Friday Bits and Chunks

Mommy's Idea

It's that time again!
Time to spew out some bits & chunks of my week.
Like puking, only way less gross!
We like to call it Friday Fragments!

* Tomorrow, as my regulars know, we're Marching for Babies. It's a fun event and we always look forward to it. BUT. This year Elayna has a softball game on the same day, so we will have to miss it. She's with her Dad this weekend so she'll get to go, but I'm bummed that John and I won't get to see her play. It's for a good cause though! I'm praying for sunny skies, both for us and for Elayna!

* Does anyone want a dog? Because last night, I literally swept up enough dog hair to make a new one. Note to self: Don't adopt a large dog and then skip sweeping for several days. It will come back to bite you! (not the dog...oh, you know what I mean!)

* I've decided I prefer the term Cupcake Top over Muffin Top. It's just cuter! It's my Cupcake Top and I'll call it what I want!

* I installed my SiteMeter tracker in July. I just recently went over 10,000 hits! WOOHOO! Also I just hit 250 followers. I think this calls for a celebration! Which is good, because I'm going to be doing a giveaway soon. Stay tuned!

* And now, it's time for Facebook Faves!

Little bits of my life, as posted on Facebook.

Cyndy N*** E***: A chef prepared dinner for my children tonight! Chef Boyardee.
(hey, it's been a rough week!)

Cyndy N*** E***: If anything can go well, it will. (I've seen a ton of bumper stickers with this saying recently, and I like it!)

And between my teen daughter and I:
Shelbie ****: BOYS: You can't live with them, but you can't live without them. :(
Cyndy N*** E***: OH YES, you can definitely live without them. I promise!

AND....I don't know why my widget isn't updating, but we're actually at $190 in donations, with a goal of $250. ALMOST THERE!! For those of you who have donated....thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

Have a wonderful weekend!
And don't forget to visit Mrs4444's for more Friday Fragments.


4 Lettre Words said...

That big kitty is too sweet!

Enjoy your walk tomorrow. Hope the weather is perfect!

Caution Flag said...

While I drove my daughter to the bus stop this morning at 6:30, our dog ate a fresh loaf of bread. Granted, it was from the bread machine, but still... !!!

Anonymous said...

I have a small dog and I clean up a small dog twice a week. I don't get it?! Good luck with the March of Dimes. I would like to do that this year.

Tara R. said...

If I could figure out a way to turn Lab hair into yarn, I could make blankets for the whole world. I have never seen two dogs shed as much as they do. I feel your pain...

Good luck with your Walk!

Multiple personalities.. said...

Ok, that's it, I'm now referring to it as a cupcake top too, because cupcakes are way cuter than muffins, he he! Thanks for that, it's genius! :-D

Through Maan's Looking Glass

The Crazy Coxes said...

Cupcake top is waaaayyyy cuter than muffin top! I love it!

Have a great weekend and good luck with your march for the babies!

LindsayDianne said...

Cupcakes are WAY sweeter. :)
I'm with you.

cat said...

Good luck on the walk. That kitten is cute!

Jen said...

That cat picture is totally cracking me up! LOL!

April said...

That cat is hilarious...looks a lot like our dachshund! :) Have a great weekend, too!

Just Breathe said...

Hope your walk is perfect tomorrow.
What a wonderful thing you are doing. We raised Labradors years ago and the hair was terrible. I now stick to the non-shedding dogs.
There is this tool called the Furminater or something like that.
If you use it regularly it removes all the hair that will shed off the dog. It's awesome.

Megan said...

I TOTALLY here ya on the dog hair!!

Cupcake top is definitely a better term. haha!

Congrats on getting to 250 followers! =)

Happy Friday!

Unknown Mami said...

Cupcakes are so hip right now. You enjoy that cupcake top of yours.

Congrats on the hits and followers!

Beth said...

That is one adorable cat! And I agree ... cupcake tops are much nicer! :) LOL @ being able to live without boys! Especially for your teenaged daughter!

Christy said...

I totally understand with the big dog! and the hair! Good luck walking...love the picture of the kitty!

Kat said...

I love your cupcake top! So cute! :)

Keeping my fingers crossed for good weather for you!

Myya said...

I'm gonna use cupcake top from now on too... I've got one for sure! :) Congrats on your followers... that is exciting stuff!!! I'm new to you so of course I totally helped make that # lol. Have a great walk tomorrow - great cause for sure!!!

Mrs4444 said...

So with you on the dog hair!! Yikes.

Hope you had sunny skies for your walk!! Sorry I couldn't donate today; my computer died with my Quicken account, and I'm terrified to spend any money!!!

Jenners said...

That cat in the basket just cracks me up!

blueviolet said...

All that dog hair...wow!!!! I hope you have fun today with the Marching for Babies event!!!

Keeper of the Skies Wife said...

I have a chihuahua and I sweep tons of hair to make a new dog!!

Love the cat photo!

jennifer said...

I am WAY past muffin top or cupcake top. I'm a loaf bread kind of gal.

I hope the weather today is perfect for the game and for the march!

Kirby3131 said...

Nearly every day i tell myself that I must get a real blog template so I can have such things as site meters. I still just assume that 10 people read my blog :) Congrats on your great stats!

♥ Boomer ♥ said...

What a scary thought ... enough hair to made a new dog! Just the image that came to mind made me want to shudder! :-)

Stesha said...

Cupcake Top sounds better to me too. And I understand about the dog hair. Our dog sheds so much, I could make several dog wigs...if there were such a thing.

Hugs and Mocha,