Weekend WrapUp

This weekend was pretty great!
Friday night, my teenagers went to a True Love Waits event with church.
Elayna went to the Gator gymnastics meet with my sister, niece, and niece's fiance.
She had SO much fun, and talked my ears off when she got home. Seriously, my ears fell off and I left them on the floor for a little while just to get a break! Then the dogs started sniffing them, so I stuck them back on.
Saturday morning: I got up at the butt crack of dawn, a.k.a. 8 am. *shudder* It was Elayna's Opening Ceremony for softball. There were helicopters and bounce houses, old friends and new friends, and tons of fun. She had a blast! I took a few pictures but haven't uploaded them yet, I'll probably post them on Wordful Wednesday.
Saturday, early afternoon: John, the Littles and I went to lunch with MIL, and John's aunt & grandma. We were celebrating John's birthday. We had a very nice time.
Then on Saturday, late afternoon, we went back to the rec center for Elayna's first softball game of the season. This time we took Sofie with us. She is so sweet, but so big and intimidating-looking. She got very excited by all the kids and a few other dogs that were there. She only wanted to play with everyone, but her bark is deep and LOUD. She also can pull me hard when she catches me off guard! She is strong! So finally John took her back home. I think people were a little scared of her. Anyway, Elayna's team won! She did well and had fun - the most important thing!
The teens came home on Saturday night and we all had dinner and watched movies, and I made my world famous potato salad and baked a cake for Sunday.
On Sunday morning, I woke up and cooked breakfast, which I have to stop doing, the kids are going to get used to it! Anyway, we went to church, then to my parents' house for the guys' birthday celebration. It was fun, for the most part. It was raining, which meant the kids were cooped up inside, which means my dad gets grouchy and irritable. He's also feeling down because he turned the exact age at which both his mother and oldest brother died (73 years old). I wish he could just feel fortunate that he made it to this age, AND is still in very good health...but that's just not how my dad views life. *sigh*
Anyway. Sunday afternoon, we went home and I went to bed until John woke me up with dinner in bed, the night-shifter's equivalent of breakfast in bed. Then I started my work-week!

Hope y'all had a great weekend! Click below if you wanna join in.


shortmama said...

When I get to sleep until 8 in the morning I do a happy dance! Of course I dont work nights like you either!

Beth said...

Sounds like a wonderful weekend! What breed is your dog? We have a rather exuberant German Shepherd who just wants to play and she can knock me for a considerable loop if I don't get a chance to brace! LOL!

Jenners said...

"talked my ears off when she got home."

This is my Little One's perpetual state ... talking until other people's ears fall off. I took him with me to my dentist appointment to day and the hygienist asked me if he ever stopped talking!

Jenny said...

Sounds like a totally lovely weekend!

Erin said...

Wait you get dinner in bed??? How is this possible? I'm so telling the hubs...I want dinner in bed too!

Melissa B. said...

I'm embarking on an extra-long weekend today...all the way down to Sunny FLA! Wish me luck!!

Shelly said...

I wish my ears would fall off sometimes. I only get quiet after everyone goes to bed.

I want dinner in bed too. Hell. I'd be happy if Hubster would just make dinner once in a while.

Anonymous said...

LMAO at your ears laying around. That was too funny!
Sounds like you a had a fantastic weekend...so much to do, so little time!
And how sweet of your hubby to make you dinner in bed. I can honestly say that mine has never made me that...or breakfast, for that matter:) Nice!

Liz (Loving Mom 2 Boys) said...

I love your weekend updates!! Your family does so much together its wonderful!! I am going to try to link up next week!!

JDaniel4's Mom said...

I hadn't slept past seven since my son was born. I am so jealous.

Together We Save said...

Can't wait to see the softball pictures!! We are softball crazy at my house!!

April said...

Whew...I'm pooped just reading about your weekend, but it does sounds like all went well!

Maki said...

Sounds like fun packed but oh hell busy weekend!!!!!!! But it would probably make me feel like I accomplished something great if it was my weekend - good going girlfriend! :)