I go back....

There's a country song by Kenny Chesney with these lyrics:

"We all have a song that somehow stamped our lives
Takes us to another place and time...

So I go back to a pew,preacher, and a choir
Singin bout God, brimstone, and fire
And the smell of Sunday chicken after church
And I go back to the loss of a real good friend
And the sixteen summers I shared with him
Now "Only The Good Die Young" stops me in my tracks
Everytime I hear that song,
I go back..."

It's definitely true for me. There are plenty of songs that I love, but there are a select few that, as soon as I hear them, I'm transported back in time. I'm no longer riding down the road with my kids fighting in the backseat. I'm back in time, reliving a moment from years ago.

The one that takes me back in time the furthest is Hotel California by The Eagles. I'm four years old, sitting on my brother's bed, jamming out with him. My brother is fourteen. I'm feeling totally cool because I'm allowed in his room and allowed to listen to his music.
I still love that song.

Next is "I Don't Wanna Lose Your Love Tonite" by The Outfield. I'm in 6th grade, sitting in class waiting for the teacher to come in. A girl starts singing..."Josie's on a vacation far away"... and then we all start singing. I've never forgotten that, it's jammed in my memory somehow.

Then it's 7th Grade. We had a Valentine's Dance, and the school got a local band to come in and perform. They did "Talking In Your Sleep" by the Romantics. I'm in the gym, we're all dressed up and acting silly. When the play this song, all of us girls were screaming like they were The Beatles. They'd sing "You tell me that you want me..." and we'd scream "I want you!!" It was crazy, but it was a lot of fun. My first 'concert'. (ha, ha)

When I hear "Old Time Rock and Roll" by Bob Seger, I'm back in the 8th grade. The local college (University of Florida) had a huge talent contest. They called it RockAlike, and the participants had to dress up like the singer and really put on a show. I was with my best friend, and we were having a good time.
Then, they started playing "Old Time Rock and Roll", and out came a guy dressed like Tom Cruise in the Risky Business scene. A dress shirt, shades...and tighty whities. He ran around and danced and sang. We nearly passed out (remember, younger peeps, Tom Cruise was hot back then!) It's a fond memory.

All of you who are near my age will remember "Nothing Compares to You" by Sinead O'Connor. When I hear it, I'm in the 9th grade, skipping school, in a car with about 57 other girls. We're driving down the road when it comes on, and we all sing our hearts out. Because you know, we knew all about loving & losing at 15 years old. Heh.

Remember "Escapade" by Janet Jackson? When I hear that one, I'm in a car again, but this time it's me, my then-boyfriend, and our friends, going to the beach one Saturday. Good times!

The next one is bittersweet. Every time I hear "Angel" by Aerosmith, I'm at a friend's house. Her close friend, who she called a brother, liked me a lot. But I was hung up on some idiot who'd broken up with me. I sort of dated my friend's 'brother', but as soon as the other guy wanted me back, I ran back to him. We remained friends, but I kicked myself later for not making it last with him.
And he was SO good-looking!

"Shut Up & Drive" by Chely Wright (the old one, not the new one), I'm back with my best friend, before, during & after my divorce. If you haven't heard it, read the lyrics. 'Nough said.

Whenever I hear "Get Low" by Lil John & the Eastside Boys, I'm in my friend April's truck. We're all dressed up, getting ready for a night out (this is post-divorce). We played that every night on the way to the club. Good.Times.

And "Brown-Eyed Girl" by Van Morrison takes me back to going clubbing with one of my best friends from high school. It's also post-divorce. We're drinking and dancing having a blast. It was both of our 'songs', we're both Brown-Eyed Girls. It's my ringtone now.

"I Love The Way You Love Me" by John Michael Montgomery takes me to the Christmas season of 2004. J and I & the kids were riding around looking at Christmas lights. I remember exactly where we were when this song came on, and as J was listening to the words, he said "This is it...this is our song." So sweet, and that was by far the best Christmas I'd ever had.

And last...."I Do It For You" by Bryan Adams takes me back to our wedding, walking down the aisle escorted by my son. That's the song that played instead of the traditional wedding march. My girls were flower girls and J's son was Ring Bearer. It was so important to me that our kids were a part of our wedding, and that song was dedicated to our kids. It was so beautiful, and I love reliving that moment.

I could go on and on; the more I think about it the more songs come back to me.

How about you? What songs transport you back in time?


Our Crooked Tree said...

Good post! The first song that comes to mind is These Are The Days; it reminds me of my senior year of HS (I am dating myself)

Lauren said...

There's only a few songs and well I'd rather keep em to myself...at least for now. Usually its a smell and then before I can catch myself I am totally in the moment of whatever and with whomever i was having the moment with originally. Scary!

Aubrey said...

Girrrlll! You have some great songs there. I was humming each one out loud thinking "ya, that takes me back to...". Thanks for taking me down memory lane with you!

Kelly said...

Wow, I would really have to rack my brains to come up with as many as you did...but I know they are there...great post!

Feener said...

too many to say !! but the outfield song for me - spring break my senior year in high school. ft. lauderdale, 12 girls - THE MOST FUN EVA

Immoral Matriarch said...

Jesus...there are so many...

Umm...'In my Bed' by Dru Hill is a big one. LOL

mommaof4wife2r said...

summer of 69 by bryan adams...me in my 1966 mustang cruising with the windows down my senior year of high school. oh, the glory days!

so...more fun awards for you little missy! check my blog...u won two!!!

Kathryn said...

"Let's Go Crazy" by Prince takes me back to my senior year in high school. My friends and I did a dance to it at the end of the year for the whole school. Love that song.

"Think of Me" from Phantom of the Opera always makes me think of my high school boyfriend and takes me back to my junior year.

Music has such a way of making me feel just as I did way back then.

Great post!

Kel said...

OMG...the list of songs could go on for days, but short and sweet Martin McBride In my daughters eyes transports me to the first time I ever saw my baby girl and Lifehouse You and Me...that's all me and the hub - our wedding song and boy was it a memorable day!

Just The Girl said...

I have so many songs that take me back that I would be writing for days. I love that Kenny Chesney song!! It's one of my favorites!!!!

I like your blog, very fun and good reading.

Bad Momma said...

There are so many songs... I'll name a few off the top of my head.

"Wicked Game" by Chris Isaak, "Celebration" by Kool & the Gang,
"Lady in Red" - Chris DeBurgh
"Don't You Forget About Me" - Billy Idol.......

I am finding it a bit unsettling to start hearing re-makes of the songs of my youth like Rihanna with S.O.S. / Tainted Love or Counting Crow's remake of Joni Mitchell's "Big Yellow Taxi" (Pave Paradise)

Momo Fali said...

There are way too many to list! I'm a music memory junkie!

Anonymous said...

Great post! I don't know where I'd start with my songs, though.

"Somebody" by Depeche Mode (teenage high school angst)

"Baby Got Back" Sir Mix-a-lot. High school girlfriends

"Push It" Salt N Peppa - (college fiance)

"Ghost" Indigo Girls - heartbreak of missing my ex

Also: Congrats on the Saucy Blog - and the Kick A** blogger award from Kelly!

Becky :) said...

Girl, you hit it right on the head. The "Shut Up and Drive" song by Chely Wright had so much meaning for me when I was getting a divorce.
The Bee Gee's song "How Deep is your Love" always takes me back to some time in elementary school. It's wierd.
George Strait's song "You look so good in love" takes me back to when I was in Montana one summer when I was pregnant with my daughter, I didn't like country music then but that was all they had. It was my one introduction to that music and I still love it today.
But you are right, there are so many and I would have to really think about.

Casey's trio said...

Most of the songs you listed also take me back in time! In June, I went on a weekend getaway with some girlfriends and we ended up in a bar/club and the song from the Outfield came on...eventhough it is an older song, it now reminds me of this recent trip. What a fun idea for a post!!

Debbie Y. said...

I am older than you so even though I remember your songs they don't hold the same memories for me.

Precious and Few by Climax reminds me of a teenage boyfriend.

Best of My Love by The Eagles reminds me of a boy who loved me that I didn't love back.

Even though my husband and I have only been married for five years. Our song is "I Need You" by America. We were riding around the hayfield in his pick-up truck and that song came on. He turned to me and said, "That's how I feel about you, I need you like the flowers need the rain, you know I need you." I about fainted in a swoon cause he is not a romatic verbally demonstrative person most of the time. He was waited on hand and foot for a few weeks for that remark.

Chel said...

Ok, I was in the 10th grade (because I'm old as dirt) and I danced with the cutest boy at the dance to "Old Time Rock and Roll." How funny to share a song memory!

And come on, now, Van Morrison is the best ever. There was this scene on an episode of "The West Wing" in which Josh walked into his girlfriend's kitchen, and asked her, "Van Morrison again?" My husband and I both laughed so hard and for so long. That's me.

What A Card said...

I found you over at SITS, and I'm enjoying your blog so far: I love this entry! Songs do bring it all back!

And I have to agree with you about Nothing Compares To You (we must be just about the same age, because I was in 9th grade, too). I had broken up with my boyfriend 7 hours and 15 days before the very first time I heard that song. I couldn't believe it.

The band that played at all our local events was the Goo Goo Dolls, before they hit it big, so I always flash back to their concerts when I hear them on the radio.

Tara R. said...

Such beautiful memories. I love all of these songs too. The Sinead song makes me cry almost every time I hear it.

Wep said...

Easy. Against All Odds by Phil Collins. Reminds me of the fall my father died. I remember sitting in the back of the bus, wanting to cry but not being able to listening to this cassingle in my walkman. Especially the lyrics...

How can you just walk away from me,
when all I can do is watch you leave
Cos we've shared the laughter and the pain,
and even shared the tears
You're the only one who really knew me at all

So take a look at me now,
'cos there's just an empty space
And there's nothing left here to remind me,
just the memory of your face
Take a look at me now,
'cos there's just an empty space
And you coming back to me
is against all odds and that's what I've got to face

Caffeine Court said...

I agree with everyone on "Nothing Compares 2 You" a heartbreaking song that reminds me of my college boyfriend.

"Wake Me Up Before You Go" by Wham brings back college memories.

"Lights" by Journey takes me back to my high school love.

Great post.

OHmommy said...

Great post.

I love how music can transport us to a memory. Nice job.

I remember listening to the entire Doors "movie" sountrack on our way from Chicago to Denver with my father and sister.

Krazy Armstrong K's! said...

great idea!
hmmm.... Rump shaker by sir Mix alot i think... High school swim team this was the song my friend and I would listen to toget psyched out before a meet or before morning work out!

How Can I help you say good bye, by ??? Takes me back to when my mom passed away I was 20, this was the song I picked to be played at the service

sure theres alot more but mommy brain has taken over and its just not working right!

great blog thanks for stopping by mine!

Domestic Spaz said...

This is such a great song! My first memory is The Gambler by Kenny Rogers... sitting on our red shag carpet while my dad brought in wood for our fireplace and that album was played over and over again. I've got about a gazillion other memories. Music definitely brings them back.

Kimmylyn said...

I literally could do this for HOURS.. Almost every memory or emotion is tied to a song. I remember looking out the window while driving with my poppy listening to Traci Chapman over and over.. Or Richard Marx should've known better while fighting with a boyfriend..

GREAT post..