Friday Fragments

Courtesy of Half Past Kissin' Time
It's that time of the week again. It's Friday, and I have Fragments!
TGIF, for real.

Fragment Numero Uno:
A Disclaimer. I wanted to make it clear that my dream house and your dream house are probably very different houses. I have simple wants and desires. So, my new house is not some amazing home from a magazine! It's just my dream for my family. My realistic dream, even, not my "we just won the lottery and are having a house custom built", dream.

Fragment Numero Dos:
I have joined the ranks of you caffeine-crazed coffee drinkers. I have no choice! Falling asleep at a red light on your way home from work? Not a good idea. And it scares the crap out of you, just so ya know. So, coffee is my new friend. Just a little, and with the coffee taste killed as much as possible. Blech! French Vanilla Coffee Mate is my new best friend.

Fragment Numero Tres:
*This just in!* I hate when people come and read over my shoulder and ask what I'm reading or who the people are in the pictures and what's a blog? And why do you read them? Find something to do peeps, something that does NOT involve ME!

Fragment Numero Cuatro:
I don't post about politics, and I never will. But I totally support those who do. However, strongly implying that your candidate is the obvious choice and anyone who sees it differently is a moron....is a great way to lose readers and alienate friends. I'm just sayin'.

Fragment Numero Cinco:
I started Twilight. It better be as good as everyone says it is! I have high expectations, people.

Fragment Numero Seis:
Text message conversation between myself and Ladybug, my Preteen, from yesterday morning. It amused me, so I thought I'd share.
(Background: Ladybug's phone has been giving her some troubles. She texted me from school this morning, I was still at work.)
Ladybug: i hate my phone im gonna kill it
Me: I dont recommend doing that
Ladybug: Can we get me a new one
Me: Sometime
Ladybug: Like after we move
Me: (getting slightly annoyed) We'll see. Shut it off and go learn something.
Ladybug: School hasn't started
Me: Then read a book!!
Ladybug: I dont want to
Me: I dont want to buy you a phone. Ya like how that works?
Ladybug: (7 minutes later) Im reading a book

Yeah, I thought so.
Hope y'all are having a great Friday!


Marivic_Little GrumpyAngel said...

You're so funny and amusing. I love this Friday Fragments idea. Your text conversation with your daughter is so familiar. Wait till she's a teen-ager. It gets better. :-)

Lauren said...

That's a funny convo with the kid.

Re: politics on a blog: well..nope people aren't stupid if they disagree with me necessarily but they are if they are screaming at me for my POV, write nasty things or call me racist because they dont agree with me, rather than debating the merits of the argument. Then all snarky comments are warrented :-D

Really enjoying your blog each day. Good luck with your new house.

Wep said...

Welcome to the wonderful world of coffee drinking :)

Kel said...

oh the text message is funny...
I'm still so excited for you and your new house, I remember how excited I was when we found ours - it's a great feeling!

Hope you guys have a wonderful weekend!

BoufMom9 said...

I hate when people read over my shoulder more than words can say!

Kathryn said...

I feel the same way about the dream home, coffee, and all the horrible politic bashing going on these days. Makes me so mad that people can't just respect other people's opinions. Sheesh!

Kathryn said...

Oh, and ditto the reading over the shoulder. ESPECIALLY when I'm writing a post! Grrrr.

Jo-Jo said...

That text message conversation is the best!

Glenda, saved by grace said...

Don't ya just love it when they come over to your way of thinking!

Robin said...

You will LOVE Twilight. I just finished the series..It rocked yo.

I gotta kick out of the text convo. Ahh..the power of mama's text messages :-)

Krazy Armstrong K's! said...

I love your fragments! LOL about the texting your dd

DFTF said...

Mmmmm, French vanilla Coffeemate. Love that stuff too!

LOL at that text! Great parenting there. :-)

Aleta said...

Enjoyed your Fragmented Friday.

I'm not one for coffee, but when I used to drive an hour and a half to get home from work, I'd make sure to leave the AC on really cold and play loud music (not obnxiously loud) - it helped to keep me awake.

Greg will do that sometimes, come over and see what I'm blogging about or read the blogs that I enjoy. Too funny.

Politics, try not to touch it on my blog, but I do enjoy reading about it on others. Especially when I learn things that aren't in the media.

Enjoyed the text message - excellent way of getting a point across!

Hope you have a great weekend!

Tammie said...

i generally dont do the politics thing too often either. it just can get too ugly. at most i might discuss how a certain political issue is effecting me personally, but to talk about different candidates individually just isnt my thing. as a general rule i dont read political blogs either,(except main ones by authors or journalists.) the fact of the matter is im not going to change anyones mind and someones blog isnt going to change my mind---so why bother?

im really excited about your dream home. i think you and i have similar ideas about what constitutes a dream home. i dont want a big house---to me that just means more crap to clean and a bigger elec, bill. noooo thank you.

Mamahut said...

Can I have a phone if I go read a book? That is too cute, I love kids:)

French Vanilla and me go way, way, way, way back...I love my coffee.

mrsbear said...

I'm Amenning fragment tres. I hate the over the shoulder reading and infinite questions. "Who's that?" among my faves.

Tonjia said...

LOL your text conversation with Ladybug could have been between Bre and I when she was a teenager!

or now. LOL

Momo Fali said...

You crack me up! I love that conversation...I say stuff like that to my daughter all the time, and it works like a charm!

Casey's trio said...

Ha...love your fragments! I hope you enjoy Twilight as much as the rest of us fanatics:)

Willow said...

I put so much sugar and milk in my coffee that my hubby says I ought to just go ahead and skip the coffee -- but he's forgetting the caffeine factor! And anyone who reads over my shoulder is likely to find me scooting backwards suddenly in my chair -- oopsy!

Tara R. said...

That texting is classic... I can so relate to that. I started drinking coffee at work just to jump start my day. 5:30 comes real early in the morning.

OHmommy said...

However, strongly implying that your candidate is the obvious choice and anyone who sees it differently is a moron....is a great way to lose readers and alienate friends. I'm just sayin'.

Amen. Girlfriend. I will be the first to admit I have lost touch with many blogs/people cause I am soooooo tired of hearing their opinions. Ugh.

Rhea said...

Falling asleep at a red light is super scary! Yikes.

I know some stories of friends passing out (drunk) in drive-thrus and such. Made me want to kick their butts! :o)

Mrs4444 said...

You are brilliant.
I love that you and your daughter text like that; it's sweet.
You forgot to add your post to Mr.Linky, so I did it for you :)

Love, Me