On Birth, and 15 Years, and more...

Last week, I got very sad news. My friend had a baby. Her fourth baby, her first girl. She gave birth on March 20th.
Her baby died on March 26th.
I know no other details, but it is weighing so heavily on my heart. I can't get it out of my mind. My heart just breaks for all of them.
I keep thinking, why? Just why?
My son turned 15 years old this morning at 1:16 am. It feels bizarre to type that. 15 years old?? How could that have happened? I'd love to share his whole birth story, but right now I just can't do that. But for those of you with younger children, let me just say....when you BLINK, you will be sitting here typing a post saying your child is 15 years old. I know everyone says this, but it goes by so incredibly fast. I miss his toddler-hood so much, he was delightful. He still is, of course, but he won't indulge me by talking like he did back then.
I got him a card that says "I love you with all my heart", because when he was very small, he'd say "Mommy." I'd say, "Yes?" He'd say, "I love you." I'd say, "I love you too." And then he'd say "I love you all your heart." Only it sounded like, "I love you all youw heawt." It was so sweet! I wish I could have frozen those moments.
I'm very proud of him. He's smart, funny, and confident. I like the person he has become. We have the same sense of humor. We both love icanhascheezburger.com.
I taught him well!


Groovy Mom said...

Aw, so sorry to hear about your friends' baby. That is heartbreaking.

There is nothing more special in the world than the way little ones shower their mommies with love. I love those moments. Happy birthday to your baby!

Sue said...

Yes, very heartbreaking to hear of their loss.

pb&j in a bowl said...

I'm so sorry about your friend and her loss. There are no real answers, but hopefully she can find peace.

What a sweet post about your son. Happy birthday to him!

krissy said...

Ugh....that is so sad for your friend. May God bring her peace at this time.

I so understand the kiddos growing up fast. I miss the snuggling, falling asleep in my arms, daughter. Now, she will snuggle, but gets rather pissed when I start seeing Barney songs to her like I used to when she was a baby. Back then she loved it, now she gets very moody.

Happy B'day to your son!

Alison said...

that is horribly sad...I feel for your friend, what a tragedy.

happy birthday to your young man!