How About You Just Rip My Heart Out, Instead?

As most of you know, we foster dogs for a rescue group. We've done very well about not getting attached to the dogs, for the most part. In fact, the only foster dog we've kept is one that Dysfunctional Dad got attached to. It wasn't my fault! Other than him, we've been able to take these dogs, help them get healthy (in some cases, take them to heartworm treatments, have major dental work, etc), and then lovingly pass them on to forever homes.
Back a couple of months ago, I got an urgent call from a rescue member, asking me if I could pull a dog from my county shelter that day or she'd be euthanized. I got the message too late to go that day, and I panicked; but fortunately she'd talked them in to waiting until the next day. So first thing the next morning, I picked up Suzie.
Suzie was skin and bones, and had liquid poops. She was in terrible shape.
We took her to the vet, and treated her for whipworms, which were causing her bowel problems and her inability to put on weight. She now looks and feels so much better. But she's still very old, around 14 years old. She's frail. And she's very, very attached to me. She sleeps right next to me. She follows me everywhere. She doesn't care about any other person or dog; just me.
Just last week, I said to hubby, I think we are going to have to keep Suzie.
She probably doesn't have a whole lot of time left on this earth, and I don't really know how she'd handle leaving our home at this point. Hubby agreed with me ('cause he's awesome like that).
The only issue is her adoption fee; while it's not much at all really, every dollar right now is going to the down payment for the Ladybug's braces. But I figured, well, nobody's showed any interest in her so far, so we'll probably have time, after we get the braces out of the way next month, to get the adoption fee paid.
What I didn't know was that the rescue group hadn't gotten her bio up on the website yet. But just this week, they put Suzie's bio on the website. And already, TWO people have shown an interest in her.
I know the rescue group would hold her if I asked them to. But I'm so torn. I want what's best for Suzie. What if these people would give her a happy, comfortable forever home? I try SO hard to remember that we are fostering these dogs, and the goal is to let them go. And I've never had a problem with that.
Until Suzie.
I just don't know if they'd understand her. One of them said they're looking for a companion for their other dog. Suzie doesn't hang out with other dogs. Suzie likes people. (Suzie likes ME.)
The other one asked if she plays with toys. Suzie mostly sleeps. She wakes up to eat and go outside. She's not into toys. She's not into playing. She's a feeble old lady. And I love her.
I just want what's best for Suzie, and I want to do the right thing as a foster.
Why does it have to be so hard?

Here's a puppy picture for your viewing pleasure. This is Spikes, the 8 week old pupster. Apparently he likes to sleep while inhaling the lovely aroma of Dysfunctional Dad's toejam.



A Buns Life said...

I think that those issues or traits need to be on her bio don't you? She probably needs to be in a home, where someone is home most of the time, doesn't care about other animals or playthings.....and needs personal human interaction.

Kel said...

Awe, your much stronger than me. I would get attached to the dogs and have a hard time giving any of them to good homes. I think your doing the right thing, she seems to be thriving under your care, perhaps you were what she needed in her life!

Sandy C. said...

I'm so weak. I'd cave and keep her forever. I can't imagine how heart-breaking this must be.
Perhaps those personality quirks need to be mentioned and noted to anyone interested or in her bio. Either way, I hope she finds a good home with lots of love. *hugs*

LunaNik said...

Please keep Suzie. It's obvious that she loves you. She chose you. She'd be heartbroken if you let her go.

*I'm very sentimental when it comes to animals so please excuse my pleading tone. I really don't mean to put any pressure on you.*

Sue said...

I think you know in your heart what is best for Suzie.

Kathryn said...

Aww. Poor old girl. I think she needs to stay with you. These people asking about her obviously don't get that she is an older dog not interested in playing or being in a new situation.
I hope it all works out for you and for her. :)

Tara R. said...

If I get a vote, I'd say keep Susie. You said yourself, she is already 14 and attached to you. If you can, please keep her in your home.

Love the shoe shot... that is hilarious.

DysFUNctional Mom said...

Thank you all so much....as soon as I read all of these comments, I sent the group an email telling them Suzie is staying with me. =) And asking them to please give me about a month to pay her fee, lol.
You're all right....I really think it's best for HER if she stays here.
It's just hard with bios on these dogs, you want to be honest of course but you also don't want the dog to sound totally unappealing, ya know?
But it's no worry with Suzie any more; she has her forever home right here. :o)

Candid Carrie said...

Dear Mrs. Dys: You are in ;)

Score One Big Fat Win For Suzie ... I fostered greyhounds for years, I didn't always let them go.

And the puppy is so cute.

Kandace said...

Suzie is ADORABLE!

YAY for you for fostering, I can't imagine giving them all up.

Alison said...

you have to keep her..can't they waive the fees for all your volunteer time and effort?? I think she would be happiest with you....as you said, she only has a short amount of time left and it sounds like she is happiest with you..you must keep her!!

wolfqueen2 said...

I have been visiting sites all day from Candid carrie's FFFF. When I read the story I cried, because I was afraid you would not get to keep her. Then when I read your post in the middle of the comments I cried again because you are getting to keep her. I think that i beyond awesome. I know you will both be happy.

Bobbi's Book Nook said...

There is a special place in heaven for you! I commend your efforts to save animals.

Immoral Matriarch said...

Rescuing can be so very hard sometimes. I'm so happy that you do your part.Adorable pup!

jen said...

fostering is very difficult... we've done it three times (once was with a set of puppies...)
we only gave the puppies up. mom ended up with henry and we ended up with our current dog, skye.
it's tough to give them up. especially in cases where they have finally come to know safety and security within your family.
i'm glad that you made the decision that you did!