DysFUNctional Moments 9.27.11


This post is a confession.
I have been neglecting my house work.
Neglecting my cooking, cleaning, laundry.
I've been neglecting my pets.
I've been neglecting this blog.
I've been neglecting my husband.
And I've even been neglecting my children.

What's causing me to do this, you might wonder?
Illness? An addiction? A sordid affair?

Not exactly. It's none of those (and yet, it's all of those).

Be careful if you click - it is seriously addicting! I could read there all day. Utterly fascinating stuff!

So tell me - if you were going to confess....what would it be? I won't tell anyone - promise! ;-)

Link up below!!


Anastasia said...

I'm off to check it out.

Evonne said...

I've been sucked into ScaryMommy's confessional before. There really is some fascinating stuff in there!

Anonymous said...

I read that site all the time when I have a few minutes to kill! HA :)

Working Mommy said...

i sometimes neglect everything as well...sad, but true...


WhisperingWriter said...

I will have to check that out!