Uniformed Scrubs - Scrub Top Review and Discount Code!

I was contacted not long ago by a company called Uniformed Scrubs and asked if I would like to try out one of their medical scrub tops.
I was happy to do so!

see? that's my happy face.

I received a black scrub top.  I told them I wear a size medium, and that is what they sent.  I've worn a medium for a long time.  I did notice this Size Medium seemed to be a little bigger than usual.
Too big is better than too small, of course, but if you're ordering, you may want to order a size smaller than normal.

Other than that, it's pretty perfect!  I love the big deep pockets located in the front, with the opening on TOP.  After nearly seven years in health care, I have developed a strong preference for those types of pockets on my nurse scrubs.  Side-opening pockets = lost stuff.  And pockets = vitally important.

For my readers, Uniformed Scrubs is offering a discount code!  Just use the code "trueblue" and you will get a 15% discount until July 31st, 2013!

And you can connect with Uniformed Scrubs via social media for more info :

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Kimberly said...

Awww man...I wish that I was wearing one of those. Stupid back injury.