she worked. (this is the friend I ran into on that crazy Friday)
We all went to the Horse Sanctuary. We had a good time but it was VERY hot. We cut the visit a little short and promised to come back in cooler weather.

This is Savanna and Elayna.

Shelbie and Savanna. Their faces were so red from the heat!

Elayna was SO proud of herself...this
was her first time feeding a carrot to a horse!
Before, she was too scared.

We'd planned to go to the Springs Saturday afternoon, but a storm came in and nixed those plans. Instead, we sat around chatting and the kids played on the slip & slide. They all had a blast. We grilled out under the carport in the storm, and later took a walk to the park.

Sunday, after running a few errands, we all (including Heather & Savanna) went to the Splash Park. We took a picnic lunch of fresh veggies, dip, fruit, and chips. The kids played and munched and had a blast.

My kids went to their dad's house on Sunday evening. For the first summer ever, we'll be alternating full weeks with the kids. It's going to be weird for me!

My friend Heather went with me to drop them off. Then she stayed over and we sat on the carport, drinking and talking for hours. It was so nice and relaxing.

Altogether a fantastic weekend! Hope yours was, too.


Danyele Easterhaus said...

love that you went to the horse sanctuary! soo much fun! and the carrot in the mouth pic is sooo cute!

Crazee Juls said...

sounds like the perfect weekend! :) Thanks for sharing the cute pics.

Keeper of the Skies Wife said...

Horses are so therapeutic!! All I have to do is walk around the block and there are over 40 of them. I try to bring carrots to feed them but they all bombard me.

Great weekend!!!

Karen in Texas said...

What a wonderful weekend Cyndy. Love the pictures!

Anonymous said...

this sounds like a great weekend. i wish the free concerts were all year long, not just in the spring and summer. the heat always keeps me from going, although ive been there a few times.

GypsiAdventure said...

Sounds like a wonderful weekend. We had storms...LOTS of STORMS! Glad you got to enjoy the concert. :)

betty-NZ said...

I think most parents underestimate their kids by assuming they have to spend money to have fun. It's good to see another family that takes advantage of the community. We do lots of things that don't cost a dime and the kids are very happy with it

Anonymous said...

It sounds like a WONDERFUL weekend. I am definitely going to look into the horse sanctuary thing here. I used to ride as a kid, and it was something I really loved doing. It's always so peaceful & quiet there.

Anonymous said...

YAY that looks like alot of fun!