Weekend blah-de-blah

This weekend turned out very well. Ladybug's birthday is on Wednesday the 19th and we had her party at a park on Saturday afternoon. (it's Florida, we can usually do outdoor parties even in December! LOL)
The party was great. That morning it was misting and afternoon storms were predicted! I almost cried! Of all the days and times.......but the weather mercifully held out for us, it was even sunny most of the time. We even managed to get a pavillion when some people left. And best of all, a bunch of her friends made it! I was so worried that not many would make it, because of short notice (my fault, I'm a bad planner), the holiday season, and the fact that she's in a new school this year and most of her friends went to a different middle school. But she had a great turnout, and a great party.....one of the least-stressful and fun parties we've had!Saturday night we went shopping for our Christmas Tree. We finally found the perfect one.
We did a little more shopping and then came home and put the tree up.The next morning, we decorated the tree. Then the kids made a Gingerbread House. After we were done, we took Tim to see the potential new house, then took all the kids' to their dad's house. Their neighbor's son was having his 2nd Birthday Party. While they were gone, we did some more Christmas shopping, and we also stopped by John's baby's grave. We had a little decorated mini-Christmas Tree to leave on his grave. My wonderful Niece, a.k.a. one of my best friends, came with us.
After all that the girls came home and then we finally relaxed a little!
Today I slept most of the day then after dinner, we all went out looking at Christmas lights. Came home and had hot cocoa.
Tomorrow night we're planning on going to see Alvin & The Chipmunks. My sister and niece are coming too.
Wednesday night Ladybug will be having dinner with her dad & stepmom.
On and on and on......lots of plans at this time of the year! Friday night we're going out for my sister's birthday, Saturday night we're going to Carrabba's for the clerk Christmas Dinner..........it just keeps going on! Hopefully, I'll have good news to post tomorrow about the house!
xxxcrossing everythingxxx I can't remember if I posted here about it, but we found a house a couple of weeks ago and we should find out tomorrow if we're going to get it or not. I'm praying!

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Rachel said...

Sounds like a busy weekend and week!
Glad the party went off so well! Isn't it nice being able to party and play outside even in December :-)