Tomorrow, Andrew has an appointment with his psychiatrist. His biological "mother" (a.k.a. BM) has been "invited" to this appointment.

We are not certain if BM is coming or not, neither she nor her attorney have confirmed.
Also, BM has had our phone number for almost four weeks and hasn't called her son at all.

I am trying not to post much here, because at the last appointment, I got the feeling that BM/her attorney are placing blame on ME. I have reason to believe that they are using me as an excuse, saying that I pushed BM out of Andrew's life.

As many of you who have read here for a long time already know, that could not be further from the truth. I could sit here for hours listing the ways we tried our very best to facilitate BM's relationship with Andrew for years, until finally she pulled her disappearing act. I never pushed her away; I simply stepped in when she stepped out. I filled the void that she left. Period.

Anyway, just in case her attorney googles me, I don't want to give them anything they can twist in BM's favor. The facts back up everything we have said and nothing BM has said. And I wish that they would remember that this is about ANDREW, not BM, not me. It's supposed to be about what's best for HIM. Not her. Not John. Not me.

So, what I'm asking is for prayers for Andrew. He is extremely anxious about tomorrow. No matter how many times we reassure him, he is just so worried and scared. So, if you can remember him in your prayers, and especially if you can remember tomorrow about 4pm EST to just send him good thoughts, prayers, vibes, etc......we would all be so grateful.

And thank you for all of the support and kindness you have shown us already.


Mrs4444 said...

I'm heading to bed in a minute and will say prayers for Andrew. I'm glad you posted this.

Have a good week.

Amy said...

I'll be keeping all of you in my thoughts and prayers.

Here's hoping that she remembers that Andrew is the important one in all of this!

lynn said...

I will keep Andrew in my thoughts and prayers. He is very lucky to have you in his life. I am also a stepmother to my husbands 2 daughters and it is usually a thankless job. Their mother has undermined me from day one and the girls and I really dont have a relationship now (they are 20 and 25). My hopes are that one day we will, but not if their mother has anything to do with it. Good luck tomorrow and I pray that his BM just stays out of his life and lets him live in peace. Bless you for all you have done for this little boy.

myevil3yearold said...

Sending Andrew all my good vibes and prayers!

shortmama said...

Lots of prayers heading your way!

Anonymous said...

Poor guy. I will be thinking of you guys this morning and will say a prayer for Andrew.

Brandy@YDK said...

i'm so sorry. poor kid. sidenote i love that bm also means bowel movement. it's pretty fitting.

Adrienne said...

Certainly! This is my first visit here (returning the visit from last weeks PYHO-sorry so long!). Anyway, I couldn't help but say, nothing could keep me from my kids-NOTHING! So the fact that she says you are is so irritating. I have a BM. She's recently been in my life as an adult, but I have no sypathy for what she missed. Yeah, my mom and dad didn't make it easy for her. In fact, they were not award winning in their actions, But, again, nothing could keep me away from my little guys. Not a good excuse on her part.
I guess, it's a soft spot for me. Sorry to be so long winded on my first visit. LOL

I will certainly pray for Andrew's peace.

Melani said...

Hey girl, I have not been blogging or reading in a long time. I am sorry this is going on, I will be sure to say prayers thru the day for Andrew and the situation.

Have been trying to get over colds and junk over here. I cannot wait for Spring.

Brandon no longer naps, so that cuts into my blogging/reading time, it really sucks.

Take care!

Kat said...

Here I am reading this at 4:00. Kismet! I will say prayers for Andrew and hope all goes well.