Letters to Someone

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Dear Layna,
You are awesome, kid. I am SO proud of you for making straight A's on your report card! But did you have to follow it up by getting a shiner during softball practice last night? You're supposed to catch the ball with your glove....not your face, sweetie!

Dear Shelbie,
You are awesome too. You made honor roll, you won your volleyball game, and you're a great friend. It's no wonder that you have so many friends and are such a social butterfly. You're also my hairstylist! Thanks for making my hair look cute!

Dear Tim,
See all those gray hairs on top of my head? Ok, they're covered with dye, but still. See them? You gave me pretty much every one of them. But, I dearly love you, and I think you're pretty awesome.

Dear Andrew,
See all of these wrinkles on my face? No? Well I'm starting to see a few. You're pretty much responsible for all of them. You know how they call them worry lines? Yeah.

Dear You Know Who You Are,
I can't help but wonder if there's a reason why you suddenly decided to stop financially supporting your children? Other priorities? Jail suddenly sounds like fun? Whatever it is, it sucks, and you suck with the suckiest suckitude for doing this to them.
You Know Who I Am Too

Dear Tylenol PM,
You are my new BFF. Thank you for giving me deep, wonderful sleep. I never knew how badly I was sleeping until you came along and showed me what good sleep felt like!
Much Love,

Dear You Smart People Who Have Blog Buttons as a Slideshow on Your Blog,
How the heck do you do that? I want to add peoples' blog buttons but if I tried to add them all my blog would be totally overloaded, and I'd be afraid to leave someone out. So the slideshow is the perfect alternative, except, for the life of me I can't figure out how to do that! A little help?
Your Non-Techie Friend,

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cat said...

These are exellent. Thanks for the smile.

Melissa B. said...

Love this series. Thanks so much for sharing! Saw you at SITS this morning...

Punt. Pass...Or Throw

Anonymous said...

There's a code for it. I'll have to dig it up. (for the scrolling buttons). I don't do it because I find the blogs with the scroller take longer to load. Oh well I guess.

My husband's father left him and his two brothers when he Josh was 2 and never paid a dime of child support.

Anonymous said...

Great letters! Congrats to all the kiddos on their wonderful accomplishments, grey hair, wrinkles and all.

Maybe a softball to the face of 'you know who you are' would be a good wake up call.

(I put all my blog buttons on a separate page under my header.)

Keeper of the Skies Wife said...

Love the letters.

OUCH....hope the shiner goes away fast.

I would love to take a tylenol PM right now....I am sleep deprived.

Geezees Geezees Custom Canvas Art said...

These are great!
Love the letters!

shortmama said...

Can you throw in just one more suck in that letter to the deadbeat LOL. I have the thing for the scrolling buttons if you want it! I wish Tylenol PM worked for me...did you know that the ingredient in Tylenol PM that makes you drowsy is the same ingredient in Benedryl for allergies? Totally serious! So basically you can skip the Tylenol PM and just take Benadryl. Unfortunately for me though, Benadryl makes me all wired up so I cant take it or Tylenol PM or I will be wide awake all night!

shortmama said...

I saw that you mentioned little ol me to parenting by dummies for her letter! Thanks for thinking of me girl!

Tater Tot Mom said...

Love these letters!

Ouch about the shiner! Hope it heals up soon!

I agree...deadbeats suck!

Huckdoll said...

Awww, those were sweet and brought the laughs - cute idea.

Marivic said...

Made me smile! Thanks for sharing!

MiMi said...

Great letters! I know that there's a code for the slideshow thingy, I have it, I just haven't done it yet. How lazy is that?!

Jenners said...

Wow .. you packed a lot of love into your notes to your kids. But Mr. Not Supporting His Children deserves some definite hate notes!

And as far as slide shows, here is a link that might help you out:


elasticwaistbands said...

hmmmm...tylenol pm sounds so good right now!
yay kids with good report cards.
deadbeats so suck.

marymac said...

Love it. Love your blog. Love you. That's all, except thanks for reading/commenting over at Pajamas and Coffee!

Unknown Mami said...

I can help you do the blog buttons.

Stefany said...

LMK if you still need help with the scrolling marquee for buttons. :)