Bippity Boppity BOO

YAY we finally have cable at home! The guy who came out Friday hooked up the wrong cable line, so we still had no cable all weekend. They finally got it fixed on Tuesday morning. Woohoo! Although I must say that being without TV & the 'net had its advantages. We got a LOT done in the new house. It's pretty much like having a brand new house because it's been completely remodeled literally top to bottom, so it needed touches like towel racks, TP holders, etc. I had a lot of fun shopping for that kind of stuff. We found games 1/2 off at the mall (there are some crazy-awesome after-Christmas sales going on!) and got three different games, so hubby and I played them and then when the girls were home, we all played. We are totally unpacked, decorated, etc. The house looks great. And while the girls were gone, John and I had some quality time together. NIIICE.
I also got a lot of phone calls made, and had some really productive days in general. My baby girl is all regsitered for first grade in her new school, and my 12 year old will be registered tomorrow. I made a bunch of those pesky phone calls that I have been putting off, and did tons of errands. I also didn't sleep at all today. And now I'm at work. I did sleep all night last night though, so hopefully that will carry me through.
Otherwise, I'll be crashing a little later! ::::snore::::
The town that we moved to, is one that I lived in for years in my "past life". It's a quaint, small town and has such a nice atmosphere. Last night, we took the girls out for dinner on Main Street. We ate on the balcony (yes, the weather is nice enough for that here!). It was so nice, and relaxing. Our neighbors are nice, and things are going great.
Like.........have you ever been so happy it was scarey? Like, things were going so well that you almost afraid it was TOO good? That's how it is with me right now..........I think it has a lot to do with how I was brought up. But when things are this totally wonderful, I try not to say too much for fear of "jinxing it". So silly!
We really love our house, it's very cozy and homey. And we love the town. The girls, while they will miss their old friends, are very excited about the new schools they'll be going to. They love the new house and the big yard. Even the dogs are calmer, since there's not constant noise and foot-traffic like at the town house.
And now I'm going to register and start nursing school, as I've always wanted to do, and have so many positive things on the horizon for all of us.
And as always, I have the best husband on earth! He never ceases to amaze me.
Life is sooo good!

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