Those who know me well know that I HATE feet. I have a foot aversion. They are nasty, icky, disgusting and CLAMMY.

Some people don't seem to understand this aversion, so I decided to provide some images that illustrate what is NASTY about feet. Observe. Note that there are SIX toes per foot on picture number one!
I call the last one "WTH????"
Now seriously, does anyone STILL not understand my problem with feet??
I am going to go vomit now.

Have a fabulous day!


Valarie said...

I HATE feet also. May I just say I think this blog entry takes the award for most disgusting pictures EVER!!! I think I may go heave now as well. :)

Lisa said...

I just about barfed on my chocolate bar! That's so nasty...I may never be able to look at a Hershey bar again!

Rick said...

Oh I so wish that I had NOT scrolled across those photos - feet nightmares tonight!