Meatless/Meat Free Monday

Did anyone else participate in Meatless/Meat Free Monday today? Sometimes I almost skip it, but I really feel pulled to do this once a week (at least).

So today, we did breakfast again. Scrambled eggs & bagels. Yum! Last week I didn't post, but I made a delicious potato soup in the crock pot...actually John did all the prep work and I just finished it up.

It's so easy to skip meat one day a week. There are tons of great recipes available, or you can just do something familiar like breakfast. My kids really enjoy it.

If you are interested in linking in, I can start doing a McKlinky on this. Try it - you might like it! =)


shortmama said...

I posted a meatless recipe on the ol food blog yesterday...wasnt planned to be meatless Monday but it was delicious!

Huckdoll said...

Mmmm, potato soup sounds so, so delicious right about now.