Good Friday Fragments

'Mommy's Idea 

You know what I'm having a hard time wrapping my brain around?
The fact that my son, my firstborn child, turns 20 tomorrow.  TWENTY.  That alone is mind-blowing, but here's the kicker - when I was twenty, I had just given birth to him!  He was about 6 weeks old on my twentieth birthday.

My dad's surgery got postponed from this past Tuesday till today (Friday).  Of course, I have a doctor's appointment and other important stuff that I have to do today. But - I'll get it all done and spend as much time as possible at the possible and IT WILL BE OKAY.  REPEAT AFTER ME.  IT WILL BE OKAY.

When the aforementioned TWENTY YEAR OLD Tim was just a sweet tiny tot, he had several surgeries; tubes in his ears twice, tonsils and adenoids removed, and then the big one, brain surgery.  Back when his very first surgery ever was scheduled I was beside myself; I knew the tubes were a 'minor surgery' but when it involved my baby boy going under, it didn't feel minor.  Well, the surgeon's office called the week before the surgery and informed me that they were going to postpone the surgery due to the doctor's schedule and I promptly burst into tears.  I felt like I could not go an extra MINUTE worrying, I needed it OVER AND DONE.  I am not usually a crier at all, especially around strangers.  The nice doctor's office lately said, "Um, hold on just a minute", and then came back to the phone and told me "Never mind, your son's surgery will proceed as scheduled." Score one for the hysterical crying Mama!  I told my mom she should've tried that when they rescheduled my dad's surgery......

I'm not trying to make you jealous or anything, but my husband puts the toilet seat down AND changes the toilet paper roll.  He also takes the trash out....AND puts a new trash bag in the can.  All of this without being asked, much less nagged.  Back off ladies, he's taken.

Looks like our Easter is shaping up to be a good one!  I originally figured we wouldn't do much of anything.  Instead, provided my Dad is recovering well, we're having a bunch of people over from both our families for a combination Easter/Tim's birthday celebration.  It will be fun celebrating with my great-niece Hayleigh, who is one year old!

Speaking of families  -  Byron's family and mine blend together so well.  Tonight my brother arrived in town for Dad's surgery, and we all met at a local pizza place for dinner.  At the last minute we invited my Mother-in-Law to join us.  She did, and we all had a great time.  It doesn't feel awkward at all for both families to be together, and I love that.  Same goes for Byron's son Tyler, and Tyler's girlfriend.  I love hanging out with all of them!

I post both of these every Easter - I just love 'em!

This goes out to my son; no matter how many birthdays he has, he'll always be MY baby!


Christine said...

It will be OK.
Ugh, the thought of your oldest being the age you were when you had him blew my mind. I never thought about my kids being that age. Glad I was older when we started having kids.
And, I love the Easter pictures. Hilarious.

Amy said...

Everything will be fine with dad

Can't believe that Tim is going to be 20!

Angie said...

Happy 20th to your baby!
Prayers for you Daddy coming his way

Jenn Valmonte said...

It will be okay. Sending my prayers for your dad.

Rebecca Jo said...

It WILL be ok!!!!!!

Happy Birthday to your BABY!!! :)

Love the Easter Kesters :) So adorbs!

Happy easter

Bill Lisleman said...

I had not seen the keester pic. The other one has become very popular. All the best

Kay said...

I am glad your families blend together. That can be a bit rough for many folks.

Yay for a great Easter weekend.

Isn't it great when the guy does that???!!! Mine does those things, and then harps on the boys to do the same. Gatta guard the good ones, eh? ;-)

I hate it when my kiddos have surgery. It is really hard to stay calm through that. So glad that is all a distant memory and he is 20!!!

Stacy Uncorked said...

It will be OK. It WILL be OK. IT WILL BE OK!! :)

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to your baby!! :) I keep telling Princess Nagger that even when she's old and gray, she'll always be my baby. :)

Keeping your dad in my prayers that his surgery goes splendidly today - and that your awesome brunch plans turn out to be perfect. ;)

I am totally jealous that your hubby not only puts the seat down but even replaces the toilet paper roll! He's a keeper! And can he please give my hubby some pointers? ;)

Have a great weekend and Happy Easter!

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Nani said...

Not bragging or competing, but while I’ll give you putting a new bag in the trash can, mine does the laundry. :P lol

That’s so rare and so cool about both families getting on so well!

I loved your Easter photos! Thanks for sharing them.

Barb said...

Happy birthday to your son! And Happy Easter!

Debby@Just Breathe said...

Praying that things are going well with your dad. Sounds like some really fun plans this weekend for you. So glad the families are blending well and Happy Birthday to Tim!

Unknown said...

Positive thoughts being sent your way. I do hope all went well with your Dad's surgery.

Kimberly said...

My dad is really abrasive. We do all get together but the entire time I'm walking on egg shells because my Dad is known to be a dick hole.
20? EEEEKS. I had a meltdown when my son turned 4!!!
I couldn't even imagine having to let him go and trust in hands to keep him safe while under.
Happy Easter sweets! And happy birthday Tim xoxo

Tami said...

I AM jealous. I have to ask to get those things done.
Happy birthday to your son. I hope your Dad is okay.
Happy Easter to you and your family.

Keetha Broyles said...

I had to chuckle about your hubby hanging the new tp roll 'cause I DON'T WANT my hubby to hang them 'cause he puts them the WRONG way (down the front) on purpose to torment me 'cause he KNOWS I only want them hanging the RIGHT way (down the back.)

Also, the happy keester photo is a real hoot!

Kat said...

Twenty! That is a big one. Happy Birthday to your boy!
And yes, your dad will be fine. Continued prayers for him.

You sound so happy. And I'm so happy for you!
Hope you have a lovely Easter!