Random Tuesday Thoughts 4.7.09


I'm posting my random Tuesday thoughts again, because I am the kind of person who knows her strengths and weaknesses. And by God, I am good at Random.
Yes I am.

~ I ordered a Blackberry online last week and I have been very impatiently awaiting its arrival. I really thought it would arrive yesterday, but no luck. If it doesn't arrive today, there will be tears and threats. Watch out, T-mobile!

~ I'm Twittering again. And I can really jump into it with both feet once I finally get my Crackberry. So, look me up! I'm CyndysZoo.

~ Have you ever noticed that you can tell when a person is miserable inside? No matter how hard they try to fake it, their actions almost always reveal the truth.

~ Have you ever noticed that misery loves company? I wonder why that is. Just go be miserable by yourself, ya know? Leave the happy people alone!

~ Speaking of happy, check this out! I won a beautiful lampwork beaded bracelet, handmade by my bloggy friend Tara from If Mom Says OK. How cool is that?! Not only is it beautiful and just my style, but it will remind me of my friend each time I put it on. Love it!!

~ My kids are spending the week with their Dad for Spring Break. This is their first time spending Spring Break with him. I'm not going to know how to act with my house empty for such a long stretch of time! My only plans are to sleep...and celebrate my anniversary Thursday. ;o)

~ As of this weekend, we'll be fostering kittens! We'll be picking up a litter of four 5-week-old kittens this Saturday. Oh, the cuteness! I will most definitely be posting pics.

~ Speaking of kittens....this is what Elayna likes to do with my old makeup.

Do you have Random Thoughts to share this Tuesday?


Rob-bear said...

Celebrating your anniversary WITHOUT the kids Dad? Seems a bit strange, given the very high ranking he gets in the dramatis personae, i.e., J or Dysfunctional Dad: my wonderful, amazing husband, best friend, knight in shining armor....you get the picture
(a.k.a. DD, Mr Wonderful, Mr W, hubby, DH).

Hmmmm . . .

Keeper of the Skies Wife said...

I don't want to be miserable with someone if I'm happy. What is up with that?! I never understood it myself!

Love the pic of Elayna!!!

♥ Boomer ♥ said...

Actually did my random over the weekend. But I like yours. And I like your purple, too! And the kitty face! ;-)

Tara R. said...

Congrats again on winning the bracelet, I truly hope you like it. I'll look for you on Twitter.

Wonderful World of Weiners said...


Why is it when you are 6 weeks over due for a haircut and are hating every hair on your head, that 10 people tell you how FANTASTIC you look??


Unknown said...

Yes, misery loves company, but its not the people who are miserable inside that I am afraid of....it is the ones who've been miserable for so long-who've learned how to mask the pain that can cut the quickest without ever my knowing who the culpret really is. THOSE are the ones that hurt the most.

Hope your 'crack'berry gets here soon...:)

Kim said...

Just followed you on Twitter!! :)

Congrats on winning the bracelet.. you will love it..

And happy early Anniversary!

Twisted Fencepost said...

Enjoy your "time off". It'll be over before you know it.
Everytime I try to find someone on Twitter, they come up unknown. I don't know what I am doing wrong. Maybe you can find me. Look for Fencepost.

tiarastantrums said...

oh man - I forgot about this again!!

Hope you have a nice relaxing week!! Dont' roam your halls too much!

Alison said...

happy anniversay!! ours is on thursday...will you be able to send the kittens onto to forever homes?? I know that I could never foster...I am too weak!!

Jennifer said...

We both had random thoughts today! Can't wait to see pix of the kittens!!

JEN said...

Thanks for the comments. I'm trying to get back in the swing of things.

I have been keeping up with you just no time to comment.

Unknown said...

I wish my kids could go to their dad's. Oh yeah, he lives here too! Maybe I can go to my dad's.

Jen - Queen of Poo said...

I've definitely noticed that about miserable people. Sometimes I think they don't realize they are miserable and behave the way they do as much to fool themselves as everyone else.

Kittens make me sneeze. :-(

Anonymous said...

I can't stand miserable people.. they just make everyone invisable around them.

Ok, is it bad that sometimes I paint faces on myself with my old make up?? and I'm not under the age of 13?

Mrsbear said...

Aw, she makes a cute kitty, minus the shedding. ;) Happy Randomness. Enjoy the quiet.

Lori said...

Very cool bracelet and blog! Enjoy! Have a great time sleeping, I know how bad you need it! Happy Anniversary too! Any great plans?

AdriansCrazyLife said...

Random thoughts - how can Melissa on Dancing with the Stars look so adorable all the time? I can't imagine looking so pretty in every circumstance and I can't imagine why that dumb guy would dump her.

Here's a random joke for you:

In honor of Nadya Suleman, the mother of the octuplets (and 6 others by the same method), Denny's is offering a new breakfast meal: The In Vitro Slam. You get fourteen eggs, no sausage, and the person next to you has to pay the bill.

Mommy, That's My Name, Don't Wear It Out said...

Love your blog! Twitter confuses me. I twitter or tweet or whatever, but can you answer/comment on people's tweets? see I told you, I=confused!

Jennifer said...

Isn't it odd how some people can be miserable over the tiniest thing? (for example, my fourteen year old, LOL) While others, barring great tragedy, are mostly always cheerful? I think I'm like that and really do think there is a "set point" of happiness that we are born with.

GreenJello said...

Seems like I can tell if someone is unhappy by their smile. You can fake a smile, but if the eyes aren't smiling, too, then you know.