10 Things of Thankful

Ten Things of Thankful

It's time to be thankful again!

1. I am thankful that my Mama made chocolate delight for my husband's birthday dessert, because I am enjoying the leftovers right now.  Mmm-mmm, good!

2. I am thankful that my whole family and hubby's whole family got together Friday night to celebrate his birthday.  We had a great time!

3. I am thankful for one friend who is doing something fantastic for my extended family.  I will elaborate on that later.  ;-)

4. I am thankful for HOT showers.  Most days I just jump in and jump out with little thought.  But have you ever had one of those showers that just feels amazing?  The other day, I woke up sore and crampy and crabby.  I was hurting and stiff and had sheet-wrinkles all over me.  I stumbled into a hot shower and came out feeling a million times better.  Thank you, Hot Shower.

5. Thankful for Tums, because my tummy is currently not very happy about my late night snacking as mentioned in #1.

6. I am thankful for modern technology.  I ordered a frame for my dad for Fathers Day; it's a wooden frame that says We <3 Papa and then has my kids' names all over it.  It's really cool.  Anyway, yesterday at Byron's mom's house, I took a picture of my dad with my three kids and then was able to print it right there at his mom's house with her printer (I brought my own photo paper so I was only mooching her ink).  I just LOVE that we are able to do that; I was born in the 1970's so I am old enough that modern technology really amazes me.

7. I am thankful for these sweet boys.  They were very closely watching me eat breakfast.  They don't beg, they just watch.  Very intently.  And Patchy, the one in the back?  He drools.

8. I am thankful that I was able to un-clog our vacuum cleaner with a wire hanger and a lot of hard work.  Because I am Superwoman!  And this Superwoman likes a clean floor.

9. I am thankful for Summer.  It's my favorite.

10. I am thankful that I am co-hosting Medical Mondays in two days!!  Be sure and come back to visit!


Considerer said...

That pic of your dogs speaks a million words!

I've been loving the hot showers too, lately. It's marvellous the luxuries we can just take for granted, isn't it. Glad it helped you feel better.

And yay for being SuperWoman! Well done you. I should probably go and clean my floors now...

Sorta Southern Single Mom said...

With you on #9. I am like a totally different person in the summer. I LOVE me in the summer! :-)

Happy Birthday to Byron!

nancygrayce said...

Just imagine if you were born in the 70's and can appreciate the new technology.....try being born in the 50's! I appreciate it, but often, more often than not, I can't understand it....so good and bad. :)

Dawn Saros-Kirk said...

Great thankful list! Modern tech certainly makes gift giving easier. Have a fabulous weekend.

Amy said...

That chocolate delight looks yummy but I'm afraid I'd die from sugar overdose. LOL

Glad you had a great time for B's birthday!

in the coop said...

Mmmmmm chocolate delight. I LOVE that stuff. I once made it for a party, and everyone from around here (we're not originally) was calling it "Better than Robert Redford". Because it is. I may just have to make some real soon.
Great idea for a gift for your dad.
In the winter, I love a hot shower. These days, a cool shower is more to my liking.
Tums were a life-saver during all of my pregnancies.
I just managed to get the vacuum back in order, too. The inability for it to pick up every little crumb was making me batty.
I am not in the medical field, but I do enjoy your Medical Mondays!

mary-anderingcreatively said...

Hi, your doggies are so cute. I love that you had a good week. I know how you feel too. I eat tums like candy. :)

Josie Two Shoes said...

Wow, just a whole bunch of great things you are counting as blessings this week! Love the kids with Grandpa... photos are the most cherished gifts, love the sweet pup faces, my feline furkids are a "little" less subtle when they want what I have on my plate, and are not beyond reaching out in a flash attempt to nab a bite! Delighted you can put both families together for a celebration and it be a good time for all... and yes Tums, they are my best friend too! :-))

Angie said...

I know exactly what you mean about hot showers. When I'm stressed a hot shower does me wonders.

I'm totally thankful for summer too. I'm loving it :)

Debby@Just Breathe said...

Happy Birthday to your hubby! Dessert sounds yummy, I pinned it. Modern technology amazes me too. How awesome to be able to take the picture and frame it right away. Skye watches too but our daughters dog Charlie keeps poking with his paw...very annoying!

Maggie Amada said...

I love hot showers. I know what it's like not to be able to get them and let me tell you, I appreciate every one. Summer is a good one too. I live in the North and just love the summers here. They're crazy because we want to get all our living in before the winter comes back. :)

Melissa Swedoski said...

Oh, number 4!! Especially when I can take a shower in private, without my 2 yo staring at me through the glass shower door, begging to join me. Mmm...hot showers