WW - Happy Easter!

Wordless Wednesday






Wonderful World of Weiners said...

Love the first pic!! Pete, is that you?

Very VERY funny!!

Hallie :)

OHmommy said...

What a GREAT way to start the day. You had me laughing out loud. I HAVE to show my husband. :)

Misty said...

I have seen all of these but the first one! Oh my goodness. I do believe there was a snort disguised in my laughter!

Groovy Mom said...

Ha!Ha! Those are great!

LunaNik said...

Happy Easter to you too sweetpea!

Motherhood for Dummies said...

Ha ha!!!! love it!

sogratefultobemormon.wordpress.com said...

i love the "my butt hurts" and "what?" hahahahaha. have seen it before but it always makes me chuckle good.

howdy, first time visitor here. but i've been seeing you around the blogosphere and wanted to pop over and say hi. thanks for the post that made me giggle :)

greetings from kathleen in anchorage alaska :)