Birfdays and Build-a-Bears

Princess's birthday was last Wednesday, so this evening we took her to Build-a-Bear. My parents, sister, niece, and niece's boyfriend joined us. Princess and my stepson, Spiderman, made BABs......she made a dog, and he made an alligator. Unfortunately, I had a huge brian fart and let her choose the dog that we'd already realized wouldn't work for what she wanted. For the longest time now, she's wanted a dog that she could put skates on and pull around with a leash. She saw a little girl at the mall with a dog like that and absolutely LOVED it. Well, the dog she liked wasn't made for that; it's very soft and its head faces too far down. But did we remember this when we got to BAB tonight? Noooo. So, she made that dog, got it all dressed, and went into the mall with it. And it proceeded to eat the tile floor. So, after we ate dinner, I took her back to BAB and let her get another dog that would do what she wanted it to do. My kids seriously are not spoiled rotten, but I just felt so bad for her; she had wanted this for so long and I know she was disappointed, but she didn't even complain. So, she went back and found a dog that would work, and now she's totally thrilled. And she still has the other dog just for cuddling!
Spidey wasn't sure initially if he wanted to Build A Bear or not. He said that it's embarassing. He doesn't like the part where you have to do all the silly things with the heart. So when the time came, he told the girl, "I just don't like doing all that stuff with the heart." So she asked him if he just wanted to get one and put it in, and he was cool with that. He dressed his alligator as a pirate and named him Turbo. It's very cute. After dinner and cake (his favorite, that boy LOVES cake!!), while Princess and I made dog numero dos, Mr Wonderful took him to the play area of the mall. There is nothing in this world that Spiderman loves better than running and playing. It's what he lives for. Cake is a very close second, though!
Princess's choice for dinner, by the way, was hitting the Food Court at the mall. Hey, whatever floats her boat! It was HER day. Now, the mall people do not approve of candles being lit inside of the mall. They also have sprinklers that can be quite sensitive. But....it was her birthday! And I brought cake. And she NEEDED to have candles! So...we whispered the Happy Birthday song, and I quick-lit all seven candles, and she blew them out FAST. I am so glad we didn't set off the sprinklers, I'd have been MORTIFIED!
Spiderman and Princess enjoy each other's company so much. They had a blast tonight.
Me, I was super-stressed.......I didn't get up in time to make her cake, so I had to go buy one last-minute, the older 2 kids were driving me insane and kept me from sleeping well today, and for some reason any birthday celebrations just stress me out. Even one as simple as this! And then my parents stress me out....they don't always mean to, but they do. It was nice to see everyone tonight though! It really went well overall, I just hate that I get SO dang stressed! Maybe if I'd slept better and the older 2 weren't acting like untrained monkeys.............
Princess had a great birthday. She totally loved all of her gifts, and she got a ton.
I forgot my camera tonight. (scream!) But my mom had hers, so hopefully I'll have some pics to share eventually.
Tomorrow I'm hoping for sunny skies so I can kick the kids out the door to run and play!


krissy said...

I know your pain! I always get stressed at my daughters b'day parties. What is the deal with that??? I suggest bringing along a bottle of wine!

You sound like you have wonderful kids. Princess sounds like she had a great bday and spiderman seems like he did in fact enjoy the BAB experience (even though he wouldn't say this).

Have a great week!

LunaNik said...

I can't wait until I can take my girls to Build a Bear!

They're too young now...but soon ((sigh))

I should bite my tongue. When they are old enough to enjoy it they will bug me to go ALL THE TIME, right?