Fighting Indifference

Laskigal has started a movement, and in my humble opinion, it couldn't have come at a better time.
The movement is to Fight the Shame of Indifference.
I doubt that people realize when and how indifference creeps into their lives. Maybe some people are just raised that way, and others get callous over time.
It is my belief that we are all on this earth to do good things and help others. Obviously, many people do not agree with that philosophy, but I believe it and try my best to live it.
I don't think I have ever been truly indifferent. But my husband has opened my eyes to things that I have never paid attention to.
My husband will jog ahead to open a door for someone, especially if that person's hands are full, or if they are elderly or handicapped. It's not that I'd have intentionally ignored these people before, but I tended to walk around wrapped up in my own thoughts and not notice things like that.
If he sees someone drop something, he's quick to pick it up and return it.
It's the little things, but he is just so amazingly thoughtful. He thinks nothing of it, he doesn't pat himself on the back. It's just natural to him. It's just who he is. And I've learned from him, and it makes me feel good to pay more attention and see people in need, and help them out.
If he finds something that belongs to someone else, he's going to return it. He wouldn't even think of just leaving it lying there, and certainly not keeping it. He's just not that kind of man.
He is your go-to guy if you need help with anything.
I'm very proud to be his wife.

Another thing that many people are indifferent about is the plight of homeless animals, and the severe pet overpopulation problem in this country.
So many people, especially before the Oprah show, didn't know anything about Puppy Mills.
I hear of people getting a popular breed of dog, and talking about breeding that dog, with absolutely NO CLUE about breeding.
People, please stop! We have way too many animals out there and nowhere near enough homes for them all. Only highly educated, experienced, and responsible people should be breeding animals, and only for the betterment of the breed. Good breeders have spay/neuter clauses in their contracts, take any of their pets back no questions asked, and also do rescue.
It is imperative to spay or neuter your pet. "Accidental litters" are NOT okay. "Just one litter" is NOT okay. There's really no excuse.
And please don't turn a blind eye to the neglected animal in your neighbor's yard, or that stray dog running down the street. They have no voice. They need someone to be their advocate. Otherwise, a slow and painful death is a near certainty.
I really love this topic and could probably talk about it for hours. But since it's an ongoing project, I'll save some thoughts for later posts!
Laskigal, thanks for starting this and helping to open people's eyes to the indifference going on around us!


Groovy Mom said...

Your husband and you are both wonderful people.

sogratefultobemormon.wordpress.com said...

you rock. thanks for the reminders. you have a dear giving heart, kathleen

Ness said...

This is a phenomenal post and thank you for sharing your thoughts. Have you ever seen the movie Pay It Forward? Your post reminded me of the movie. You and your husband are making a difference in the world and I thank you both. Keep on keepin' on.

Ramblin' Red said...

Indifference sucks. I say, everyone needs to find something to be passionate about....You are passionate about animals, I am passionate about addressing poverty.

Alison said...

AMEN sister....I totally agree with you!!! 100%..