An Award, a Meme, and some Random Stuff.

Random Stuff first.

*A very good friend of mine from high school found me on Facebook. Since I last saw him, he and his wife had a little girl. We'll call her Cutie. In the "Favorite Quotes" section on his Facebook profile it says: "Daddy." by Cutie.
How sweet is that?! I love it.
*One of my favorite blogs is missing! Does anyone know where Groovy Mom went? =(
*If you have never checked out Stretch Marks, please, run do that now. She is an amazing writer, and she's going through a very tough time right now. I challenge you to read today's post on Stretch Marks and not cry. I challenge you!
*My husband is working insane hours this week. He goes in at 7am and works until at least 10pm. Since I work nights, I literally have not seen him since Monday. I'm totally not used to this; other than every August when he works these crazy hours, we are together all.the.time. But I'm trying to put on my big girl panties and deal with it.
Anyway, tonight he left work a little early planning to surprise me and get home just before I left for work. But I didn't know, and I left a little early for work.
We just missed each other. (sigh)
*When hubby did get home, our 12 year old foster dog was eating the crayons I got for the Princess for school.
Look forward to rainbow-colored poop pics to follow!
(kidding, I won't subject you to that)
*There's an update about the foster dog I mentioned in this post at www.daretorescue.com.

OK! On with the show. Alison of RDH Mom gave me an award and tagged me with a meme. It's an all-in-one deal!
Here's the lovely award:

(Brilliant? Me? Sweet!)

And here's the Meme.

A.) attached or single? Happily attached.

(B.) best friend? Danielle, since High School. She is my soulmate friend!

(C.) cake or pie? neither lately! I was never a huge fan of either.

(D.) day of choice? I guess I'll pick Saturday.

(E.) essential item? a good book

(F. ) favorite color? purple

(G. ) gummy bears or worms? ew, I don't eat anything gummy.

(H.) hometown? Gator Town, Florida!

(I.) favorite indulgence? hot bath, good book, and some chocolate

(J. ) January or July? I'll have to say January because it's my Princess's birthday month. But I do love July because it's in the summer & there are so many fun things to do!

(K. ) kids? we have four kids and Dh has one son in heaven.

(L.) life isn't complete without? love and laughter. and pets.

M.) marriage date? April 9, 2005

(N.) number of brothers & sisters? one of each

(O.) oranges or apples? oranges

(P.) phobias? freaking snakes!

(Q.) quotes? I love quotes. My current fave is the one up there ^^ under my header.

(R.) reasons to smile? my kids, my husband, my life.

(S.) season of choice? Autumn.

(T.) tag seven peeps! SEVEN? Holy Moly. OK, I tag:
And last but not least-

(U.) unknown fact about me? when I was 11 years old, I ran into a glass door at a neighbor's house and cut my leg up.

(V.) vegetable? are you offering me one? I love veggies. Asparagus, carrots, cabbage, spinach...

(W.) worst habits? chewing my nails

(X.) x-ray or ultrasound? I've had both.

(Y.) your favorite food? mexican

(Z.) zodiac sign? Taurus

And, cut.


Sue said...

*gasp* I had to check for myself.. Groovy is missing?!

OH NO! Now I regret never crawling out of reader... :-(

Kel said...

Hum...will have to think about this one a bit, but I'll work on it!

georgie said...

congrats on your award-I saw and clicked you on allmed now i am off to explore more of your blog

Kathryn said...

What a fun meme! I haven't seen this one before. I might actually do this one! ;)

OHmommy said...


I love cabbage and mexican too. Yummy!

Tara R. said...

How cool is that... thank you! I love me some memes and the award is very lovely!

sogratefultobemormon.wordpress.com said...

hi cyndy ~
thank you for pointing me to stretchmark's blog post. wow, i cried like a baby reading her post. i am glad you added that bit about challenging your readers to read it ... because i wasn't going to take the time to click on .. but that last thing you said just made me want to make time for it. that touched my night.

and thank you for the award, too. very kind.


Tammie said...

how did i miss this yesterday? i'm behind. or maybe just a behind. ha ha

i'll definitely get to it soon.


Chris said...

This was my first time dropping by. I for one would return in heartbeat for rainbow colored poop pics

Groovy Mom said...

Hey, I just saw this. Email me! gitrdone.girl at gmail dot com