Freakishly Insane Cravings

I used to really like Taco Bell.
I know....ew.
But I really loved it. Then, suddenly, out of the blue clear sky, the thought of Taco Bell began to nauseate me. I didn't even want to pass by Taco Bell, let alone eat anything they made. This was several years ago.
Then suddenly....last week.....I began having cravings.
For Taco Bell crunchy tacos.
I never even ate those when I DID eat at Taco Bell!
I gave in. I had one Saturday.
Then I had another one today.
I want more.
What in the world has come over me? This is MADNESS!


Rachel said...

You aren't preggers are you?
Dude, I get like that. There's a taco bell in 'food row' down from where we live and most of the time just the sight turns my stomach, but sometimes... OMG. I feel like I'll turn inside out if I don't get a regular original TB taco. We are some weird creatures we human women. :-)

Putting the FUN in DysFUNctional said...

=O Not just no but HELL no! LOL
But I still want a stupid taco.