Tonight's Tirade

Warning: Pictures in link are not for the faint of heart.
This is why we foster & rescue.
This dog is not one of our fosters, but anything we can do to help dogs like that in any way...we're going to do it.
Our part right now is to take in dogs like these and help them get rehabilitated. We didn't get that poor girl, but because we have others, there was foster space for her in another home.
SCREW the people who make smart ass comments about all of the animals in our house.
SCREW the crap about the dog & cat hair.
SCREW the crap about us having more pets than humans (who fucking cares??).
SCREW the people who say we care more about animals than kids (total bullshit).
At least someone is stepping up and DOING SOMETHING about this horrific problem we have of throw-away animals. Turning a blind eye to it doesn't help at all.
Oh and SCREW the piece of shit who allowed this dog to get in that condition. I hope the same fate befalls that excuse for a human being.


Kathryn said...

Who would even say that? Do you really have people saying that to you? That is crazy! Why is it even anyone else's business in the first place? It's not!

AND, btw, I think you do amazing work with these animals. :)

Sue said...

:'-( Not good what happened to the doggy. :-( They suck rocks. (not DARE, the previous owners).

krissy said...

I say the "F" word to every one of your "Screw" words.

You have a passion, and those who bitch about your passion are nothing but shit hole son of a bitches. They probably do no volunteer work What-so-ever! And commenting about you loving animals more then your kids....what the hell? Bunch of dumb asses!

And people should start taking responsibility for their freaking animals. If you cannot...then don't have an animal. What a bunch of pond scum.

I hope Ariel makes it. And kudos to you for being so involved and having a passion.

Dumb ass people! Grrrr! Sorry, I swore a lot but this pisses me off. Can you tell?


Yep, people really do say that. Not to my face...I wish they would.
Most of what these people say either cracks me up or rolls right off my back, but when I saw these pictures tonight I got SO mad...and out came this post.
I don't give a damn what anyone says, I will rescue as many animals as I possibly can.
Thanks, y'all!

Tara R. said...

don't ever apologize for rescuing helpless animals... the ones who bitch at you are probably the ones who would do something like this to an animal. Screw them... I was glad I called the police for that little dog. I will do it again.

Adriane said...

Thanks for stopping by and commenting on my blog....

I think you rock for helping these animals! Even just drawing attention to the subject and raising awareness is a great thing. Being a foster Doggy Momma? To open up your home is just a metaphor for opening up your heart, right?

I really like dogs, but I'm a cat lady. I have taken in and (much to my hubby and my landlord's displeasure) kept kitties in need. up to 6 at once... My mailman calls my house the "cat ranch"

Tammie said...

Oh lady, you took the words right out of my mouth. even though i don't foster animals, i do have a house full of them, all of which were strays or some other type of 'in need' animal and i have been on the receiving end of many of the same comments.

my dad has always told me that i "care more about animals than people." of course this is insanely ignorant and not true but I think the statement speaks to how much negativity is directed at people with a lot of pets. people assume that if you have more than the usual number of pets then you must be "dirty" or there is just something wrong with you.

caring for animals teaches children so many lessons about compassion and responsibility. my son has friends who have never owned any pets and I can't help but feel sorry for them and think of all they miss out on.

i keep telling myself i'm not getting anymore animals, but i know if i came across a stray, or two or three, they would be welcome in my house.

Tenakim said...

I must admit, I've never been much of a dog or animal person, but I don't get the cruelty! Something must not be right in the head! And my mind is in a different place lately from taking care of our rescue puppy and seeing all those sad eyes look at you at the rescue.

Ness said...

I am simply in tears, yet I have rescued and later adopted 3 animals who were in bad conditions of their own. They have been the most loving, grateful dogs I have ever had the privilege of having in my life.

God has a special place in Heaven for those like you who take care of His animals. He created them, same as humans, and they are important to Him. When I can, I will be donating to Ariel. Right now I can only say prayers that she grows stronger, recovers from her problems and finds a beautiful forever home. Thank you for doing what you do for these furkids.

Queen of the Mayhem said...

You need to go back and read my post on the Mayhem Animal Rescue.

Our cat and our dog are strays that adopted us. They are wonderful animals....mostly! :)

I think there is a definite need for people to help!

LaskiGal said...

Karma loves animals. I wouldn't want to tick karma off . . .

They will get their due. No doubt.

Kudos to you for showing love and for setting a wonderful example of compassion for your children.

Dingo said...

Hi, I clicked over here from Tara R's site. I agree with every one of your screw-you's! I fostered for a while but my dog (a rescue!) has health issues and the stress of constantly having new dogs in the apt. wasn't good for her. I support a friend's rescue group and do what I can to help other dogs. You do great work.

I don't have enough vitriol to castigate the jerks (that's too tame a word but I think my usual term for them would not fit in on this family friendly site :) ) who treat animals this way.

I have enough dog and cat hair in my apt. to knit a sweater for winter. Anyone who doesn't like it, well, they just won't get one of my dog hair caps and kitty scarves. Just kidding, I don't really knit from their fur but I hear there are people out there who do!