Summer is Here ~~ Friday Fragments

Happy First Day of SUMMER!!!

~ It's been raining a LOT here.  But in the beginning of this week, it was sunny.  WHILE I WAS WORKING.  Now I'm off. And it's freaking raining.
All I want to do is soak up the sun during the day, and have a fire at night.  Is that really too much to ask??
Apparently, yes it is.

~ When things in my life are rough, I dream of snakes and bodies of water teeming with alligators.
I am no dream interpretor, but I have no doubt why I dream of snakes, and it has nothing to do with the slithery bastards in my yard.
Anyway, lately, I have been dreaming of turtles.  Which makes me happy.

Also, baby pigs.  That's a new and delightful one.  How cute is THIS?

~ Speaking of cute....remember our little bulldog puppy, Bo?

Bo now weighs SEVENTY pounds.  He is solid muscle and has no idea he is large.  
He still truly believes he is a puppy and/or lap dog.

He is a sweet, lovable goofball.  I heart him.

~ I will be co-hosting the July edition of Medical Mondays Blog Hop!  I'm so excited!
I have some CRAZY stories to share with y'all.  Never a dull moment in my world!

Have a wonderful weekend, 
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Unknown Mami


Sorta Southern Single Mom said...

OY! I was out for my run last night and there was a little green snake dead in the road. I still gave it a REALLY WIDE berth, just in case.... Glad you are having happy dreams! :-)

Dawn Saros-Kirk said...

OHGosh, Bo is so cute! Funny how they don't realize their size. They're still just a little puppy needing some love. Funny, dreaming about turtles and baby pigs!

Tettelestai said...

Aw, what a cute, big baby that pooch is!

We finally have an overcast day here. The plants were all complaining about the extended sunshine. Apparently Alaska flora and fauna don't appreciate the sun... who knew?

I do hope the sun comes out and the fire gets lit. We love sitting around the fire pit here :-)

Jenny @ flutterbyechronicles said...

I am so ready for this rain to be gone. Two teenagers in my house bored is two too much ;)

Aww turtles. My BFF loved turtles and anytime I dream of them I know it is her visiting me in my dreams.

Kimberly said...

What is your mind telling you...hmmm...it's weird that you're dreaming about weird animals...well except for the pigs. You know what would be cooler? Pigs in wigs.
I hope that the rain clears up for you! Nothing worse than looking forward to a beautiful weekend and it ends up raining. But we can make the best of it right? I heard you had some laundry to do...heee heee

Aleta said...

Aww, your dog is so sweet looking :) You can see it in his eyes :)

I don't remember ever having dreams about animals, how strange is that?

Unknown Mami said...

That's a lovely supersized lapdog.

Karen and Gerard said...

Bo is 70 pounds of cuteness!