WordFUL Wednesday ~ Spring

We moved into our current home in the fall. Spring has brought many beautiful surprises into our yard. There were so many plants that we couldn't identify, and some that died and we wondered if they would come back.

They did! Our yard is an explosion of color.

These look like morning glories....but they bloom all day.

They're on vines that cover my sanctuary.

Little red flower that's growing wild behind the sanctuary.

Beautiful explosion of purple!

Also looks like morning glories, but again, they bloom all day.

Gardenias! One of my favorite flowers. They smell amazing!

Butterfly-attracting flowers. We planted these.

Hydrangea, one beautiful bush.

Close up...their colors are so vibrant.

Yellow butterfly flowers.

I LOVE caladium. We had some growing in the front of the house and we planted bulbs on the side of the house. It was my first time planting bulbs and they did great!

(yeah, I know, I need to clear the bed out!)
Who knows what next Spring will bring...I don't know if we'll be in this house to see them bloom again. Big moves may be happening in our future....big changes. More to come. =)
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Casey's trio said...

Nothing like beautiful flowers in your garden to brighten your day!

Anonymous said...

I want a garden! Flowers dont bloom in the ghetto. We just don't have good light down in the gutter.

Keeper of the Skies Wife said...


I want a hydrangea so bad!! I just need to go to Lowe's and give in.

Crazee Juls said...

Are you kidding me?~?~ Those are all so beautiful. I love gardenias too--they do smell awesome.

The only flower that grows around my house..?-- Dandelion. Gofigure!

GypsiAdventure said...

Beautiful plants! Last spring was our 'first' spring in the new house and when things started growing I "chopped" away so I could plant what I wanted...however this spring, I didn't get around to it early enough and things grew, things bloomed and I was delighted with the different plants growing. Next time, I will wait and see instead of jumping to the 'change' part of it!
Happy Wednesday!!

Wonderful World of Weiners said...

Mind if I come over and dig some up? I can't grow anything....I have a black thumb.


April said...

Love all those gorgeous varieties of flowers! Changes coming your way? Do tell!

Unknown said...

I just love the colors of spring! Stopping by from SITS, hope you wull come check me out as well!

Momisodes said...

Wow! You have so much blooming already! Looks like you guys have been busy in the yard since moving in. They're lovely.
I LOVE gardenia.

Debbie Y. said...

I love flowers and pictures of flowers and I can't grow a thing. I am so lucky to have Eddie to make things grow.

Karen in Texas said...

Your flowers are all so beautiful Cyndy. I think the red one growing behind the sanctuary is a lily of some type. My Mom has them in her yard. I'll try to remember to ask her what they are next time I see her.

Two Pretty Little Skirts said...

Gorgeous flowers! *sigh* I wish I had a green thumb...I can keep fake plants alive tho ;)

stoppin by from SITS and following your beautiful blog!


Dejoni said...

Your flowers are SO pretty!! Thanks for stopping by my SITS day. http://southernfriedmomma.com

Mrs4444 said...

Looks like you've got a green thumb! Luckyyyyyy.