Weekend WrapUp

I seriously had one of the best weekends ever.
First of all, Friday night, I had my date. I met Beth, a.k.a. Manic Mother, for the first time. We had dinner together. I was a little nervous....what if we had nothing in common and couldn't think of anything to say to each other? And just stared at each other in awkward silence??

But there was nothing to worry about. We started talking immediately and never stopped. I think we annoyed the waiter because we took forever to order. We were busy talking! Beth is open and real and I just love her. I can't wait to meet up again! Oh and it was so dark we didn't get any pictures. =( Next time!
Then, when I left there, Shelbie's volleyball tournaments were still going on. I made it in time to catch the last two games, AND see her team win the championship! SCORE! Those girls were so proud of themselves.

Then, Saturday was Elayna's last softball game. She played very well and they won the game. So both girls' seasons are now over and ended on a very good note!

John & I went straight from there to Beef O'Brady's (for those of you who don't have one near you, it's a family-oriented sports restaurant). John and I had already planned on going there to watch the Gator game, and Elayna's team also met there after the game for a celebratory lunch. I watched part of the game, visited with Elayna, and also did some (mostly-window) shopping. I'm really wanting to try shopping at only small businesses this year and I got some great ideas walking down Main Street in our little town.

Sunday, we literally spent the whole day at church. It was our day to help with set up, then we had service (in which we were officially announced as members), then lunch, then set up for our fall festival. We woke up to pouring rain and were worried that it would be canceled, but it was just moved inside. The show went on, and it was a lot of fun. My girls came home early from their dad's and Andrew came home early from his grandma's so that they could attend the festival. They had a blast! My parents came to the festival too.
And now I'm at work, feeling very sleepy but very content after such an enjoyable weekend!

Today's Question of the Day is:

What is your ball-game of choice? Have you ever played? Or are you just a spectator?

My answer: I have really enjoyed watching volleyball. Softball is fun too, and I always loved watching Tim play baseball back in the day. But I think it's the fast-paced action that has made volleyball really fun for me to watch this season!

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Noelle said...

my favorite sport to play would definitely be volleyball.

sounds like your softball player had a good season! win, win, win! congrats!

Karen in Texas said...

I love reading about your weekends Cyndy. Glad it was awesome the whole weekend through!

shortmama said...

Congrats to your girls on their seasons!!

I was a softball, baseball and volleyball girl when I was younger (and skinnier!). I loved playing all of them!

Heather said...

Sounds like you had a fabulous weekend girlie! Enjoy the holiday week! As for me? I loved playing softball!

Aunt of 14 said...

I love this thing you have going... this weekend wrap up! :)

Aubrey said...

Wow! What a weekend! I'm exhausted just reading about it. LOL But what a LOT of fun!

I played sports in HS but now I am strictly a spectator! College football please!

Tara R. said...

Glad you had so much fun on your meet-up! You can never have too many friends.

Congrats to the kiddos and their great sport seasons.

In our house it's football... both football and futbol (soccer). Weekends are spent catching up on fav college and pro games. (Go Vols!)

Wonderful World of Weiners said...

Glad you have a chuch you love. I really hope you find that someday.

And thanks for the comment you left today. Made me smile.


Momisodes said...

Definitely sounds like it was a great weekend. I'm so glad their games ended on a high note! I am hardly a spectator these days, but I used to love playing softball :)

Oh and Gators? BOOoooo!

Sorry, I'm a UM alumni. I had to say it :D

Tater Tot Mom said...

Sounds like a great weekend! I guess my favorite ball sport is probably football...maybe basketball...either way, I'm just a spectator! I was never very good at sports!

Unknown Mami said...


Helene said...

I've never really been that into sports but the one that I probably enjoy the most is soccer.

Glad you got to meet another blogger in person! How fun!