DysFUNctional MOMents

I have so much going on right now, it's completely crazy!
BUT...they're all good things. So I'm not complaining!
I am, however, late for my own meme. Again.


The other night Shelbie asked me to paint her fingernails. I reminded her that I'm really not very good at painting nails, but she whined and begged, so I finally agreed to shut her up because I am so sweet.

So, I painted her nails while she watched TV. And basically made a hot mess. When I was done, she looked at her nails, said "Oh.My.God." and promptly got out the nail polish remover.

I've never been very girly-girl myself. I'm pretty low-maintenance. I can't do hair. I can't do nails. And I have two daughters.
It's time to face facts; I suck at being a Girl Mom!

Link up if you wanna! Obviously it doesn't have to be today, since I can't even get to my own meme on time!


Unknown Mami said...

At least you had nail polish remover on hand.

Amy said...

I don't make a good girl mom either. Good thing I have 4 boys :)

Myya said...

Send her over here, I've got LOTS of "girl" practice. Ohhh & I am awesome at nail painting :)

Amy @ Clan Carlson said...

I'm sooooo glad to hear it's all good things that are keeping you busy!

And I hear you on the fingernail painting... not my strong suite either (I couldn't make the polish last 5 minutes on me brfore I damaged it)... I'm totally a low-maintenance girl. :)

Debby@Just Breathe said...

That's too funny. They better start saving their money to go get them painted somewhere!

Sara @ Domestically Challenged said...

I am sorry, but that was HILARIOUS!!

traci's mixed bag said...

To be honest, nails and hair are not the easiest things to do and I'm sure if you were really into those things you would've became a nail technician. Don't sweat it. I did just find something that will make nail painting fun (I just bought it for my friend.) Glow in the dark nail polish. http://www.thebeautyclutch.com/opipaschanap.html

Helene said...

Oh man, I can sympathize with you! Bella always wants me to do her hair in these fancy hairstyles and I have no clue. I always refer to a website called Babes in Hairland...Bella always wants me to try the more difficult ones and I'm like, "Uh, why don't we just do a herringbone braid this time?" Ya think that would fly? Nope. I actually took a few pics of some the styles I tried on her but haven't written a post about it yet.

April said...

Hey Cyndy!
Been a long time, huh? I'm just trying hard to hold the fort down. Hope you've been well. Your post cracked me up and if it's any help...I can so relate! I'm not the best at painting nails or doing hair, either!

Anonymous said...

If we only let our children do what we're good at, then they'll never find what they're good at. You opened the door to her interests - and that is an AWESOME mom.

If I had girls, my husband would have to do their hair - I can't even figure out which way to part the boys' hair.

Let her do your toes!!!! Now, that would be fun!

Working Mommy said...

i love being a girl mom...i never got all the fluffy stuff so i am going to lay it on lulu hardcore! i only hope i can impart my tomboyness to being a good boy mom too!