Sundays in my City - Coco

This weekend we leash -walked a bunny.

We wanted the bunny to have some outside time but of course, couldn't just let her roam free.  I bought her a collar, but still was a little nervous; she's so little, what if the collar slid off?
We have a fenced area which we call a kennel.  The dogs go in there occasionally.  Elayna and I decided to bring her out there to walk around, just in case the collar was too loose and slipped off.

The collar fit fine and it all went well.  Coco hopped around all over the place; she obviously LOVED being outside!

It's funny how much personality
a quiet little bunny can have.
And she's only bitten me twice.

Random pic of mushrooms,
which I like to call Smurf Houses.

One more Bonus shot - I looked out the window the other day to see the hill just behind our house,
COVERED with cardinals.  Some females but mostly gorgeous, bright red males.
They were SO pretty! I scared a few away but managed to get a pic of several of them.

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Unknown Mami

Speaking of UM - last week on SIMC I posted the photo below.  Claudya (Unknown Mami) loved it so much and she suggested I print it out and display it in my home.  I've never displayed my own photos before (except for people pics) but she made me feel SO good - so I did it!
  I have an 8x10 in the process of printing right now.

What do you think? Display-worthy?


retired not tired said...

Who knew they made collars for rabbits. Glad she had some fun outside and the weather was nice.

Tara R. said...

Coco is gorgeous!

(would a little cat harness work for taking Coco on walks? My son keeps asking to take his cat out on a leash)

Heather Smith said...

What a cute bunny! So glad she liked the leash!

Tami said...

Our family had a few bunnies over the years. Coca is a fitting name for your bunny! I love how you got her a leash!

StarTraci said...

Coco is a cutie and it looks like you may have a bunny walking business in your future.


traci's mixed bag said...

I totally appreciate how much adorableness is in this post. So so cute.Great pictures. I love when animals show their personalities. I think a leash is a great idea. We have Flemish Giant Rabbits at work and we use little harnesses for them. So cute.

Unknown Mami said...

She is so cute. This is the first time I'm seen a bunny on a leash. Give her a cuddle for me.

Pride In Photos said...

Beyond display worthy!!!! I have so many memories of playing with the rabbits at the 4-H Fairs as a child.Thanks for sharing.

Keetha Broyles said...

We used to leash walk our cat because it was declawed.

A few summers ago, near our northwoods vacation cabin, we would pass a yard in the middle of the wilds with three or four domesticated bunnies loose in the yard.

Later they were gone.

We don't know if they caged them back up, or if they became a tasty lunch for some hungry black bear or other predator.

Amy said...

Love the pix!

Diane said...

Definitely display-worthy.

That bunny is so adorable! I had no idea you could walk one on a leash.

And I haven't been able to look at a mushroom since 1981 without thinking of Smurf Village. ;)