DysFUNctional MOMents - Emo Cheerleaders?

I so suck at life. Late to my own meme! Oh well, better late than never!


Elayna is my 10 year old daughter. She has many different interests. She has played several sports, and loves to sing and dance. These interests are subject to change at any time. So when she wanted to sign up for cheerleading for our rec center this year, I kind of shrugged it off and let the deadline slide by.

Money is tight, and I really wasn't sure if she was serious about cheerleading. This is my "emo" kid; highly dramatic and in fact, she looked at her smiling stuffed frog just yesterday and grumbled, "Why do you have to be so HAPPY all the time??"
She's quite the little ray of sunshine. just like her mama

So yeah, not exactly what you might imagine as the perfect candidate for cheerleading.

But the other day, I took the kids to the rec center to play, and the cheerleading squad was practicing. The very one she wanted to join. Two of her friends are on the team, and she talked with them and then hung out, watching practice. She copied their moves, and had a good time. When practice was over, the coaches & some of the parents stayed, discussing some cheer business. Elayna kept doing the cheer she had learned, and at one point, I saw one of the coaches watching her. Then she said something to the other coach, who then turned and watched her. I said, "Elayna. let's get outta here, I think they think you're stealing their cheers."

So, we went home and thought nothing else of it. Until I got an email from the mom of one of the friends on the squad. She's also the Team Mom and a friend of mine. And the email said, quote:

"Hey Cyndy! Just wanted to let you know that K's cheer coach saw Elayna doing the girls' cheer (after the girls left and we were having our meeting) and she said Elayna was really good and was amazed she caught on so quickly to what they were doing. She was quite impressed. :) She needs to get in cheer next year! ;)"

Sigh. Yet another Mom Fail.

And yes, I read the email to Elayna, who beamed with pride. She literally turned red. My little Emo Cheerleader.

PS- Today is Andrew's 12th Birthday! I'm sure that will make for some DysFUNctional MOMents as well. ;-)

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clearness said...

How cool! I recently let a cheer-leading 'day' thing go past the deadlines too and now I wish I had signed Isabella up...it would have been about $40 for one day (9am until 2pm). The high school girls teach the elementary girls a dance/cheer and then they do it at the football game the following Friday, which is about $5 per person to get in the gates.

Myya said...

Definitely not a mom fail, sometimes you just can't really read kids. You could have signed her all up & it could have went the opposite way & she could have hated it.

Happy Birthfday Andrew.

P.S. Summertime took me away but now I'm back :)

Crystal Escobar said...

Oh how cute that she likes cheerleading. It's hard to know what your kids will like :)

Tammie said...

this totally made me laugh. but i agree with myya, you really never now. and if we indulged all of our kids every desires and interests we'd all be flat ass broke.
as a side note, elayna sounds like me. yesterday i flicked off the sun. the sun!! it was pissing me off.

Erin said...

Happy Birthday Andrew!
And I'm sure she'll be a great cheerleader next year!

Tettelestai said...

hahaha, sometimes it's hard to read those girls. mine would probably love to do cheerleading but there are so many things she wants to do ;-) she has to pick one.

diane rene said...

oh our emo girls!! how do we know what they are serious about and what is just a fad?! it's insanity, I tell ya!!!

lol happy birthday to andrew!!

Working Mommy said...

cheerleaders come in all flavors...I'm sure she will have fun - even if they do force her to be peppy!


Brandy@YDK said...

oh man. at least she's not ticked that you forgot to sign her up.

Debby@Just Breathe said...

That is so cool! I can just imagine her happiness when she heard that about herself. Hope Andrew had a great birthday.

Kristin - The Goat said...

Even if she doesn't want to cheer next year, she will never forget that compliment.