Drip, Pant, Swoon

Sounds like maybe I've just been looking at a Playgirl magazine, right?
J had the day off today, and he got this great idea.
See, in the evenings, we've been taking these lovely walks to the quaint downtown area of our little town, strolling along and really enjoying ourselves.
So today he said, "We should walk to pick the girls up from school instead of driving!" I considered it, and decided I was game. Exercise is good, the schools aren't that much further than the downtown area. Sounded great!
Yeah, it wasn't great. Not at all.
Because the one thing I failed to take into consideration is that our other walks have been in the evenings, when the temperature has started dropping, as well as the sun.
The girls get out of school in mid-afternoon, when the temps are high and so is the sun.
I took my trusty bottle of water and wore my stupid flip-flops because we all know it's more important to be cute than comfortable, no?
The walk to the first school wasn't that bad. We talked, we laughed. J and I always make each other laugh but for the last few days, we've really been on a roll, absolutely cracking each other up. It was fun! But it was hot. And before we even got to the first school, I was getting blisters. (picture my pouty face right here.)
Now you may notice I said "the first school". The girls attend 2 different schools, elementary and middle, which are in opposite directions from our home. This meant that after retracing our steps to the first school, we still had to go all the way down to the middle school.
It was hot. I had blisters.
It sucked.
The Princess thought it was a great adventure, until she decided she had to go potty.
Woops. We didn't plan for that.
So, we stopped at a gas station and by this time, the Ladybug's school was getting out. I texted her: "Start walking home."
So she did, happily texting me as I was dying of a heat stroke. At one point, she called me. I didn't answer but texted her back: "Hot as hell. In no mood to talk." She texted back: "Oooookay."
After we left the gas station, the Misting Fan of Heaven came on and the Shades of Glory were drawn. Clouds and sprinkling rain; it was heavenly! The good Lord heard my prayers and took mercy on my poor sweaty soul.
Ladybug actually beat us home.
Me to J: "I will NEVER do this again on purpose."


krissy said...

I know your pain. I cannot not tell you how many times I wore flip flops on a walk. Bad, Bad idea.

It doesn't matter for me if it is 50 degrees or less....I'm still hot. Damn hotflashes.

Kel said...

Awe...funny how what is typically a great idea can turn into a "not so great idea" with just a few hours difference.

Glad the mist came to cool you off though! Have a wonderful Friday!!

Tammie said...

Ugh...im so sick of the heat.

my hubby and i like to walk too....we are all gung ho about it during the fall/winter---it can never get too cold for us. but come summertime our enthusiasm wanes.

Bad Momma said...

File that under, "It seemed like a good idea at the time!"

At least you were feeling "the burn", although I'm not sure that's what Jane Fonda meant.

Aleta said...

Greg likes to walk too. But not me, not in the humidity of summer. You walk outside for a second and cloths are sticking to you! Yuck.

And blisters on the feet - OUCH! Not fun at all. At least your daughters thought it was an adventure. Lol. Ah well, you were game, but you know better now!

Jo-Jo said...

I had to walk to a MOPS meeting the other day...I have to tell you when it got out and I had to walk home at noon and push a double stroller with two 30lb kid in it up a frigging hill...I was not happy. I walked straight in and strip down to my undies and sat in front of the air conditioner...That part was heaven!

Lydia said...

We have had a lot of those good family moments gone wrong. Flip flops are the worst!

DFTF said...

I love our little downtown area too! But yeah, blisters and sweat can ruin a good walk. Stick to downtown in the evenings. :-)

Aubrey said...


Sounds a little like my man after we got our fresh, new bikes. I had that ONE ride where I swore I would never do it again!

Kathryn said...

Haha! So much for good intentions! ;)

Melissa said...

When I was in college, I bought a bike so I could ride to campus from my apartment that was less than a mile away. I figured, how hard it could it be? But I failed to take into consideration the steep grade of the hill that led to campus and the plus 100 degree heat that exists for a good part of the fall semester.

I sold the bike after three days.

Mamahut said...

I love flip flops but I can't wear them no more sniff sniff. I don't love them when I am doing stuff tho. Glad the rains came.

Wep said...

Worst blisters I ever had was wearing flip flops to walk the Vegas strip. TWICE. I have pictures of us walking like ducks in San Francisco the next day cause it hurt so bad.

Kelly said...

What's that saying? "The road to Hell is paved with good intentions" :)

Chel said...

That is hysterical. It's been in the high 90s down here, and I hardly want to walk to the van much less across town. Sheesh.