Southern Pride

As Southerners, we face a lot of stereotypes.  
Many people think anyone with
a Southern accent is stupid or slow.  

I just recently read this line in a book: "I'd like to permanently strike the following vocabulary from the record, posthaste.  Y'all: I just hate it, and it makes you sound fatter.  Punishment: For every offense, you must donate a toe to Paula Deen." 

And just before that, in another book, when a child heard someone speak with a Southern accent and imitated that person, she was harshly corrected by her Mother, who said "Don't EVER talk like that, it makes you sound STUPID."

Southerners are also assumed to be racist, rebel-flag waving, 
ignorant backwoods toothless moon-shine drinkers.

And granted, some of that does apply to some people.
But it is a ridiculous, outdated, and unfair stereotype.

Which is why those of us who are CLASSY Southerners are proud, 
and like to spread positive Southern messages.

I understand that we do not necessarily own the rights to sweet tea,
 or some of our charming sayings. 

But come on....let us have our moment.  
We are simply emphasizing the positive side of our Southern roots
 and demonstrating that some of us have class, grace, and charm.

We are sweet, tough chicks with manners and attitude.

We may cook and eat a little differently.  

We may talk a little differently.

We may live life at a slower pace.

We may always wave at the cars that pass us - but hey, maybe you do too.
Maybe we say Yes Ma'am and Yes Sir - maybe you don't.  

We probably holler at our young'uns a little differently than our Northern friends.

We love bonfires and the water - you probably do too.

We wear flip flops year-round - you probably don't. 

We probably wear more camo than you, and listen to different music than you do.

We may eat more chicken and dumplings,
shrimp and grits, and boiled peanuts, and drink more sweet tea than you do.

We almost certainly bless more hearts.

Why can't we all just celebrate our similarities, AND our differences?
I reckon we would all appreciate that.

{My favorite of these? Cattywampus.}


Kimberly said...

I adore the southern accent!
Yes, I have heard those stereotypes about being "slow"...they portray that a lot in the media...hello Mater from Cars?!
I am glad that you wrote this!

Aleta said...

You had me smiling because I can relate to all of those quotes! :) I'm a Southern Gal. I don't have a real heavy accent though because my Mom was a teacher and I had bad hearing, she had to help me with my speech and any help from a teach will make it proper sounding. Lol.

Amy Looze said...

I think southern accents are so sweet :) The Ya'lls get a littttttle old when you are someone not used to it but that's normal I think. Hey...up here us New Yorkers "love our cawfee."

Jenny @ flutterbyechronicles said...

Oh Lawd I guess I need to donate a toe to Paula ;) Love this post.

Sorta Southern Single Mom said...

I love that I have developed a little bit of a southern accent. People don't immediately peg me as being from the north... unlike a certain someone's ex who grew up in Boston... there are few accents I dislike more than a really strong Boston accent and I swear I thought that before!!!!