These Are a Few of my LEAST Favorite Things!


First, a bitchfest.
My van broke down on Wednesday. It won't shift out of park. It's being fixed today, to the tune of $300+.
Because of dealing with that, I only got 4 hours of sleep yesterday, and there was no way I could work a 12 hour shift after that. So I called out of work.
I have two things I need & want to do tonight and I can't figure out a way to do both of them, which really stinks.
I could go on, but I'll spare you.
Here are a few of my LEAST Favorite Things!

*Black olives.
*Snakes. Yes, I'm an animal lover, but I am terrified of snakes.
*Irresponsible pet owners.
*Irresponsible breeders.
*Puppy millers.
*Kids who pick on other kids.
*People who judge others based on their house, car, job, etc. and feel superior to others for these reasons.

*Fake People
*People who visit your blog and tell you how fantastic it is, only to never come back again.
Oh, I get it! They were only drumming up readers for THEIR blog.
That sucks.
*Celebrities who are famous for no apparent reason.
*Drunk drivers.
*Empty toilet paper rolls. Seriously, how hard is it to put a new one on? I even have a very simple TP holder. You just slide it onto a bar. Still doesn't help!
*Long toenails.
*Greasy, fried food.
*Inconsiderate, selfish people.
*Negative thinking.

What are some of your LEAST favorite things?
Let me know if you blog about them!


GypsiAdventure said...

Ha - I'll have to remember to keep my shoes on if I ever meet you! :) I am the queen of being barefoot (I don't have the long toenail thing though..)

Anyhow, hope your day is better that the last - it's almost the weekend so maybe that will help!

As for me...I hate hypocrites and lying. Biggest peeve...just tell me the truth and we're good, even if it is something I don't want to here!

Anonymous said...

oh lordy, why did i click the foot link? ugh.

Sue said...

Some of your least favorites are my favorites. Darn. But only with food.

I hate litter too. In fact, ours is super stinky today and I'm dreading changing it. Ick!

That said, we share a lot of dislikes too, like Paris and snakes and fake people and the Jones.

The most successful people depend on the most people to keep their lifestyle. Think about it.

Have a good day!

Far From Perfect said...

Good Morning... I would not know where to start on my list? The whole blogging thing blows my mind. You start to enjoy someones point of view, peeking into their lives and sharing thoughts-I find it kinda amazing?? I have started to just stick to my favorite reads,don't click around as much. I always love a dog person...

Anonymous said...

I actually really really enjoyed reading your list.. so many of what I cannot stand was on here (feet.. blah) And I cannot even begin to tell you how the empty toilet paper thingy drives me insane!!!

Heather said...

Hiya -

It's been awhile...been on vacation and trying to catch up - but ditto most of the things on your list, minus the black olives, yum!

KatBouska said...

Long toenails...EW!

KatBouska said...

ps If I was ever one of the people who said I love your blog and never came back I'm SOOO sorry. Things get busy and I get so into posting on my own blog that I don't get a chance to make the rounds. :( It's not you, it's me. Your blog really is great!!

KatBouska said...

ps again I don't know how I missed that one, but I DESPISE feet. Gross gross gross. My family jokes about it all the time. The only feet I like are teeny tiny baby feet...when they turn four they're gross.

Momisodes said...

Ditto. To all of that, minus the mushrooms (I don't mind them).

For my list, I'd add long nails on men. And black socks with shorts on men...eww!

I'm so sorry to hear about your car! I hate car issues and having to get stuck with a huge bill...because it's always huge. I would have certainly called out sick too.

Hope you have a great weekend!

Beth said...

*Fake people. Oh lordie. That is a big one with me. lol

*I can't stand blood. Do not show me blood. lol

*People who are hurt. I swear, I FEEL their pain. It may sound strange.. but I FEEL THE PAIN. And this bothers me. lol

*When the number on the scales climb up. I hate that. lol

*When my horse bucks, and I fall off. That always sucks. lol

*When I clean my house and my family has it trashed 10 minutes later. lol

* Punctuatione errrers adn misspelllings reeely bothere mee. lol

*The phrase lol used to many times. lol

;-) xoxox

Kat said...

The long toenails one actually gave me the chills. Ick. I ditto your whole list! :)

Our Crooked Tree said...

As I was going through the list I was thinking, me too, me too. I have to agree with all of them...especially the TP!

Gen said...

We share many of the same dislikes. I do, however, unfortunately, like greasy fried foods, as long as it doesn't have mushrooms or olives in it. ;-)

Unknown said...

hi C ~
great list. i can relate to so much of it (but i love olives and mushrooms).

i can not stand fakey people. or mean people. or cruel people. or stuffy people. or negative gossipy people.

i just want the sweet people to be around.

good luck with the car troubles. i hate those. hope you get back to normal car wise asap and cheaply.

great day, beany :)

Anonymous said...

I can relate to a lot of these - but I have to tell you, we could never share a pizza.

My favorite is pepperoni, black olives and mushroom.

Can we still be bloggy friends, anyway?

Melissa said...

I heart feet. Freshly pedicured feet, that is. Pedicures are my only vice. :)

And I'm with you on the reader generation comments. Those drive me crazy.

Trooper Thorn said...

I hate making lunches on Sunday night and the kids have left uneaten food in their kits since Friday.

I'll check back here again.

Ari_1965 said...

Fosters always glue themselves to my thigh, too.