Wrapping Up the Weekend

I'm taking a break from unpacking to check in & do a weekend wrap-up!

The March for Babies walk was wonderful. We exceeded our $200 goal, raising $225. $90 of that was from blog friends! Thank you all SO much.
My son Tim's friend Zack walked with us too. The weather was wonderful & we enjoyed ourselves.

This year for the first time, we had a sign placed on Memory Mile for Johnathon Wayne. It was really touching to see that.

{I remembered to bring my camera to the walk. However, I forgot batteries! So these are cell phone shots.}

After the walk, we went to my parents' house and had a birthday celebration for my son Tim, my husband, & my Dad. Both Tim's friend Zack and Tim's girlfriend Jessica came, along with my best friend (who is like family) Danielle, her daughter Ashlee, & Ashlee's boyfriend. My whole family was there too, so it was a nice crowd. We had some fantastic food, including a layered ice cream cake that I made. I got the recipe from my friend Debi's blog, Who Says 8 is Enough? It was a BIG hit, and super-easy to make.

Sunday was the Big Move. Some of the guys from church came over with two trucks & two trailers and had them loaded in no time flat. Then we came to the new house and they unloaded them almost as quickly. My sister, niece, & her fiance also came over to help out. We had a good time hanging out with them & unpacking.

There are still a few things left at the old house but we're almost done there. Now I have the job of unpacking, which I don't mind much and I can't really relax until it's done, so it probably won't take me long.

I worked for two & a half hours this morning and then ran errands and came home. Love it!

We just got our satellite transferred over so now I can enjoy my TV shows, and since I have great internet service here, I can make an attempt to catch up on my blog reading tonight!

I hope you had a great weekend too!
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Amy said...

So glad you met your goal!

So, how much packing have you gotten done just since posting ; )

Enjoy your new house

April said...

So glad to hear that the walk was a success! I knew it would be! I'm happy to hear that your move went well, too! Now, you can just take your time getting everything set up like you want...HOME SWEET HOME!

Myya said...

The walk sounds like it was wonderful. Seeing his name & birth/death dates are so touching. So sad.

Glad the move went so smoothly.:)

Gina said...

Glad you all had a good time with the walk and that the goals were met.

Hugs n blessings

Lisa B Carter Designs said...

Enjoyed you post alot! Sounds like you have some wonderful friend and family.

Amy said...

I'm so glad the weekend went well for you, especially since you moved as well! Awesome that you're enjoying the new house and settling in - moving can be such a chore, and yet here you are, doing well, back at work, AND enjoying it! :)

diane rene said...

what a wonderful weekend!! so glad you are moved in :)

Brandy@YDK said...

sounds like a great weekend. YAY for a quick move.

Kat said...

Wow, you are really moving. You are a moving maniac! So cool that you have your tv hook up already. That is always a big thing for me. ;)
Congrats on your move!
You know we will want some pics of the new digs, right?

Erin said...

Bittersweet on the sign Memory Mile!

So glad you hit more than your goal!

And that you moved in with no probs! That's great!!

Crystal Escobar said...

Sounds like you had a great weekend. And your cell phone takes pretty nice pics. I'm impressed.

Debby@Just Breathe said...

I'm glad the walk went well for you and that you exceeded your goals.

Sounds like a fun birthday gathering. I'll have to try that cake, sounds awesome.

So your moved in, so happy for you. I wish you happiness.