Weekend WrapUp

'Twas a good weekend...a very good weekend!

On Friday, the little kids were spending the nights with their grandparents. Tim had to work, and Shelbie was at home. I wanted to go play Bunco with some ladies from church...but I ended up sleeping instead! I got so little sleep last week, I really needed to catch up. When I did get up, Shelbie and I hung out and watched My Sister's Keeper. (I'm still mad that they changed Jodi Picoult's original ending!)

On Saturday, Shelbie went fishing with a church group. With fake nails on. She was the only girl in the group! That girl is a mess. After we picked her up, we picked Elayna up from my parents' house and took both girls out to lunch and to the mall (Tim was working). Shelbie got her eyebrows waxed for the first time! That was fun. Then Shelbie had another activity, an Acteen's sleepover. Then we had a movie night again.

On Sunday, I got up early and cooked breakfast (that's rare, I am SO not a morning person. Cereal is my friend!). But then, I wasn't feeling well so I laid down and John and Elayna went to church! They brought Shelbie home from there and fortunately when I got up, I felt better. We took Elayna to softball practice and did some grocery shopping. (Tim was working - AGAIN! He never gets enough hours, then when he does they're all when he's with me! Grrr)
Sunday afternoon - I decided to walk the new dog, Sofie. She somehow gets her collar very loose, and I didn't notice she'd done it. She slipped out of her collar and took off! This is twice I've chased her down the road. I had shoes on that were NOT compatible with running. I was not a happy camper! Fortunately, John was coming back from picking up Andrew, and came around the corner at JUST the right time. He got her in the car and we took her home. My neighbor had jumped in his car to help me too.
Needless to say, we WILL be getting Sofie a new collar! Sure, I need the exercise, but that is NOT my idea of a good time.

On Sunday night, we were watching TV and we got a call from Andrew's Math teacher, Mr. Andre, telling us that Andrew made a 100% on a test! He said he was very proud of Andrew. I was so impressed that he called! Andrew pointed out that if you added a "W" to Mr. Andre's name, you'd have HIS name, to which John replied, "Your name is not Wandre!" Ba-da-bump!

Hope you had a great weekend, link up if you posted about it!


blueviolet said...

I love the picture of you chasing the dog down the street and I was visualizing her getting away from you. I shouldn't laugh....

Cereal is my friend too!

April said...

You had about as busy a weekend as I did! Now, the hubby is on the road, again, for the entire week...same as last week. I am SO ready for our house to sell so that we can be reunited!

Danielle said...

Love the pic. I have chased many dogs in my days... I feel your pain. Sounds like you and your daughter have a WONDERFUL relationship. That is sweet.

Tara R. said...

I thought weekends were supposed to be days of rest!

Both my dogs are runners, open the door - they run out, off their leash - they run... we finally got them pinch collars, that helped a LOT!

Congrats to Andrew on his 100! How nice his teacher made a special effort to let him know and how proud he was of him. That kind of teacher can make the world of difference.

Kirby3131 said...

Wandre! Love it :)

I haven't seen the movie or read the book (My Sister's Keeper) but there are so many movies where I feel that way.

I can't imagine chasing a dog, they can get far away so quickly!

Just Breathe said...

I think you should get a harness for walking, they work really well.
I loved the move My Sister's Keeper but haven't read the book, although I do own it. I love to buy but seldom get around to reading. Sounds like a good weekend. Love the Wandre'!

Jenny said...

What a busy weekend. I told my husband Sunday night that it better be another Sunday on Monday because there was no weekend. Hmmm....that probably made no sense. But it sounds like you had the same thing at your house!

Erin said...

Oh I was ticked they changed the original ending of Jodi's book too! Sounds like a great weekend!

I would have opted for sleep instead of bunco too!

shortmama said...

I need about 4 days of sleep to catch up!

Seizing My Day said...

Have you ever seen it when you just do a slip "knot" with the handle end of the leash - around the dogs neck? works beautifully for both keeping the leash on and training! ;) its a dog whisperer thing! just like when you tie a loop on the end of a balloon string and make an adjustable hole for the childs hand... only you do it with the leash... clever! works like a charm!