This Time Last Year

When I looked back at what I was blogging about this time last year, I realized that it's a lot of the same stuff that's going on this year.

We were fundraising & preparing for the March for Babies.
We were preparing for sports season to start (although last year it was softball).
We were getting ready to celebrate the many March birthdays in our family.
We were preparing to move.
All the same stuff as this year.

Yep, we are moving. Again.

Since John and I met & married, we have moved several times. The first three moves were happy occasions; we moved from a crappy place to a nice place; from that nice place to a tiny but decent place in the town we wanted to be in; and from there to a great house that we absolutely LOVED in that same town.

That's when things got difficult. That house started literally falling apart, and to make a long story short, the owner wouldn't fix anything, and we found out that the house was in foreclosure. She was unemployed and using our rent payments to live on; the mortgage wasn't being paid.

So from there we moved into the first house we found that worked for us, in the same neighborhood. It was fine. It was a nice house, but overpriced. But the owner really wanted to sell, and we were not (and still are not) in the position to buy. He actually told us shortly before we moved to keep the house ready to show at all times, in case he stopped by with a potential buyer. I have four kids and multiple pets; that's just not happening. (we later found out that they let the house go into foreclosure after we moved out.) So we kept our eyes out and after about a year in that house, found the house that we're in now.

This house was great. Same rent as we were paying for the house we were in, but so much better. It was perfect for our family. We were determined that this would be our home until the youngest children graduated high school, at the very least.

But unfortunately, when you rent, you don't call all the shots. Once again, the homeowners have decided to sell (or at least, try). When our lease ends, we have to move. Again.

Always before, I looked at the bright side. I told myself and the kids, 'Home is where your family is'. I could always make the best of it.
Not this time. Not last week, at least. This time, it just hit me hard. I just wanted to give up. I wallowed in the unfairness of it all. I regretted so many past decisions and mistakes.

I have since come around, though, I am proud to say. I've dealt with the sadness and the loss. I've reminded myself of how much we have, that nobody can take from us. I've reminded myself of what we have to be thankful for.

And I'm looking at the bright side, and there is definitely a bright side. Financially, we will be better off because we are looking at houses that fit our budget, which drastically changed now that I'm not working. The realtor who rents this house to us has several other homes available in the area that are more in our price range. We will be much more comfortable financially, so that when I do start working again I can easily work part time. This is so much better for our family.
Also topping the list of pros about moving? The internet & cell phone service at the place we're most likely moving to is EXCELLENT. Where we live now, the service is barely existent. And clearly, I have my priorities, people.
And....this new place? Is cool. Very cool. But I'll post more about that later.
And the kids took the news just fine. They're even excited about it.

The thing is, the thing I finally remembered, is that we will be okay. No matter how many times we have to move, we will be okay. We have each other and we are really a happy, resilient bunch. We roll with the punches. I try to use these things as lessons for our children; make better choices so that you can buy your home, and don't have to be at the mercy of homeowners and landlords.

But really. We are all healthy. Our kids are doing very well in school. John has a job & excellent health insurance for all of us. We have our family, friends, and church family. There are far worse things that can happen, than to have to move from one comfortable home to another comfortable home, with your loving, dysfunctional family. Because home really is where your fun, dysfunctional family is!

But I really hope that this time next year, I am NOT blogging about moving. Again.

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Erin said...

Yikes, sorry you have to move again. But think of it as "spring cleaning" because let's face it we all hate to move EVERYTHING!

And as long as you have each other, even if it's a cardboard box on the side of the road, you'll be okay!

Are you taking Meep? hee hee

Anonymous said...

Visiting from MamaKat's:

I'm sorry as well to hear that you're having to move again. I am however happy to hear that you're looking on the bright side. My husband is military, so we move often and I know first hand that it is not a fun process. I will keep my fingers crossed that you wont have to move again, same time next year. :)

Myya said...

So glad you are glass half-fulling it! You are soooo right, together anything is ok. Your family is strong! I hope that this next move will prove to be the perfect fit!! :)

cat said...

Oh it is so tough to move - I hate it. Good luck, and glad you see the upside to it.

LeadingMama said...

As a military wife and mom, I have moved 5 times in 6 years and all were across state lines, far apart. You have the right positive attitude in all of this. Focus on what matters. This move sounds like it will be GOOD for you all!

Dafeenah said...

Visiting from Mama Kat. Moving sucks. I have moved so many times that I have lost count. Wishing you the best

Amy said...

It's tough. Sorry you're having to move! We moved (including picking up the house) a few years ago and I know it was a rough one!

So glad you're able to look at the bright side of things!

myevil3yearold said...

So sorry. I hate moving. Hopefully, this will be your home for many years to come.

Diane said...

We were preparing to move this time last year too. That was the first time I had moved in 13 years and it wore me out! Hope you get to stay and settle in where you are now.

Anonymous said...

Moving is such a bummer, but it's great you are viewing it positively.

From my position -- we bought our house 8 years ago so we are stuck in it -- I'm a little envious of your flexibility and freedom. It sounds wonderful to be able to position yourself in a less expensive, but decent house.

Christy said...

oh man, we have moved alot too .. married for 3 years and have moved 5 times. I hope this new house works for you! I think you have a wonderful attitude about moving and family.

KLo said...

I am jealous of your positive attitude ... I think I'd be off the deep end if I had so many unfortunate forced move sagas. Keep smiling ... you definitely have your priorities straight :-)

Tara R. said...

Well, dangit! You do have a great attitude and that will make the move so much easier for your kids. Good luck!

Brandy@YDK said...

i'm so glad there are lots of pros this time. And excellent internet and cable is very very important.

April said...

Moving sure can be stressful, can't it? This next move of ours will be our 7th in 21 years of marriage and I can pretty much guarantee it won't be our last. Praying that you have a smooth transition and that everything comes up roses!

Anonymous said...

good luck with the move. your outlook is inspiring. even makes me a little wistful for a new place! haha.

visiting from mama kat's!

Alicia said...

I know it's hard to move so much, but this move sounds like a winner!!

Lindsey V said...

Oh! I get it! I hate moving too! However, I am glad that THIS HOUSE seems like a real open door! *wink, wink* Praying that you have peace as you transition.

Visiting you via Mama Kat's.

AND thank you for stopping by my blog!

Tettelestai said...

i can totally sympathize with not wanting to move... it is not always fun to move around either. but i am so proud of your great attitude!! good job dealing with the emotional crud and for getting all that negativity out! i think it is wonderful to be able to find that silver lining!!! woohoo, great internet rocks!! well worth the move ;-)

JDaniel4's Mom said...

I don't think could move as often as you have. I hope next year you are writing about your anniversary in the house you are moving to.

Broot said...

A good attitude is half the battle well done! (And I'm sure the new house is fantastic!)

Faith Unraveled said...

I am so glad you are seeing the bright side of it. I know it can be hard but your story is very inspiring! Thanks for sharing! :)

Tammie said...

im sorry you have to move again but im glad all is well.

ive learned one thing this year and its this: sometimes the worst you think could happen, really ends up not being the worst at all. just another bump in the road. maybe a bigger than usual bump, but a bump still.

hang in there.

and yay for good internet!

~K said...

Wishing you all the best in your newest house hunting expedition...God always has a plan even when we cannot see it.

Anonymous said...

I loathe moving like no other. Finally bought my first house 5 years ago.

But you're SO SO right...home is where your family is.

Hopefully next year brings a home that doesn't require packing! ;)

Sorta Southern Single Mom said...

You know, sometimes when life throws you for a loop AGAIN, it's okay to have a pity party. I'm glad you were able to find the bright side though. Great perspective!

Crinthia Megan said...

I absolutely hate moving as well, our house is in foreclosure too. Except we haven't left, and hopefully can afford to leave in the not-so distant future, I hope you find a really great place that you all love and can call home. New gfc follower and I am stopping by from Mama Kat's Workshop :)

C said...

ya know, its healthy for you to let it all out with a good cry. it cleanses the soul. and now, you have something to look forward to, a new begining. there is a reason for everything and down the line you may discover why god wanted you to move... you'll see, hon, it'll all be good.

i am so sad to hear about your baby passing, poor lil doggie, i hate when stuff like that happens. bless her little chubbie feetsies, and let the good memories comfort you.

hugs, honey..

and so where do you get that nice font of yours that i like?

Mrs4444 said...

Keeping fingers crossed for you! I love your attitude and need to maintain the same for myself.

Kristin - The Goat said...

I really dislike moving. We have been in our condo right now for 5 years and that's the longest we've ever been in one place...my husband and I. He usually moved me every three years. I can't imagine moving every year. Oh boy oh boy.

These days internet service and availability HAS to be real high on the list. School and families just need it now. Heck, even some gas stations around here have free wifi. LOL

It sounds like you are going into it with a pretty great attitude! Keep it up :)

Debby@Just Breathe said...

Sorry about the move. I do hope that it's the last time you have to move for a very long time.