Thursday Thirteen

...thirteen random things...

* This is our new Foster Dog, Missy. She's a sweetheart, and my new shadow. I can't walk without tripping over her. And for some reason known only to Missy...she has no tail!

* We didn't end up transporting the 4-day-old puppies this weekend. The rescue group decided they were too young to travel. Bummer!

* Wednesdays are early out days for my Princess. I have decided to start carving out individual Mom & kid time for all of the kids, so today before we picked up the Ladybug, I took the Princess out for ice cream, and we strolled down the historic district of our little town. We had a really good time!


(please do not be alarmed by my make-up-free face!)

* My kids got a new baby sister on Tuesday. No, I didn't have a baby, sillies! Their stepmother did. They are so excited, and Princess thinks it's great that she's a Big Sister, but she still gets to be MY baby.

* I have ran my butt off non-stop all night at work tonight and I'm ready to go home and crash!

* I just walked into a patient's room, looking for a piece of equipment, and he informed me that I better get my ass out of there! ha! So I did.

* I am having a very hard time thinking of 13 interesting things to post about. Sad but true!

* I'm already seeing Halloween merchandise in the stores and I love it! I love Halloween, and decorating for Halloween.

* My motto lately has been "just smile and nod". When one of the kids is saying something totally crazy, I tell everyone else "just smile and nod". Sometimes it works well for me at work, also. It comes in quite handy.

* The internet connection at work tonight is extremely slow and won't load my reader. So now that I have a few minutes of downtime, I can't read blogs. I am so bummed!

* We have a new member of our family. A shiny bluish purplish betta fish named Savannah. She's quite pretty!

* My reader finally loaded up! Woot!

* On Tuesday, when I got home, I was incredibly exhausted. I went straight to bed and crashed. Apparently I was sleeping very, very deeply. I had forgotten to call J and let him know I was home safely, so he tried to call me.

Fourteen times.

I never heard the phone. So, he took an early lunch and drove the hour round-trip home to make sure I was OK. My poor husband! I felt so badly for worrying him like that.

I think he loves me. =)


Lauren said...

You should rename your blog WONDER WOMAN. You do so many wonderful things!

A Buns Life said...

What a sweet hubby!! Mine would just keep calling and calling then yell at me when I finally DID wake up and answer. :)

Tammie said...

I am so glad I'm not the only mommy doing the smile and nod. I love my kids but sometimes when they're telling me a story it seems to take forever--and it's always disjointed and filled with lots of repetition and 'ums'. I pay full attention long enough to make sure it's not about anything dangerous/important/life threatening---and then I break out the smile and nod.

I'm sure this is not the best parenting tool but I consider it much better than yelling, "Will you get to the freaking point already?!"

Kathryn said...

Smile and nod! Ha! I love it! I'm trying that from now on. ;)

I LOVE HALLOWEEN!!! Sorry. I didn't mean to shout at you, but seriously. I love halloween. I think I like it even more than my boys do. That is the only reason I am not curled up into a little ball sobbing about summer coming to an end. Yay Halloween!!!!

Wow. I think you are right. Sounds like your hubby love you! :)

anymommy said...

Your husband is really sweet. Mine would do the same, he's a worrier. I love the picture of you and your daughter - gorgeous!

Mamahut said...

Hey there! I too have been going make-up free all summer...I love it! I am trying to convince myself that I look better without. bwahahahah. I look like the grim reapers sister.

I love you new fur baby. I wonder what happened to her tail?

Oh come see me...

Ari_1965 said...

Ah, well, she still can wag her butt.

GrumpyAngel said...

Missy is cute. I hope the reason she is missing her tail is not sad. That's how you look make-up free? I should be so lucky if I can look half as good without make-up. "Smile and Nod". Very good policy. I do that with adults, too :-)

Tammie said...

i wanted to leave this here just in case you don't go back and check my blog:

the grape picking place is on 441 just passed hitchcocks grocery. it's not a big place but you can't miss the handmade signs "grapes: u-pick"---it's literally like the next street after the store.

the fellow that owns it is about 800 years old and super nice. when we went he was charging 80 something cents a pound but was thinking of lowering it to fifty cents---so you might get an even better deal!

Bad Momma said...

I love the "Smile & Nod" thing. I need to do that more often.

My 6th grader told me the other day that he sometimes laughs at jokes that he doesn't understand and wondered if it was wrong. I told him no, that's how you make friends! I also told him he should laugh at all of my jokes!!!

Willow said...

Five teenagers and I have smile and nod down to an art form! :-)

I'm jealous about the betta fish. I love them but have a tendency to kill fish, plants, etc. Thank God the kids seem to be immune to me!

Kimmylyn said...

Can you teach me too look that amazing without makeup??


Mama's Losin' It said...

I like you make up free...very pretty. And I love the idea of individual time with each of the kids. What a good mama!

Chel said...

I think your make-up free face looks fabulous!! And I'm pretty excited about Halloween, too. It's the beginning of the decorating season for me. Love, love, love to decorate!

Aubrey said...

What a great husband you have! I would definitely say he loves you!

That is so great you are carving that time out for your kids. BTW, you look beautiful au natural!

Perksofbeingme said...

I know that sometimes when I'm doing SAturday's sensational six it's all I can do to think of 6 things, much less 13. It's amazing how hard it is to think of things to write sometimes.